Grace Jones, Glitter Cooking & Gypsy Caravans – July Swoon!

Summer Lovers,

The heat is high, the air is steamy, and July has almost come to a close.  I’m thrilled to reveal this coterie of treasures for our monthly edition of Swoon!

Grace Jones, Glitter Cooking & Gypsy Caravans - July Swoon!

1. As a seductress, being a savant in the art of preparing tea is a necessity.  Let me share with you my absolute, hands down, no competition favorite tea company: Bellocq.  Read the description of Gypsy Caravan. Tell me you are not transported!

2. And what would your cup of tea be without this fabulous mug, steaming with eccentric style?

3. While we’re at it, may as well drink your mystical brew while wearing a stunning lace dressing gown from Dollhouse Bettie.

Grace Jones, Glitter Cooking & Gypsy Caravans - July Swoon!

4. Let us bow, in utter reverence, to the Queen, Grace Jones.

5. My icon, idol and inspiration Miss Phryne Fisher now has her very own board game! Let’s pour the whiskey and roll the dice!

6. When women ask me how to add more seduction in their daily life, I always instruct them to add a morning ritual.  These videos of Qoya movement have become essential to mine and I think you will love them too.

Grace Jones, Glitter Cooking & Gypsy Caravans - July Swoon!

7. Over The Moon recently published one of my erotic poems. Tee-hee!

8. Esther Perel gives us all the re-frame of all re-frames in her latest Ted Talk, Rethinking Infidelity.

9. LIBERACE COOKS! Did you know that the king of bling wrote a cookbook, delivering classic recipes from his seven dining rooms to yours? I’m coming over!

Grace Jones, Glitter Cooking & Gypsy Caravans - July Swoon!

10.  The Danger Dame a.k.a. Veronica Varlow teaches us how to rev up our magnetism by literally locating our inner magnet.  Genius!

11. While you are in the kitchen, you may want to make Liberace proud by donning this completely bad-ass headdress with netting and tassels. It definitely sparks my creativity.

12.  This video from the Business Insider about How to Make Someone Fall In Love With You totally gives me the giggles, but it also has some pretty good tips that I agree with!

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When You Don’t Want What You Wanted Before (NOLA Update)

When You Don't Know What You Want by Kitty Cavalier

Back in March when I left New York after living there for 14 years, New Orleans seemed like the perfect destination to build a new life.  At the time, whenever I would think about living there, something alchemical would happen in my cells.  I felt a calling, a certainty in my bones unlike anything I had ever felt before. When I would say “I am moving to New Orleans”, not only would I feel a sassy sense of deep pride, but people’s eyes would widen as they exclaimed “I can so see you there!”  I had the inner and the outer validation checked off and was ready to launch. So I moved out of my NYC apartment, ultimately NOLA bound, with the plan to stop in South Carolina and stay with my Mom for a month or two while looking for a place in The Big Easy.

That was five months ago.

Finally, last week I headed to New Orleans for a little scouting trip.  I booked an Air BnB for a week to try out living like a local.  I made dates with every person I know who lives there. Everyone was so generous with their time and attention. “I could live here!” I thought to myself.  “Yes, I could definitely live here.” (Notice the operative word here: “could”.)

Then, one Tuesday afternoon while I was riding the St. Charles Avenue streetcar into the Garden District, the car stopped and let us off so we could connect to a shuttle bus. On the bus I closed my eyes in an attempt to drown out the hustle and bustle and calm my increasing crankiness.  “I know this feeling”, I thought.  “This is exactly how I used to feel riding the subway.”

As I walked from St. Charles to Magazine St., I felt the familiar exhaustion of walking one concrete block after another, with cars going by every 10-15 seconds. In that moment the restlessness I had been feeling all week suddenly crystallized into a stark realization: New Orleans is a CITY y’all.

When I left New York, the idea of moving from 8.5 million people to 375,000 felt like I may as well be moving to Wyoming.  I was so accustomed to the crush of New York City that the pace of New Orleans felt like an open window in the country with a cool summer breeze. But after spending some time in the actual country, I gotta say, I think my worst fears about myself might be true: that I actually want a much simpler, less glamorous life than the one my ego has planned.

And so here I am, sitting cross legged on the valley floor between two mountains.  One is the mountain of knowing what I don’t want, which in this moment looks clear as day.  The other is the mountain of knowing what I do want, which is currently shrouded by a dense, thick fog that only Mother Nature herself has the power to clear.

