Your Sexy Thanksgiving



Hello Lovers,

Happy Thanksgiving Eve. This year I am snuggling up with my family and savoring these last few days of living with my Mom before I move into my new home next month.  We are taking it easy this year.  Our plan is to pick up dinner from a local restaurant and then head to the lake after dinner for a long walk with Winnie at sunset.

Whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or not, many people associate the holidays with stress.  This year, I would like to invite you to associate your holidays with Sexy.  Sexy makes everything better in my opinion.  When I feel sexy all of my senses are engaged, I am connected to the romance and the magic of life, and I’m deeply seduced by being in the present moment.

I know it’s not always easy.  That’s why I’ve created this list of 25 ways to create a sexy holiday in a  beautiful PDF for you to use as a reminder throughout the day. You can print it out, or upload it onto your mobile device for a little seduction on the run.

I love you, I’m grateful for you, and I’m rooting for you to have the most seductive, sensual holiday season of your life.

Stripping out of my apron,






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A Ritual To Honor Your Dark Side

Imagine we are creating a ceremony to honor one of your most treasured character traits. Which one would you choose? As an example, let’s pretend we are creating an altar to your sense of kindness.  What would go on that altar? I imagine a big piece of pink rose quartz, maybe some gold confetti, a bright white altar cloth, a peaceful candle, etc. But what if we were to create an altar for the parts of you that are often not so cherished; like your rage, your sadness, your grief, or your pain? What would go on that altar? And why, pray tell, would you create an altar to such things in the first place?

When if comes to expressing and honoring our light in this lifetime, it is impossible to do that without also exploring and honoring our darkness. Our darkness is what brings dimension to our light. (click to tweet it!) You cannot have one without the other. Whenever I encounter a woman who seems to fully own her radiance, I know she is a woman who has also gone to the depths of some pretty dark places. The clarity of her light demonstrates that.  She has walked through the fire of her fears and come out on the other side, initiated.  This fearlessness creates the kind of glow that would make a vile of botox start to shiver in it’s boots.

our darkness brings dimension to our light

How we are used to dealing with our shadow side is through it coming up unconsciously. For example, someone says something that rubs you the wrong way and all of a sudden you are afraid to open your mouth because you just might belch a fireball. Or maybe you feel depressed, anxious, tired or irritable and can’t figure out why. Most likely something in your emotional ecosystem is asking to be honored.

But how do we honor these things that we are taught to avoid because of their destructive power? Well, it wasn’t so unusual to think of creating an altar to your sense of kindness, was it? Not at all, because kindness is something we are used to when it comes to women.  We honor women who are kind, as we should.  But in order to fully embody every dimension of our power, we have to honor all parts of ourselves, not just the “nice” ones.

In my book, Sacred Seduction, I call this part of ourselves the Femme Fatale.  Femme Fatale literally translated means “fatal woman”.  But rather than just a stereotype of a man eating Vampiress, in Sacred Seduction we take a closer look at her as an archetype.  In this context, our inner Femme Fatale is the part of us that does not fear death.  She understands the necessity of endings.  Like the Goddess Kali, she is unafraid to come charging forward with eyes rolled back and guns blazing in service to protecting what she loves. Embracing her is a powerful, beautiful and very necessary part of being a woman.

Today, I would like to offer you a seduction practice that I use to consciously honor my dark side.

A Ritual To Honor Your Dark Side

1. Begin by setting sacred space.  There are thousands of ways to do this, but my favorite way is to burn Palo Santo, light a shit-ton of candles, and put on some hypnotizing music like this song.

