Where Do I Even Start? (Creativity Overwhelm)


Do you ever feel so overwhelmed by your wild, creative dreams that you don’t even know where to start?

Being the first week of Spring, this question is particularly auspicious.

To know where to begin, we first have to understand the fundamental differences between creation and production.

Production means “to bring forth.”

An example of production would be to take the pieces of a refrigerator out of a box, follow a manual, and assemble or “bring forth” said refrigerator.

Creation on the other hand, is different.

Creation means “to form out of nothing.”

In contrast, creation would not be the assembly of a refrigerator, it would be inventing refrigeration.

A much different game indeed.

Creation doesn’t tell us when we’ll finish, or where.

Creation doesn’t tell us what it will look like in the end, or if we will even arrive at an end at all.

To get in on the game of creation, we have to stop playing by production’s rules. (click to tweet!)

For example, when a woman is pregnant, she doesn’t say to her friends “I’m sorry, I can’t go to the movies tonight, I have to go home and make my baby’s toenails.”

She’s not assembling the baby inside of her. She’s CREATING it.

With every throb of her heart and every breath of her lungs, she lives the steady mantra of “grow, grow, grow.”

And so it is with every other thing we are “forming out of nothing.” Careers, relationships, art, life. We breathe, we pray, we grow…grow…grow.

Years ago I asked my friend Rochelle Schieck, creator of Qoya, how she took the seed of an idea for a new kind of movement class, and nurtured it into full blown tree that now shelters and feeds thousands of women on the journey back to their bodies.

“Just start” she replied.

Just start.

As in, rather than focusing on what will get you to your destination the fastest, just start walking.

Or rather than focusing on what the title of your book should be, just start writing it.


When I first started my business I taught seduction classes under fluorescent lighting out of dance studios that smelled like gym socks. (I did my best with my candles and rose petals, but come on.)

My dream was to someday be teaching my classes inside a 17th century Tuscan villa. Today that dream is my reality.

I had no idea how that dream was going to happen. The only thing I knew for sure was that it was NEVER going to happen unless I was willing to just start.

So today, in honor of the little seeds that are courageously splitting wide open under the dark, frozen soil with absolutely no idea where they will end up, may we all be so brave. May we all “just start.”


In what areas of your life are you currently leaping with no guarantee of a net, but a deep trust that if you just start, your actions will weave the net for you? I’d love to hear about them in the comments.

I love you snowdrop,







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Cutting The Ribbon On Something Brand New

Dearest Turtle Doves,

As promised, today is the day I cut the ribbon and draw back the curtain on a secret project I’ve been working on for months.

But first, I want to ask you a few questions:

  • How much more energy would you have if you never had to put on a mask?
  • How much more genuine fun would you have if you never laughed at things that aren’t funny?
  • What if the purpose of life isn’t to be happy all the time, but it is simply to be honest?

Vérité is the French word for Truth, but Vérité has a much deeper meaning than just it’s literal definition.

Vérité is a radiance, a presence, and a confidence.

Vérité is the ability to be fully in the present moment and not run away.

Vérité is the glow that comes from taking the truth that lives inside of you, and proudly allowing it to exist on the outside.

Click here and let me be the first to welcome you to Vérité












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What Cleopatra Knew About Feminine Leadership

cleo knew instaOstrich Plumes,

One of the most common questions I receive from my clients is: “How do I allow my femininity to thrive when I live and work in such a masculine world?”

Or, as one friend so articulately put it: “As women, how do we own the fact that we are hot shit without attracting a box of shit?”

With questions like this, I look to the legends. Take Cleopatra for example.

When you imagine this Egyptian Queen, what do you usually think of?

Kohl Eyeliner? Curls of sandalwood incense? Grand entrances?

Yes, yes and YES.


We often fail to remember that Cleopatra was one of most powerful and influential leaders in all of political history.

Cleo did more than just bathe in milk my friends.

She ruled an entire country. She was brave, and ruthless in the way she protected her right to the throne.