When You Don't Know What You Want by Kitty Cavalier

So what’s a girl to do? Well, I can’t speak for how a girl handles this situation, but I can speak as a sacred seductress. When you live The Seductive Life, a life governed by trusting deeply in the tides of desire, tides that move on their own schedule, what can you do but simply enjoy the mysteries of the tide pools while waiting for the next swell?

I once wrote a blog about how in the birthing process, if the baby does not come out at a certain point the womb will start to become the tomb.  Similarly, for the baby to come out too soon would cause all sorts of complications for everyone involved. So next week I am headed to Asheville, NC to go on a date with that city as a possible suitor.  (Got any recommendations? Hit me up!) Then I am headed back to my beloved New Orleans in September for my annual seduction retreat.  At this point, I “could” end up anywhere. But for right now, I know I must do the scariest thing, which just happens to be doing nothing at all.

One thing I know is this: seduction cannot be forced. So, I will wade in the discomfort of not knowing what’s next.  I will be endlessly grateful for the freedom I have to look for the sensation of “want” rather than “could” or “should”. And as I keep my eyes fixed on the fog moving over that mountain, I will do my best not to miss the clear sunshine here on the valley floor.

Country roads, take me home,
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“If it’s not T&A, then what is it?

Seduction: if it's not T&A, then what is it? By Kitty Cavalier

Recently when teaching a class, I felt inspired to dedicate the day to a very special woman named Ginger.  Ginger was one of my very first students.  She was a somewhat ornery woman in her mid-70’s with red hair on her head that burned as bright as the fire in her heart.  She came as the guest of another woman who paid for her admission. Let’s just say seduction class was not something she would have attended on her own volition.

“Kitty,” she said after raising her hand. “I’ve got a question for you. You say this stuff is all spiritual, but I mean, seduction? (said with a tone of mild disdain) If it’s not T&A, then what is it?”

(For my international babes, T&A means ‘tits and ass.’)

I found this question so refreshing. And it also scared me out of my wits. Back in those early days, what was I really doing pairing seduction with spirituality? I asked myself that question about a hundred times a day.  There I was, on the spot.  Vulnerable.  Being pressed to share my truth in a way it had never been challenged before.  I started to shake in my boots, but you know what they say.  That is usually just a sign that God is shaking the truth right out of you.

“I’m so glad you asked Ginger,” I replied as I walked closer to her and stared deep into her eyes.  I leaned over to her, face to face and said: “Seduction doesn’t take T & A.  What seduction takes is GUTS.”

Ginger eyed me approvingly.  I had effectively seduced her. I had let the rigid body of her question enter my arms like a trust fall, meeting it with soft vulnerability rather than a shove of defense.  Or even worse, ignoring it all together and letting it hit the ground with a loud SPLAT.  My courage to be honest had won her over. And after that class, every time I would send out a blog, Ginger would email back her thoughts on the subject. This continued until she passed away awhile ago. R.I.P. (rest in pleasure), my friend.

And so, in honor of Ginger, today I want to share with you my personal secret for charging forward in your seduction practice with a brave heart and a fierce swagger.  Yes, seduction takes guts, but how to we get the guts to go for it? Here’s the thing:
Seduction Takes A Village by Kitty Cavalier
The sacred seductress is the ultimate woman of empowerment. She is a woman who lives her life in total sovereignty; inclusive, rather than exclusive of her erotic power.  But contrary to the traditional paradigm of being a lone wolf who can’t seem to settle down, the sacred seductress is deeply rooted in community and unafraid to ask for help. Anyone who plays a part in the current ass-kicking of patriarchal/dominator culture norms is no stranger to the theory that we can’t do this alone.

This is why in every one of my courses there is a strong element of community and personal coaching. Support is essential in living a seductive life! I bring this forward because today is the final day to receive three free group coaching calls when you become a member of The 7 Virtues of the Seductive Woman. The 7 Virtues is a course you can enroll in any time, but this is the last chance to receive this special pre-sale bonus of three 60-minute group calls.  On these calls you are guaranteed to have your questions answered, whether you can make the call live or not. In-between calls there is also amazing follow-up and support in our private Facebook group.

I would love nothing more than to get to know you, down and dirty, around the 7 virtues campfire this summer.  Click here to join us!