2.  Begin assembling an altar to your dark side, your inner Femme Fatale. Here are some items I love to use, and what they represent to me:

  • Dark wine or beer: represents the heady sweetness that comes from drinking in my dark side and not being afraid to feel her power.
  • Dark chocolate: the pungent bitterness that leaves me feeling alive when I allow my dark side to be honored.
  • Tobacco: I don’t really know why, I just like it!
  • Dark Liquor: makes me think of dancing on the sacred ground of New Orleans, swirling amidst all the voodoo and spirits who love a good alcohol offering.
  • Images of your favorite Femme Fatales: rather than the traditional Catwoman or Bond Girl, I like images like this one of Donna Gottschalk in 1970.

donna gottschalk

  • Flower Petals: reminds me of the perfection of nature and how my darkness is ever-unfolding.
  • Black cats: reminds me that the things I’ve been taught to fear are actually the most tender, exotic and misunderstood parts of myself.
  • Cloves: cloves are dark, spicy and notoriously healing.
  • Dark Stones: reminds me that darkness is an integral part of nature as a whole, and my nature as a woman.
  • Coffee beans: Dark, earthy, luscious.
  • Any special totems
  • Dry, Brown leaves: reminds me of how gorgeous and necessary the cycle of death is to life.
  • Images of wild, instinctive animals: hear me roar bitches! :)

3. On small pieces of paper write down some things you would like to release in order to embody your Femme Fatale more fully. What do you need to let go of in order to speak your truth? Some examples would be: fear of not being nice,  fear of not disappointing others or meeting their disapproval, fear of coming out of the comfort of denial, etc. Place these papers in a bowl as an offering and place them on one side of your altar.

4. Then, also on small pieces of paper, write the things you would like to invite into your life to live the legend of your Femme Fatale full out! Some examples would be fierceness, courage, letting go of what others think, being daring, being vulnerable, being a soldier of truth. Tuck these around the items on your altar.

5. Bow to your altar and say a prayer, incantation or mantra that makes you feel like your dark side is shining!

6. After 24 hours have passed, take the things you wish to release and burn them, bury them, or flush them down the toilet, releasing them as gifts to the earth like fertilizer.

7. Each day, take one of the papers you have tucked into your altar and tuck it into your clothing, such as under your bra or in the waistline of your pants so that you are literally wearing your Femme Fatale in all her glory.  Once you have worn each of these qualities on your physical body, you can dismantle the altar in gratitude, or keep it intact as long as you like.


I hope this ritual rocks your world and helps shake the crust off your rich, fertile, fecund, fabulous Femme Fatale. Please do tell me in the comments what this post inspires in you, I always love to hear from you.

All My Lovin’ ,



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Eye Candy: Instagram Challenge Winners – Week 1 & 2


Turtle Doves,

I am so blown away by the beauty and sensuality you are spreading all over Instagram, like strawberry cream cheese on warm toasted bagel.  The #Sacredseduction Instagram Challenge is off to a roaring start with almost 500 photos, and I am so inspired by each tiny peek you allow into your personal world of seduction.

Here is a round up of highlights and prize winners (because what would a game be without prizes?) It’s never to late to join, you can start from the beginning or pick up right where we are by following @kittycavalier and using the tag #sacredseduction.

Hot Shoes

IMG_3719Photos by @love.jennah, @shannamonahan and @amytatsumi

Sunday Morning

IMG_3723Photos by @rriselavy, @supernikkidee and @youareraven

Flowers I Fancy

IMG_3741Photos by @saralongwell, @candiceanitra and @abrandnewday

Favorite Meal

IMG_3743Photos by @candiceanitra, @bvmay1 and @ellieutopia


IMG_3744Photos by @bvmay1, @brendarcoleman, @love.jennah and @amytatsumi

And the winners are…


@Amytatsumi, you are the winner of your very own custom magic candle handmade by The Cheeky Mystic! Perfect for casting your spell.

@Supernikkidee you are the winner of Love & Roses, a succulent, supernatural beauty mist from my favorite fragrance apothecary, Olivine Atelier!

Thank you Sandi of Cheeky Mystic and Julie from Olivine for sponsoring this challenge!

@brooke_bergman & hollyinheels, you are each winners of and autographed copy of my book for tagging in the initial challenge photo! (Please contact with your details so we can send you your prize.)

Remember, it’s never too late to join us! Here’s to even more #sacredseduction spread near and far in November!

P.S. – Have an Etsy shop or a handmade product that you’d like to feature, or know someone fabulous who does? I am always looking for artisan products to share with my community through giveaways and product spotlights.  Click here to inquire, I’d love to hear from you!