All the while, she did not censor her femininity. She celebrated it, exalted it, and used it to benefit herself and everyone around her.

More than 2000 years later, we still can’t stop talking about it.

This kind of leadership that is INCLUSIVE of the Feminine Way is the next level, the cutting edge of empowerment. And my wish is for every woman to experience it in every area of her life.

That is why this Saturday March 11th I’m teaching a free class called “What Cleopatra Knew About Feminine Leadership (and what you should know about it too.)”

In this powerful class you will learn:

  • The biological differences in the psyche of men and women when it comes to acquiring power
  • The REAL reason owning your sexiness gives you a powerful edge (hint: it’s has absolutely nothing to do with men)
  • How to take your feminine power back when it feels squashed by a masculine world
  • How to set boundaries with grace and style
    The ultimate weapon of feminine leadership (to be revealed in the class)

PLUS like any good party there will be favors, games, and one hell of a grand prize.




Update: The original air date for this class has passed but sign up here and you will be the first to know when it is offered again!  





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Memoirs From A Heartbreak Party



Lemon Drops,

Recently I ended a relationship with someone I loved very much.  It was a painful, but not hurtful ending to a beautiful love affair.  On Valentine’s Day (ironically), we said peaceful goodbyes and wished each other the very best.

No matter how elegant a breakup may be however, no one is immune to the way heartbreak can turn life upside down.

When a death happens, be it of a person or a relationship, we honor it with ceremony and celebration. So as soon as I got home on Valentine’s Day I invited a few close girlfriends over on Friday night for a Heartbreak Party.

I made a big pot of risotto and invited my friends to bring chocolate, wine, ouija boards, oracle cards, performances, side dishes, four legged friends…whatever was their pleasure to contribute.

This request was more than just a desire to not do all the work. It was a demonstrative prayer that when it comes to throwing a dinner party or mending a broken heart, I can’t do this alone.

And that the ideas and offerings of all of us are so much more healing and powerful than just the directives of one of us.

Lindsay was the first to arrive, bearing semi-sweet chocolate chips and ripe strawberries to make us sumptuous dessert. Quinn brought her signature gluten-free brownies that shimmered with big crystals of sea salt on top.

Cynthia walked in with an armful of flowers – when she was  shopping the grocer asked if she was buying a belated Valentine.  “Actually I’m going to heartbreak party” she said.

“Well then, I want you to go pick out another bouquet, and tell your friend those are from me” he replied.

And so we were blessed with not one, but two bursting bouquets of nature’s beauty, both imbued with the love of an empathetic stranger. (sigh and swoon)We enjoyed a great meal, meaningful conversation, Qoya by candlelight, and deep belly laughs.


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At the end of the evening, a friend reflected on how the traditional way to have a heartbreak party is to take a girlfriend out, get her drunk on tequila, and cheer her on while she makes-out with a stranger.  But this party was different.  It was about being present, rather than trying to escape.  No one was shouting about it being “his loss” or feverishly reassuring me that my life will be better in no time.

This was about drinking in and savoring the bittersweet flavor that comes when the only way for a heart to open is for it to break.

It was an honoring of the fact that love doesn’t have to end just because relationships do.

And it was a celebration of the fact that sometimes the most brave and loving thing we can do is simply let go.

Often we use the expression “sit with our feelings”.  This party gave me and experience of not just sitting with my feelings but savoring them, like they were a potent glass of cloudy absinthe, or a dark, floor-length velvet cloak.

What acts of beauty do you use to savor every taste and texture that comes from celebrating the darkness and the light? I’d love to hear about them in the comments.

Here’s to Brownies For Breakfast,







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A Fascinating Tool For Valentine’s Day Astrology


Happy Seduction Christmas – I mean, Valentine’s Day!

I absolutely adore Valentine’s Day.  I wake up in the morning and texts to everyone I know with hearts and flowers, kind of like the way people send copious emojis on Christmas morning to wish you a Merry Christmas.