To every brave move you make, and to you Ginger,
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Snow White, Adrift

Snow White, Adrift by Kitty Cavalier Have you ever met a little girl who loves doing stations of the cross? Who gets excited to nestle in behind a screen and confess her sins to a priest? Who would go to church not just on Sunday morning, but Saturday mornings too, and would have gone to church every other morning were it not for having to go to stinkin’ school?

That kid was me.

When I was a child, I was in love with religion.  Jesus was my hero, the disciples were my bros.  Mary was not only my patron saint, but my name sake.  I remember looking up at a statue of Mary in our church, her stoic porcelain face staring over my shoulder, and wishing I could just go sleep in the folds of her big blue robe.

I don’t remember the exact moment that going to church changed from feeling like a sanctuary to feeling like an asylum. But I think we can all safely guess it was right around the time my body began to betray me:  a.k.a. – puberty.  As my breasts became more than buds, so did my carnality and tendency towards “sin”.  I smelled a rat in what used to smell so pure. What once felt medicine had now started to feel like poison. Or perhaps more accurately, a medicine I felt I was no longer deserving of having committed the sin of being born female.

Mae West put it best when she said: “I used to be Snow White, but I drifted.”

Grateful I am to have drifted, because where the wind blew me was to the secret garden of the Divine Feminine.  My life’s journey and work has been to bring voice to feminine spirituality for myself and others, particularly as it relates to the sacredness of our inherent, carnal, sensual spirit.  I have met many daring, amazing, enlightened, spunky souls on this journey, one of them being Meggan Watterson. When I was selecting three guest teachers for my new course The 7 Virtues of the Seductive Woman, there was no doubt Meggan would have a high seat on the council.

Snow White, Adrift by Kitty Cavalier

Meggan is the author of Reveal: A Sacred Manual For Getting Spiritually Naked.  She has a Masters from Harvard Divinity School and has taken pilgrimage all over the world to visit the sites of Divine Feminine history.  She’s a quadruple Scorpio with eyes so blue that when she looks at you, you simultaneously feel cool as a cold plunge and hot as a bonfire.  Basically, she fucking ROCKS.

Meggan is a fierce warrioress for Divine Love as Source, and that the love we are all so desperately seeking outside ourselves is actually right here within us.  And if we are willing to go within, really go within, letting our soul inhabit our body, we will find a source of greater love than we could possibly imagine.

“I couldn’t agree more.  YES!!” I replied enthusiastically to her musings in our interview. And yet, I had to ask: “So Megg, what about the mornings when you wake up and you just like, really want a boyfriend?”


Of course my deeper question was how to reconcile the moments when we lose that connection.  When our humanity feels so tender and  heartbreaking that we’d practically sell our souls for an easier way out. Her answer struck a chord in me like a deep G on my Mom’s church choir guitar: “You must make the practice of connecting with Divine Love habitual”, she said.  After going on to describe several of her own practices, Meggan continued “Whatever gives you the taste of your soul inhabiting your body and fills you with a knowing of Divine Love, do that habitually.”

You might be thinking “Duh, Kitty”, but for me this was a light bulb moment. I thought back to being a kid in church and how much I loved the practices of my faith.  There were prayers in the morning and prayers at night. There was church on Sundays.  Just like when you are training a dog and they emphasize the importance of routine, religion offers us routine connection with the Divine.  Even if it is just to say Hi to a fellow church goer, or sit in a pew and hear ancient pieces of prose inspired by Divine Love, there is a continual touchstone of Divine contact one can rely upon.   And I miss that.

Snow White, Adrift by Kitty Cavalier

When my niece was baptized,  I attended church a few times with her  family before becoming her Godparent.  Every time we went, I cried through the whole mass.  It was so embarrassing.  I couldn’t help it.  I would try to stop it and that would only make things worse.  I have never really known what those tears were about until now.  Walking into that church felt like coming home. It wasn’t just the smell of melted wax and the glow of stained glass; it was the structure I missed.  I missed the rules, the barometer by which I could measure whether I was doing things right or wrong. Was I actually missing my big patriarchal Daddy in the sky??!!!

Hey, I love my wild feminine way of being and wouldn’t trade it for the world.  But I must say, on this journey I do sometimes feel like a nomad in the desert.  I am so grateful for all my communities – Sacred Seduction, Qoya, The Sister Goddesses, My Burlesque Community; just to name a few. But even still, habits can be hard when there aren’t set spiritual rules to follow along with.