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The Exact Steps I Took To Get Out of 40K in Debt

Honesty Is The Antidote To Debt

Recently I published a blog over on my pal Kate Northrup’s site called “How I Seduced Myself Out of $40K in Debt.” Since then I’ve gotten several requests from readers to share the steps of how I did it.  Often when we hear miracle stories of debt melting away, it can make getting out of debt feel impossible unless we hear the nitty-gritty of how to make it happen.  So today my darlings, I am performing a little striptease of the soul and sharing my experience just for you.

Before I begin though, please note:

If you plan on skimming this article, I recommend that you do not read it at all.

This is not financial advice column or a how-to checklist. If all you read are the bullet points you won’t get anything of value out of this article.  I recommend that you stop what you’re doing, slow down, and read the story beneath each bullet point.  The substance and the strength is always in the story.

1. I fully cashed in my 401K.

Back when I was working as a corporate trainer I squirreled away big chunks of every paycheck to my retirement, and managed to save about $20,000.  In the back of my mind (usually in the tone of my Dad’s voice) I have always had a voice that says: “DON’T EVER TAKE FROM YOUR RETIREMENT ACCOUNT, NO MATTER WHAT.” One day I was comparing the statements and I realized that the interest I was earning on the 401K was not even coming close to the interest I was paying on the credit cards. So I called a financial advisor to make sure I wouldn’t be struck by lightning if I made this move, and after getting the ok, I dumped the account and put almost all of it towards my credit cards, while saving some to begin building an emergency savings account.

2. I moved out of my expensive NYC lifestyle and have been living with my Mom for the last seven months.

I planned to move in with my Mom for just a month or two while I caught my breath after 15 years of living in NYC.  It’s been seven months now!  I am having a blast living with my Mom, and I am saving huge amounts on rent, utilities, transportation and meals. Next month I am planning on moving out and onto my next adventure, but I am eternally grateful to have had a soft place to land while I got back on my feet.

3. I figured out how to create a budget.

This is an art I am just starting to learn and have a long way to go with. The hardest thing about budgeting I find is being realistic.  There is the temptation when budgeting to massively undercut and expect  to just “be more disciplined about spending”, but this is a totally symptom based solution and has never gotten me anywhere. Honesty is everything when it comes to financial wellness.

4. Once I had a budget, I created a debt plan.

Sometimes when I would see a looming 5 digit number on my credit card bill, there was the temptation to just pay off a big chunk whenever I had an influx of money.  This is a cannibalistic cycle.  The credit card bill went down and made me feel better for about three days, but with no money in the bank I’d just go back to debting a week or so later.  I’ve learned that paying down debt is a LONG-GAME.  Once I had a budget, I had a number that I could pay towards my debt every month after meeting my basic expenses. In the beginning if I had followed this formula it would have meant I would be in debt for the next ten years.  But after making some drastic changes (like #1 and #2) the time was drastically reduced.

5. I found a deeper purpose for creating wealth.

After I moved into my Mom’s house, every morning I would sit on the screened-in porch under a blanket and read the book Sacred Success by Barbara Stanny.  Every time I felt compelled to underline something in the book I would write it down on a flashcard, and then I would re-read the flashcards every day.  This book  cemented in a consciousness that getting out of debt and building a solid financial house is not just about lack of discipline, it is about resistance to owning our power. In order to see an outer result I had to do some serious inner work that this book helped me with tremendously.  I cannot recommend Barbara’s books or her retreat highly enough.

Another book that was pivotal for me:  The Soul of Money by Lynne Twist.  This book is all about the condition of scarcity, and the detrimental effect it is having on us as individuals, on humanity and on the planet. I now have a deep purpose towards my fulfilling my financial goals and I am very grateful that these two books landed in my lap.

6.  I realized that debt is very un-sexy.

After worrying about money all the livelong day for years, one day I had a realization: debt is so un-sexy.  Not only was it affecting my checkbook and credit score, it was affecting everything – my sex life, my confidence, how I was able to take care of myself, my relationships – everything.  Living in debt is living on borrowed energy. When you don’t have ownership of your energy, it makes it very difficult to be present.  Once I realized this, it made it easy to pick up the dustpan and broom and start cleanin’ up my financial house.