In life and in love; romance, sensuality, affection, and beauty are what make my world go ’round. 

There was a time in when I thought these traits made me high maintenance and superficial. I always felt like I was asking too much of lovers, or that my expectations for sensuality and romance were  unrealistic.  But when I consulted the Astrotwins, celebrity astrologers and dear friends, they taught me a tool to understand my love style in a totally new way.

You probably already know that in your astrology chart the main thing you look at is your sun sign. Your sun sign is kind of your default, your baseline.  It’s what you read in a newspaper horoscope. But there is so much more to astrology than that! There are 10 planets that make up 10 different aspects of your personality.  For example:

Where the planet Venus was on the day you were born determines how you express and how you interpret love.

This made so much sense to me because I am a Virgo, the Virgin of the Zodiac; sign of purity, always analyzing, highly critical and extremely purpose driven.  TRUE.  But, I also have a rich, luscious, sensual side that falls hard for the Romeo who plants six dozen roses in my bedroom secretly on a Sunday.

I’m highly attracted to great style. I love to be preened and pettted. Confidence is the ultimate aphrodisiac to me.  These are not the most Virgo of traits, which makes sense, because while my sun is in Virgo, my Venus is in LEO.

(Click here and find your birth date range to know your Venus sign.)

Leo is the lion of the zodiac, brave and regal.  Leo is the sign of royalty, drama, beauty, and romance.  Knowing this validated not just the things I am attracted to, but my very path in life.

For example, it is not sufficient enough for me to just be a high powered CEO entrepeneur (Virgo), nor is it satisfactory just to be a center stage showgirl, dazzling audiences from Paris to Polonia (Leo).

I want BOTH.

Hence my career as CEO of a company called Sacred Seduction.

On this Valentine’s Day, find where your Venus is and look to the pinnable cards I created below to learn more about your personal style and tastes in all your love affairs, including the one you have with yourself.

And, if a rich education in all elements of astrology is something that entices you, I invite you to join me in Tulum, Mexico for the annual Become Your Own Astrologer Retreat with the Astrotwins.  This will be my third year in a row teaching Qoya and Sacred Seduction at the retreat.  It is one of my favorite weeks of the year, I actually start planning my outfits a year in advance! (There’s that Virgo planner, and that Leo lover of costume!)

tulum-banner-2017-fullwidthIt will be a Scorpio full moon, so expect lots of skinny dipping!

However you spend your Valentine’s Day this year, I hope it is laden with deep love for yourself, your body, and deep gratitude for all the love in your life.

Beyoncé Is A Virgo,

k swirl signature











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Swoonable January!

swoon july

Hello Fresh Coconuts!  New Year, new reasons to Swoon! Swoon is a monthly feature of hand-picked items and articles that are currently tickling my fancy.  Enjoy!








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Pleasure: What I Know To Be True



What does that word evoke for you?

Kissing? A weekend at the spa? Chocolate dipped in chili pepper? An orgasm?

These things offer enormous amounts of pleasure, to be sure.

But what about the pleasure that comes from crying hysterically at the end of a movie?

Or the pleasure you feel after volunteering for a cause you believe in?

Or the thrill that comes from doing something very scary, but very brave?

I know firsthand the philosophy of using pleasure solely for escape or reward.

But what if life was just one big continuum of pleasure?

What if there was no beginning or end to pleasure, only different flavors of it to be enjoyed?

I’ve been thinking deeply about this topic since I received a powerful email from one of my dearest clients, Stella St. Rose:


Happy New Year! I experienced deep anxiety today and chose to up-level my self-care with your self-massage course. I’ve never nurtured my body with love and tenderness like this.

I thank her for everything she does for me, and when I catch a glimpse of her/me in a mirror, I make sure to practice appreciation. But most of the time when I touch her it is to do something functional, like apply sunscreen, or give myself sexual pleasure.

The surprising thing is, I was completely unaware of this lack of nurturing until I performed the self massage today. Thank you for this gift.