I find myself wanting to close this piece by giving you a definitive how-to guide on habitual Divine connection, but the truth is I don’t quite have that answer. And in that nesting doll of mystery lies the ultimate answer, doesn’t it?  That the fun part, really, is finding out for ourselves.

All My Lovin’,
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Our #7PEARLS Sweepstakes Winner!

Oh my heavens.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 7 Pearls Of Seductive Wisdom contest on Instagram. What a hoot it was! And what a wonderful kick-off to my brand new, fresh-out- of-the-oven, hotter-than-a-hot-cross-bun program: The 7 Virtues of the Seductive Woman. (Click to take a bite!)

When creating the drawing for this contest, I could have just drawn out of a hat and posted a photo of the winners name. But what kind of seductress would I be if I didn’t teach through doing?

In this video, I am happy to demonstrate and call upon one of my  favorite personal virtues: Cheekiness!

Congrats to our winner! And for more good times and great swim camps, follow me over on Instagram!

You make bath time lots of fun,
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My Brand New Course Is Here!


My Darling Doves,

I am so excited for today. I feel like a little girl who is wired because she couldn’t sleep the night before her big birthday party.

The table is set, the streamers are hung, and my party dress is ON. It is my pleasure to present to you my brand new course: The 7 Virtues Of The Seductive Woman.

This program is very special to me, as all my programs are, but this one in particular sets a new groove in my heart.  For years, many of you have shared a desire to learn Sacred Seduction with a program that can be done at your own pace, anywhere in the world.  Some of you have emailed me to say that you would love to attend one of my classes or retreats, but it’s just not in the cards at the moment and you’d like a more accessible, affordable option.  And then there is my alumni who want a re-fresh with some brand new content to inspire their seductress sparkle.   If any of these sound like you, I am very proud to say that darling, today is our day!


Alright, alright.

Have I teased you enough?

Are you ready for the big reveal? Let’s Go!

Click here to take a first look at The 7 Virtues!


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A Make Out Couch, A Mystic & The World On A String = June SWOON!

12 treasures worth swooning over!

My Little Clementines,

It’s June! You know what that means? Time for our monthly edition of Swoon! My new favorite hobby is mining the internet for all the treasures I wish to share with you and squandering them away on a secret little Pintrest board. (rubs hands together with a devilish smile.)

Enjoy and report back as you try each truffle on the tray!

12 treasures worth swooning over!


1. This crushed velvet blue sectional from Horchow may cost 9 grand, but can you imagine the make outs you’d have on that thing?

2. “The Benefit of Making Noise In and Out of Bed” of Huff Post by my dear friend Betsy Blankenbaker.  She speaks for all of us and will loosen the noose on your truth with this article. (While we’re at it, her book is pretty rockin’ too.)

3. The Cheeky Mystic is my new Etsy obsession.  Handmade custom candles with rituals, crystals, oils AND glitter?! What more could a Witchy Woman ask for?

12 treasures worth swooning over!

4. Pretty much sums up being a seductress in a nutshell.

5. Fabulous and thought provoking article from the NY Times on learning how to make criticism your new lover.

6. It is no mistake I am only showing you a peek of this red dress.  At only $124 smackers and sizes 4-16 US, it’s worth a click.

12 treasures worth swooning over!

7. This, this right here? This has been my instant go-to whenever I need a smile and a lift for oh, three years.

8. Seven Pearls of Seductive Wisdom is ROCKING on Instagram! It’s like a little seduction advent calender. Click here to get the full scoop and see the seven pearls in their full glory.

9. How do you spell vintage pin-up summer? F-L-O-R-A-L B-A-T-H-I-N-G C-A-P.

12 treasures worth swooning over! 10. It’s here! It’s here! #RSLbook is here! Gala Darling’s first book Radical Self Love is finally available, but guess what? It’s only available for another three weeks and then it’s gone! Ha! Well teased my love, well teased.

11. Amanda Young probes an important question: “Will the world really be saved by Western Women?” with just the right amount of ferocity and grace.

12. I’ve got the world on a string, sittin’ on my neckline….

12 treasures worth swooning over!

**BONUS! Keep your ears perked this Monday, I’ll be revealing a brand new program that I can’t wait to show you!

Until then, all my lovin’,
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7 Pearls, 7 days, $100 Smackers

pearls of wisdom



Seven is the number of the seeker; the searcher of Truth.  It is the number of the natural world. Seven is the number of completeness and perfection, both physically and spiritually.