7. I stopped debting. Period.

I once read in a book about compulsive debting that “the only way to get out of debt is to stop debting, period.” Once I started doing this, everything changed.  I still carry a credit card for emergencies, but if an emergency occurs, I immediately make a payment to pay down the balance, even if it is only five dollars. I also realized that if it impossible for me to pay my living expenses and not be debting, something drastic needed to change (hence step #1 and #2).

8. Most importantly: I WISED THE F*CK UP.

When I look over these steps I realize that much of what was causing me to continue debting was sheer ignorance and lack of basic knowledge about financial management,  as well as a refusal to look honestly at my spending. Today, when I notice my consciousness dimming like a light bulb, I stop and tune in.  I get out a pen and paper, write down my bank balance, and physically record how my spending is deducting from my account.  It doesn’t mean I always restrain, but at least it keeps me honest, because in the end the most important thing I’ve learned is this: Honesty Is The Antidote To Debt (tweet it!)

Honesty Is The Antidote To Debt


The best part is, I have never felt more seductive, sexy and sure of myself. I have the confidence of a woman initiated, and I feel excited about my financial future after how far I’ve come.

Do tell in the comments:

Which of these points do you most relate to? Which do you struggle with the most? I read and respond to every single one.

Rooting for you,





P.S. – The Sacred Seduction Instagram Challenge has been a TOTAL blast so far! It is amazing to see so many women from all over the world practicing seduction every day.  You can jump in at anytime, join us by following me @kittycavalier and using the tag #sacredseduction!


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Seducing Your Suggestions (And What Our Future Holds)

Lavender Provence

For about a week now I’ve been sitting down to write my blog, and to be honest, everything that comes out feels hard as a rock and tastes like metal.  I have a rule with my blog, if it feels forced, don’t publish. When this happens, I know I need to do two things:  1. trade my computer for my sketch pad and get out of the house for some inspiration 2. ask for help.

When I first started my business, originally I had intended on creating a charm school.  It was to be a place where women could come to learn the craft of a sensual life; everything from tango dancing to lovemaking, how to make a killer martini to how to look great in a photograph. We would have burlesque dancing, Qoya dancing, pole dancing…everything dancing! You could come to learn how to hold your own in a conversation alongside how to throw an amazing dinner party. (I still have the dream of buying an estate in Provence, calling it “The Seduction House”, and delivering this curriculum throughout the year. Yes you can start shopping for the perfect lace house coat for wandering through the lavender fields now.)

Somewhere down the line, a life of seduction became my sole focus.  Just the word seduction was like the sun rising over my own personal Serengeti. Like the sun itself, I found it impossible to look away from, and I spent every waking moment learning as much as I could about this new paradigm through living it, teaching it, and sharing it here on the blog.

Now, a few years later, the sun has risen above the horizon and I feel ready to branch out, or perhaps more accurately, be like sap in wintertime and wander back to the very trunk of this tree. To do that, I would like to request your help. I’d like to know in the comments, what is it you would most like to see here on the blog over the next few months?  If you had a personal professeur in living as a seductress at your disposal, what would you like to know?

Imagine you are driving up to my chateaux in Provence and there is a syllabus that has been written just for you.  What would be on it?

Shivering with Anticipation (and gratitude),







Image: Atle Rønningen

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50 Songs To Slow You Down (Playlist)

50 Songs To Slow You Down

‘Tis Autumn darlings.

Time for the seduction of long sleeves, technicolor falling leaves, and the extra zing your taste buds feel when seeing the word “pumpkin” next to anything.

One of my favorite things about the turn of the season is how the cool air makes it feel even more delicious to take a baths, oil my skin by candlelight, and linger in the kitchen over a fresh, aromatic batch of chicken stock. It’s easy to forget these simple pleasures…unless you have a soundtrack! 

That’s why I made you this playlist to perfect the art of savoring: 50 Songs To Slow You Down. I hope these dulcet tones will sway you and swoon you into all the seduction this season has to offer.