Stella beautifully articulates the way that unless our pleasures are functional (i.e. achieving an orgasm or protecting our skin from the sun) we are hardly able to notice them, much less enjoy them.

Pleasure can feel fraught with innuendo, intrigue and invitation.

With a practice like self massage, we reclaim it’s core virtue: innocence.

This is a perfect time to invest in in the most sustainable source of happiness at your disposal:  feeling deeply at home in your own skin.


There are only a few days left to purchase the course at the introductory savings of $99 (regular price of $197.)

Click here to receive your savings and begin a profound experience of true pleasure, right now.





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Celebration Whiplash

Celebration Whiplash


Several years ago while working for a major corporation I made a big screw up that cost the company lots of money. I felt mortified, but also refused to allow this error to ruin my confidence.

To break out the big guns against self-flagellation, I went home that night with an expensive bottle of champagne. If nothing else, I could celebrate the fact that I would never make that kind of mistake again!

Celebration can be a powerful alchemist. But do you ever find that in the quest to celebrate all of life, running towards the things you’d like to run from, can leave you with a case of spiritual whiplash?

They say that the opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference.

I would also say that the opposite of hate is not love, it’s indifference.

A poignant lesson in this for me happened around finalizing my divorce. My ex-husband and I are good friends and our parting was amicable. But divorce is a loss no matter how you spin it.

When I knew the papers where on their way, my impulse to celebrate change at all costs kicked in. I thought about calling my girlfriends to come over for a raunchy divorce party and pole dance the night away.

But the truth was, I didn’t want to greet my mail man with a glass of champagne anymore than I wanted to throw a pie in his face.

I just wanted to greet him. Period.

I didn’t need to sugarcoat the experience any more than I needed to cover it with salt.

I tasted the moment before deciding if it needed any seasoning.

And what I found is that a tall, stiff glass of honesty can be even more refreshing than a bottle of Veuve. (tweet this!)

Like citrus bitters added to a well-made Old Fashioned, life just wouldn’t be as sweet without the contrast.

Discomfort can be so delish.







There is one week left to purchase The Art Of Self Massage at the introductory price of $99 before it goes up to the regular price of $197.

Curious about what it’s like to take the course? Ask Sofia…

“Loving myself, not just my body, has been quite a journey. Since practicing the self~massage regularly, I can actually feel self-love physically in my being, from head to toe.

Self love is no longer an intellectual concept but a physical, cellular one. My body feels infused with love and acceptance. Thank you.”

It is one thing to say an affirmation to your body in the mirror.

To act that affirmation out with your very own hands is another.

Click here to grab your introductory savings and start the course right now!





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Body, I Take You Back – A Poem



The other night in bed I was reading about a little girl in China who was having her feet bound. Feet binding as you know, is the practice of purposely breaking a child’s bones, permanently disfiguring her feet, and making them appear freakishly small and petite.

Why did this practice exist?

To make her more “marriageable.”

As I read about the literal torture this little girl endured, it gave me even further clarity as to why self-massage is critical.

Because our bodies don’t belong to us.

We think they do intellectually, but how many times have you put up with pain in your body pain so that you could conform to  the eyes of the patriarchy?

So that you could “fit in?”

Much like a grown woman trying to fit her foot into a child’s shoe.

Changing our thoughts and beliefs are a crucial first step in mending the broken bone of our reverence for the feminine body.

But physically reclaiming each and every square inch of your own personal cathedral is something only you can do.

Recently I released a brand new course called The Art Of Self Massage. While I’m super excited about it, I have received the same question from several people. To put it gracefully:

“Why the f*ck would I want to massage myself?”

Well, with a warm smile, let me tell you…

Actions speak louder than words, as they say.

When you lovingly massage your own body, you let her know with every stroke who her lover, her guardian, and her soulmate really is.

The love I feel for my body as a result of practicing self-love through massage is impossible to put into words….in a blog post.