Sounds like someone I know.

Someone called the sacred seductress.

On Monday, June 22nd I am launching a brand new program in how to live an exquisitely steamy, seductive life. I won’t share a single detail about the course yet, but each day until the launch I will drop a new clue containing a pearl of seductive wisdom.

Seven clues. Seven pearls. Seven days.

All the action is happening on Instagram.  Follow me there, and if you tag three friends who you think would enjoy these pearls of wisdom, you will be entered to win a $100 gift card to the seductress candy store: Sephora!

The winner will be announced next week, after the launch of the course.

I can’t wait to open this jewel box and show you the treasures inside. Piece, by piece, by piece.

See you on Instagram!

All my love,
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Giveaway Rules

To enter, follow @kittycavalier on Instagram and in the comments of this post, tag three friends you would like to tell about the game. This is your entry in the drawing.  You will receive one entry for every three friends you tag. (The friends you tag will not be entered, unless they create their own separate entry.) This drawing is not affiliated with Sephora in any way.  The duration of the contest is 12am June 15th to 11:59pm June 21st 2015. The winner will be chosen by random drawing and announced on Thursday June 25th.



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This Erotic Life

This Erotic Life by Kitty Cavalier

This week, I bought a rose. A real rose bush. The kind you plant in the earth. This might seem like small potatoes, but for a city girl goes through about four basil plants every summer because she can’t keep a single one alive in her kitchen, having my own rose plant is a big deal. I feel a bit like a 13-year old who’s been given the assignment to carry around an egg for a week and pretend it’s my baby.

I bought the rose because lately I’ve been ruminating on just how articulately we see the dance of seduction play out in the relationship between the rose and the sun. The sun seduces life into being, in the rose, and in us. That warm, bright light wakes us up every morning and without question, we follow its lead. At twilight when the sun takes its final bow, our own internal cycles shift into the rhythm of rest. And as the sun descends behind the curtain of the horizon, a whole new show begins.

The star of that show of course, is the moon. Oh, the seduction of the moon, that literal force of nature. Did you know that the moons irresistibility is the whole reason we have a high and low tide? Everything on earth that is not nailed down by the force of gravity yearns toward the pull of the moon. Her magnetism is literally strong enough to make the ocean leave the shore. And with those slow striptease cycles of wax to wane, who wouldn’t line up for that big burlesque in the sky? The moonlight nurtures my rose silently in the night. After a good moon bath I can wake up and find my girl who was just a bud the night before, suddenly full as a poodle skirt.

This Erotic Life by Kitty Cavalier

My rose is a deep, pulsing pink at the center of her bloom, but on the outside her petals fade to white, like a goddess in repose. Glimpsing into her center is like glimpsing into eternity. The name of her species is called “Sweet Surrender”. It’s a beautiful name, but a bit too petit for how I see her. So voluptuous and voluminous is she that after just one day, watering can in hand, I naturally nicknamed her “Mama Cass”.

When tending roses you must obey the energies at play, just like with seduction. For example, you can’t just cut a stem from the bush anytime you want. There is a specific moment in her growth cycle when she let’s you know she is ready. Act before that moment and she will teach you a lesson by taking eons to re-appear, if at all. Act too late and she will hang her head in disappointment at your lack of attention, leaving you both feeling heartbroken and a little embarrassed.

This Erotic Life by Kitty Cavalier

But I think the thing that has me most taken with this romance between the elements and my rose is the speed at which the two lovers embrace. It’s like they had eternity to do so, which if you think about it, I suppose they do. Like teenagers, one minute she looks all green and innocent and tiny, the next thing you know that little bud shows she’s been up to something with her cheeks all flush and blush. The rose and the elements play a chess game that teems with sexual tension. Like master dancers, they transcend the experience of moving as two separate beings and meld into one ecstatic entity.

When I say that seduction is a way of life, people often ask me what that means. Well, this is exactly what it means. When the roots of my rose reach down towards the core of the earth like a child reaching for a parent, or like a taste bud that reaches toward the promise of a ripe summer strawberry, that is life as a love affair. That is the erotic in action. The erotic is not something sequestered to the bedroom when two naked humans come together. Ha! Can you imagine if the rose and the sun only carried out their romance behind closed doors? We’d never get anything done!