50 Songs To Slow You Down

Your Personal Slave To The Rhythm,




PS – November just got a little sexier…introducing the Sacred Seduction November Instagram Challenge! Follow me @kittycavalier and tag your SASSIEST friend for daily inspiration, weekly prizes and straight up seduction all month long!




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How did the rose ever open its heart?

rose into the sun

One of the questions I am most frequently asked by my clients is: “How can I make my life more of a seduction? One where I wake up and everything has a magic to it, rather than just the droll of my to-do list and every day tasks?” It’s a great question, an eternal question, one that’s been around since before we learned how to chop wood and carry water. The thing is, a life of seduction is not about waking up to bon-bons and bunny slippers any more than it is putting on a suit to work a 16-hour day.  Either of those things would bore you to tears in time.

Seduction is both yin and yang, masculine and feminine, the heat of a fire and the structure that contains it. So rather than reaching for extremes, we follow the golden rule of creating a seductive life: we make art with what we have. As an example, I’d like to tell you the story of how I moved out of New York City last winter, and onto the new adventure of living in the South:

The month I left NYC was like one long going away party…

  • I remember being showered with fragranced rose petals as a circle of soul sisters whispered the words “farewell Kitty” in a magical ritual.
  • I remember tracing my fingertips across every square inch of the walls of my empty apartment whispering “thank you, thank you, thank you”.
  • I nuzzled my nose into the neck of a man who smelled like cedar and looked like James Dean, moving slowly across a dance floor while a hot jazz band crooned out St. James Infirmary.

  • I drank gallons of rose petal tea with my roxy-star assistant, laughing uproariously to the sound of Jack White’s guitar mixed with the screech of packing tape stretching across box after box.
  • I remember the street grate steam that once felt like a nuisance, now becoming my swirling good-bye kiss. The hustle and bustle that had grown to drive me crazy over the last few years, I now realized was just the city doing what it does best: showing me tough love like a parent shows a child, knowing all along that I was capable of so much more than I thought, and taking me to task.
  • I gave myself permission to buy a pack of Parliaments and lean out my kitchen window like a teenager, blowing smoke into the freezing cold air. (Sue me.)
  • Lot’s of people bought me drinks. Lot’s of people bought me tea. Lot’s of people bought me dinners. Lot’s of angels came out of the woodwork to give me that one last hug.
  • The day of my move, as the seconds counted down to my 3pm departure, my dear friends Lauren, Fabiola, Vivi and Stephanie descended on my home like Flora, Fauna and Meriwether. Suddenly, all the last minute stressors like sweeping dust bunnies, disposing of the last haul of throw-aways, what to do with the god damn effing cable box, etc. were taken out of my hands like a screaming baby, happy to now be in the arms of doting Aunties.

Once all was done we had one long, luxurious hour to savor each other, do a despacho gratitude ceremony and order a pizza. Fabiola opened the ceremony with this poem by Hafiz:

Did the rose
Ever open its heart

And give to this world
All its

It felt the encouragement of light,
Against its
We all remain

I love this poem so much. If you ever want to see a seductive life in action, plant a rose bush and watch it grow. For it is this continual encouragement of the light against our being and our willingness to open to it’s embrace that gives us the wisdom, intelligence and inspiration to turn the mundane into the magical, and make art with what we have.

Now, your turn…

Tell me in the comments, how have you made art out of life recently? I read every one of your replies, because I need your stories just like you need mine. Seduction takes a village, and we are all in this together.

It’s the beauty that we’ll remember,
k swirl signature





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Photos: Fotothing, Saveur Vegetale, Audrey Hepburn for Vogue

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Outlaws, Fringe Panties & Courage In A Bottle: The October Issue of Swoon!

Outlaws, Fringe Panties & Courage In A Bottle: The October Issue of Swoon!


The October edition of Swoon is here, and I am thrilled from the tips of my toes to the tips of my pin curls to share it with you!  If you are new to this feature, Swoon is a monthly digest of colorful curiosities, curated by yours truly. I’d love to hear what you think in the comments.  Viva La Seducción!

Outlaws, Fringe Panties & Courage In A Bottle: The October Issue of Swoon!