Which is why I wrote a poem about the true love I feel for my body after massaging her head to toe.

You can download the poem by reading below, or clicking here for a free download.

And, if you’d like to experience this kind of unconditional love, rather than just read about it, click here to purchase The Art of Self Massage.

body-i-take-you-back-kitty-cavalierBODY, I TAKE YOU BACK

Body, I take you back.

Foot. I cradle the artistry that is you.  I stroke your luscious pad first to touch the earth when I get out of bed, and I praise the toes that spring me forward into life.  I tickle your bones like keys on a piano. I worship the weight of you, heel.

Calves, I now caress you.  I grab at your flesh like a hungry child grabs at it’s mother’s skirt hem.  

Thighs…the way you taper and tease at the knee, then fill up at the top like a vase of roses in full bloom, I bow to you.

For all the times, belly, that you have called to me from the truth of my gut, but I ignored your siren song because there was no evidence to back you up; I knead my hands deep into you now, like fists pressing into yeasty dough.

I want my hands, arms, apron and nose immersed in the flour that is you. I want you beneath, between, below, and behind my fingertips.  

You envelop me, as I envelop you, and like a brown buttered biscuit slathered with honey, I cannot get enough of you.

 For all the times breasts, that you have been slowly stolen by entitled eyes, I steal back your spheres of beauty with my very own hands.

I love you like a potter loves wet clay spinning under her fingers. You are safe under my wing, and when you unfurl from your canopy of lace at the end a long day, I will roll out a red carpet for you that lasts for miles.

Heart, for all the times you have been broken like pink construction paper ripped into confetti, I offer my touch as glitter glue.

Body, for all the times you have been pinched, smacked, leered, or whistled at without consent.

For all the times I tolerated it because I thought you belonged to them more than you do to me.

This is our reunion.  

This is me trading in my terms for un-conditions in the way that I love you.

This is me taking the temple marble that was once dry and crumbling, and polishing it back to life.

With my own hands, body, I now take you back.


Only a few days Left To Save On Self Massage


There is only one week left to receive the introductory price of $99, before the course returns to it’s regular price of $197.

No, this course is not the same as laying on a massage table, because that would be putting your body in the hands of another.

Self-massage is about putting your body in the hands of its Mother.

Click here to begin taking your body back right now.

TESTIMONIALS_NOLA_RETREAT_SOFIA“Loving myself, not just my body, has been quite a journey. Since practicing the self~massage regularly, I can actually feel self-love physically in my being, from head to toe.

Self love is no longer an intellectual concept but a physical, cellular one. My body feels infused with love and acceptance. Thank you.” – Sofia Torres De Chiappetta

P.S. – Click here to begin enjoying Self Massage right now!









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A Radically Different Way To Love Yourself



You’ve heard me say many times that self-love is more than just a game of the mind.

In order to have a genuine experience of LOVE, our thoughts and beliefs are a crucial first step.

But we cannot stop there.

When you love someone or something; be it a partner, a friend, a child or even an animal, you hug them, cuddle them, caress and kiss them.

That is because touch causes the hormones oxytocin and prolactin to be released, which are the physical components of bonding and love.

This chemical reaction, a literal potion of love, happens when you touch another person.

But it also happens when you touch your own skin and body.

Touch is the physical manifestation of love.

Our bodies are starving for tender, loving touch.

But not everyone has the time or money for a professional massage every week, let alone every day.

And mindlessly slapping on lotion after a shower every morning won’t satisfy your hunger.

That is why I’ve taken my 15 years as a professional body worker and created something brand new, unlike ANYTHING ELSE out there.

Are you ready for self-care to feel fun and sexy, rather than obligatory?

Would you like to learn a skill that will bring you back to your body anytime, anywhere?

Let’s revolutionize your self-love affair RIGHT NOW.


P.S. – There has never been a better time to invest in the most sustainable source of happiness at your disposal: feeling deeply at home in your own skin.

Click here and let’s get started.


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