As I write to you in this moment, balmy, humid, southern air presses against my skin and collects in the web of my fingers. The chair I am sitting in holds me like an old friend. I am getting drunk on the fragrance of Mama Cass as I bury my nose deep in her center, the same way a lover would bury their nose deep in mine. And this is how I live an erotic life.

This Erotic Life by Kitty Cavalier

Taking life as your lover is not about some hallmark card, Ken-doll, bubble bath, champagne romance come to life. (click to tweet!) An erotic life is steamy, earthy, dark and moist – like mulch. It’s the tight, tall, green stem that is only made better by the danger of the thorn. It is the orgasm of the bloom, an orgasm that lasts WAY longer than 5-9 seconds. It is the orgasm that lives on for eternity, because it never leaves your heart. It leaves an imprint on your soul like the jaguar leaving a footprint in the mud.

Tonight, when your sweet head descends toward the down feathers of your pillow, and your spirit descends into the realm of sleep, take with you this love song from the original Mama Cass, and hear this message from my rose to your ears:

Stars shining bright above you,
Sweet breezes seem to whisper I love you,
Birds singing in the sycamore tree,
Dream A Little Dream Of Me.

Here’s to Eve’s redemption,
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Photos by Moi!

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How did the rose ever open its heart?

rose into the sun

One of the questions I am most frequently asked by my clients is: “How can I make my life more of a seduction? One where I wake up and everything has a magic to it, rather than just the droll of my to-do list and every day tasks?”

It’s a great question, an eternal question. One that’s been around since before we learned how to chop wood and carry water. The thing is, a life of seduction is not about waking up to bon-bons and bunny slippers any more than it is putting on a suit to work a 16 hour day.  Either of those things would bore you to tears in time.

Seduction is both yin and yang, masculine and feminine, the heat of the fire and the structure that contains it. So rather than reaching for extremes, we follow the golden rule of creating a seductive life: we make art with what we have.

As an example, I’d like to tell you the story of how I moved out of New York City this winter, and onto a new adventure of living in the South:

The month of February 2015 was like one long going away party.

I remember being showered with fragranced rose petals as a circle of soul sisters whispered the words “farewell Kitty” in a magical ritual.

I remember tracing my fingertips across every square inch of the walls of my empty apartment whispering “thank you, thank you, thank you”.

I nuzzled my nose into the neck of a man who smelled like cedar and looked like James Dean, moving slowly across a dance floor while a hot jazz band crooned out St. James Infirmary.

I drank gallons of rose petal tea with my roxy-star assistant, laughing uproariously to the sound of Jack White’s guitar mixed with the screech of packing tape stretching across box after box.

I remember the street grate steam that once felt like a nuisance, now becoming my swirling good-bye kiss. The hustle and bustle that had grown to drive me crazy over the last few years, I now realized was just the city doing what it does best: showing me tough love like a parent shows a child, knowing all along that I was capable of so much more than I thought, and taking me to task.

I gave myself permission to buy a pack of Parliaments and lean out my kitchen window like a teenager, blowing smoke into the freezing cold air. (Sue me.)

Lot’s of people bought me drinks. Lot’s of people bought me tea. Lot’s of people bought me dinners.

Lot’s of angels came out of the woodwork to give me that one last hug.

The day of my move, as the seconds counted down to my 3pm departure, my dear friends Lauren, Fabiola, Vivi and Stephanie descended on my home like Flora, Fauna and Meriwether. Suddenly, all the last minute stressors like sweeping dust bunnies, disposing of the last haul of throw-aways, what to do with the god damn effing cable box, etc. were taken out of my hands like a screaming baby, happy to now be in the arms of doting Aunties.

Once all that was done, we had one long, luxurious hour to savor each other, do a despacho gratitude ceremony and order a pizza. Fabiola opened the ceremony with this poem by Hafiz:

Did the rose
Ever open its heart

And give to this world
All its

It felt the encouragement of light,
Against its
We all remain

I love this poem so much. If you ever want to see a seductive life in action, plant a rose bush and watch it grow. For it is this continual encouragement of the light against our being and our willingness to open to it’s embrace that gives us the wisdom, intelligence and inspiration to pick up the turnkey that turns the mundane into the magical: making art with what we have.

Now, your turn…

Tell me in the comments, how have you made art out of life recently? I read every one of your replies, because I need your stories just like you need mine. Seduction takes a village, and we are all in this together.

It’s the beauty that we’ll remember,
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Photos: Fotothing, Saveur Vegetale, Audrey Hepburn for Vogue

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