  • Having just returned from my annual New Orleans Seduction Retreat, I’m obsessed with anything and everything having to do with Storyville.  Click here for some mega Bellocq photo inspiration. Ooh la la is an understatement.
  • This Sexy-Etsy shop is brings us the aroma of “Outlaw” with soy candles and exotic parfum.  It’s love in a lawless world.
  • When people ask the question “if there was anyone in the world you could have dinner with, living or dead, who would it be?”, my answer is always the same: my Grandmother. After that, Eleanor Roosevelt.  After that, E.E. Cummings. As if his poetry doesn’t slay to begin with, check out this brief slideshow of his hot erotic drawings. Mr. Cummings, I am seduced.

Outlaws, Fringe Panties & Courage In A Bottle: The October Issue of Swoon!

Outlaws, Fringe Panties & Courage In A Bottle: The October Issue of Swoon!

In love? Click here to share, and stay swoonable darlings!


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Somethin’ Is Brewin’ (Last Day To Enroll In Deep Dive)


Want to hear this story read aloud? Click play to hear the audio of this blog.

As I shared  earlier this week, one of my absolute favorite seduction movies is Mary Poppins.  That woman knows how to literally move with the wind, kick ass, take names, flirt like a boss and look FIERCE while doing it all.  The reason I bring her up now is because of a line from that movie that is circling through my mind today:

Winds in the east,
mist coming in.
Like somethin’ is brewin’
and bout to begin.
Can’t put me finger on what lies in store,
But I fear what’s to happen all happened before.

As you might know, today is the final day to register for my signature ten-week program, Deep Dive. Personal connection is very important to me so in the last two weeks I’ve had many one-on-one conversations with clients who are considering signing up.

The thing that has surprised me is how many women I have told that now is not the time to become a member of Deep Dive.

Dissertations, scuba diving certifications, dance lessons, cake decorating courses, 12 hour days at work – there are a million and one reasons why another program does not fit in their lives at the moment. And yet I wonder, why are our plates so full that the idea of adding something, even when it is something we dearly want, makes us feel sick? When I tell these women not to join the program, all the entrepreneurial training I’ve received over the years enters my head: “You’ve got to find their pain point. Find the thing that causes them the most pain, and then ask yourself, how can your product provide the solution?”

Look, I understand this psychology, but I’ll be honest: alot of what’s behind this idea is the shadow side of seduction, and that is not the work I am here to do.  Attraction through authenticity is the cement on which my company is built upon (if you’d like to see that in action, check out this video). So I will will not close this blog by scaring you into how much you are holding back on your life if you don’t jump in right now and take my program. You don’t need me to remind you of your insecurities to lubricate your decision making. What I want more than anything for the women of this world is for us to reclaim our sense of sovereignty.  And I am lion-heart proud that is exactly what is created for the women who take my programs.

What I will leave you with is an awe-inspiring story from one of my students, Nikki.  I’ve tried to edit it down, really I have, but to do so would be like cutting the corners off of the Mona Lisa. We owe it to ourselves to read the whole thing. It is a masterpiece of wild authenticity, and a living example of what happens when you courageously create a better world with your hot, blazing truth.

I encourage you to read her story, and notice how it causes the winds to blow and change within you:


Three years ago, my life was on the brink of a transformation, and Kitty was the one who inspired me to flick it over the edge. My almost fifteen year marriage had degraded into a cycle of clammy resentment and screaming matches.  I was also feeling trapped in my spiritual community. I could no longer sense divinity within it; it all seemed to be rules and hard angles to me, a place for men and women to try to be better men.  Not seeing a way out of either, I secretly told myself, “Oh well.  I guess this is my life.  All that’s left is to die.”  I was thirty eight.

I wasn’t even conscious of these feelings until I spent a weekend at a Sacred Seduction workshop.   I remember sitting in darkness, with delicious smells of candles wafting through the room, surrounded by other women who had come there longing for a taste of the Divine Feminine.  As I sat there I realized, it’s just fear that’s keeping you from moving forward; fear that the masculine forces in your life will reject you.  But if you let fear stop you from living, you’ll die.  From that moment, I made a decision not to let fear stop me.  I wanted to open creatively, to study my desires and to draw them toward me, knowing they were an expression of my inner divinity.  Now that I saw the promise of that, it had to be mine.

I was hopeful that if I stepped forward into the life that was calling me, my marriage would transform.  It did, the way that fire transforms a log into ash and carbon dioxide.  I presented my wildest desires, and was met with some support, but also a lot of anger.  I tried to be kind, but I refused to stop moving forward.  I wrote music.  I made art.  I left that masculine spiritual community. I initiated a move into a rambling 150 year old house.  I started pursuing a more creative career.  I connected with inspiring people.  I saw my husband struggle, and then unleash his frustration.  I still tried to be kind, but I did not stop moving toward what was calling me.

The tension grew until it was clearly over, just about a year ago. The aftermath sometimes seemed agonizingly bleak.  I was sleeping in my attic studio, heated by an old electric radiator, because although our divorce was in process, my ex couldn’t move until he found a place.  I spent nights making lists of my income (tenuous, because I run my own very small business) versus my expenses.  I knew soon I would be left with this groaning old house, crying out for repairs, and the mortgage and utility bills attached to it, and the need to feed my two children half the time.   Also, no one loved me best of all. But I did not stop pursuing what seduced me.


My ex moved out of the house in early September, barely a month and a half ago. Here’s a report on how life is different, just in this past week alone:

  • Last week, I performed my electronic music at a garden party with the early autumn breezes flying around my ears.  It was filled with musicians I would never have met had I not let Sacred Seduction into my life.
  • Last week, I took my portfolio to several tattoo shops, and my favorite tattooer said that, because of my perseverance, solid drawing skill, and unique style, he’d seriously consider hiring me.  I would never have developed all of those over the past year without Sacred Seduction.
  • Last week, I took a basket of fire wood I had chopped with my own chainsaw down to the beautiful, bubbling creek behind my house at dusk and built a roaring fire by myself.  Spending time outside at night was a desire that had been burning in me when I went to that first Sacred Seduction workshop, and now here I was.
  • Of course, in this time I met someone as wild as my desires.  A piece of work, to be sure, but one whose jagged edges seemed to fit mine uncannily well.  Someone not threatened by all the change spinning around me, and an equally creative tour-de-force to the one I was becoming.  Despite his masculinity- his strong, broad-shouldered, sweat-and-gasoline cowboy masculinity- he was able to listen, converse truthfully, and reveal his own sensitivity.  It’s like being seduced by the divine into something neither of us had any idea we wanted, something more beautiful than we could concoct on our own.
  • Last week, that wild cowboy came and fixed my lawnmower.  Whenever he’s working around my house, I have an uncontrollable, almost instinctive desire to harvest and put food by.  As I carried baskets of ripe plums from the trees back to the house for canning, I walked past him as he crouched over the lawnmower with grease all over his hands.  He whistled at me.  Then he mowed my whole lawn.  It was like the garden of Eden.  Sacred Seduction landed me here.
  • Last week, I went to my ex husband’s house to try to seduce one of the feral kittens living under his porch into my life.  My ex and I were friendly with each other; joking, laughing.  He spends a week at a time with the kids on his own now; cooks for them, cleans up after them, talks to them.  We talk about how they’re doing and work together in their best interest.  We are friends, and we are both growing as people as we need to.  He’s thanked me for transforming his life, uncomfortable though it was.  We owe this to Sacred Seduction.

And this is all only the beginning. Thank you, Kitty.

Nikki, THANK YOU. I am so grateful for the change on the wind, that somethin’ is brewin’ and bout to begin.   I would love nothing more than to create that change together with you in Deep Dive.

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The Mission Of Sacred Seduction (VIDEO)



I’ve got something extra special for you today! Usually when I share that my profession is teaching seduction as a spiritual practice, the inevitable response is “what does that mean?” Well, to demonstrate that I’ve created a special game for you and I to play in this video.

Sit with me for the next three minutes, eliminate other distractions, and let’s re-define how we can use seduction to make this world a better place.

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