Romance As A Nutrient

Recently I was talking with a client about her current lack of desire for sex.  I asked her if she thought there was anything her husband could do to help increase her level of desire. “Well yeah there’s a lot he could do. He could compliment me throughout the day, grab my ass, buy me flowers, kiss me for no reason….” the list went on.

I could so relate to this, and I bet you can too. Sometimes romance seems frivolous or unnecessary, but in my years of research both personally and professionally, I have come to know this one thing for sure: romance is an essential nutrient to the feminine soul. 

Last night for example, I was lying naked in my lover’s arms.  My body was shimmering as warm candlelight reflected off the golden oil I had just massaged into my skin. I felt Buena Vista Social Club  pressing its signature sound against my body like hot, steamy Cuban air.  As my lover looked at me, he told me I looked like a movie star. I felt like a fucking movie star. I have had so many moments in my life that are just teeming with magic and beauty, and I owe it all to my insistence upon romance. It would have been very easy to skip lighting the candles out of fear of looking cheesy, or ignore the craving for make-out music that had been tugging at the hem of my dress. But romance is like oxygen to me – I just breathe more deeply when it’s around.

When I think of the top ten most romantic moments of my life, yes there was that epic countdown kiss on New Years. There was that boat ride under the willows in Central Park.  There was that time I dressed up like a living pin up and drifted around the city with my lover who was clad with a camera, sharing a flask of Jameson and photo documenting our love affair as artist and muse.

(Pauses to catch breath.)

But what about the Sunday  picnic I went on with my mom, where we brought Champagne and art supplies and spent the day painting trees as their leaves danced in the sun? Or the time I made a major screw up at work and bought myself a $75 bottle of Champagne to celebrate never having to make that mistake again? I remember when I used to work in 9-5, I made a commitment that every Wednesday I’d take myself out on a romantic lunch date. I would go to a fancy restaurant and order a glass of wine.  I’d bring my favorite book and leave my phone at the office.  Lingering over three full courses was a far cry from choking down a salad at my desk like every other day.  I found that I would often leave some food behind on the plate, simply because I was so full from slowing down to feel. Romance can be so nutritious.

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Often we resist romance because we think we don’t have time for it, or we fear that our partner will find our efforts are silly or stupid.  That is why learning how to romance yourself is essential to living a lifestyle of seduction.  We cannot teach others what we do not know ourselves. In Betty Dodson’s book Sex For One, she talks about how when we are asked about our first sexual experience, we often recall the first time we experienced intercourse.  But actually, our first sexual experience happens long before that, when we first start exploring our bodies as little kids.  Her point is that the erotic relationship we have with ourselves is a completely separate entity from the relationships we share with others, and I couldn’t agree more.

Today, I urge you to take this ancient alchemist we call romance and pour it onto your life like ganache on a layer cake.  What would woo you today? Remember, every woman’s taste for romance is different.  If flowers and chocolate make you want to hurl, get creative.  What is on your romance wish list?  Tell me in the comments darling, tell me everything.

Forever Swooning,




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My Real Thoughts On God’s Timing


Recently one of my darling students (who goes by A.) wrote to me about the concept of Divine Timing, the idea that everything in the universe is happening in harmony even when it seems like anything but.  She asked:

“I know you said sacred seductresses trust in divine timing.  How exactly do you get to that trust relationship as a sacred seductress? How do you even know divine timing can be trusted? Where does that knowing come from?”

Such a great question. But who am I to talk to you about divine timing? Well, I”m a human, so no one.  And everyone.  So here we go.

The period where my relationship to divine timing was most tested was the year 2014. That was the year I ended an 11 year relationship with my now ex-husband, and my father passed away in a bicycle accident. Both events happened very suddenly.  Every day that year when trolling Instagram I would see inspirational quotes about how ‘darkness gives way to light’ and ‘sorrow gives birth to joy,’ etc., etc. Frankly, I wanted to take every one of those quotes, stack them on top of each other, light them on fire and ride a motorcycle over the blaze.  The mere concept of divine timing felt trite and condescending at best, and like something I wanted to pee on at worst.

I don’t necessarily believe that everything happens for a reason, but I do believe that reason can be found in everything.  From my vantage point now, two years later, it’s not that I’m happy that those things happened. But the fire of the universe’s kiln has cooled enough that I am finally able to see and touch my smooth, shiny new shape. I wouldn’t have chosen those things for myself, and yet (warning: inspirational quote ahead), I am grateful for how all that pain hollowed out my heart, and opened me to loving more robustly than I ever would have been able to before.

Personally, I like to think of the Divine as being an avant garde fashion designer like Alexander McQueen. His creations evoked an edgy, almost grotesque type of beauty, and yet it was a beauty that changed the world with its innovation. Because we are humans, we think we want the designer of our lives to be a bit more like Banana Republic – predictable, neat, symmetrical.  But really, who would you want dressing you at the end of the day?


When something is not going my way and I need a reminder of divine timing, I always look to nature. Talk about the Queen of Fashion Week!  When I look out my window and see a brilliantly red autumn leaf, hanging on by a thread and about to take one final walk down the runway of it’s life, I am so reassured by it’s beauty. Some force out there, bigger and smarter than me, was able to create that.  I couldn’t create something like that with all the sharpies, chemistry sets and magic potions in the world.  There is an effortless genius in that leaf.  And when I take a moment to remember, I realize that that same effortless genius is what created me, and what continues to create me,  throb after throb after throb in the heartbeat of life.

So, my darling A., brilliant woman who asked this question, I offer you no answer because I don’t think an answer is actually what you are looking for in the first place.  You are looking to become more comfortable with the fact that there actually is no answer.  As my Dad used to say when I would pester him with questions about religious myths when I was a child “it’s a mystery, you’re not supposed to figure it out.”  Anything you can think of these days, the internet can bring to you.  Any question you have, Siri will answer for you.  Let’s enjoy the mystery, A.


For example, today when I was getting coffee I noticed there was a poem posted on the wall above the milk and sugar station.  I was so moved by this poem and I wanted to take a picture of it so I could remember it, google the author, and share it with you all.  But my phone was in the car, so I had to let it go.  I stared at the words, drinking in the way they moved me, and I left with only that delicious mystery in my heart. Which really, is so much more satisfying than an image in my phone.

As Oscar Wilde once said “the very essence of romance is uncertainty.” (click to tweet!) And let’s be honest darlings, that’s exactly how we like it.

Yours In Seduction,




P.S. – My brand new course Beauty Queen, is off to a roaring start.  I am so excited to welcome so many beautiful souls into the sanctum of Glamour Church! Want to join us and make your beauty ritual empowered, educated, inspired, and most of all, fun as f*ck?

CLICK HERE TO GRAB YOUR SPOT NOW – Class begins Jan. 30th!


Photos: Scarf dance by Alexander McQueen and Damien Hirst

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Rule Your Ritual (Beauty Queen Opens Today!)

BEAUTY QUEEN TITLEClick here to go straight to the course page and check it out!

When I was a little kid, my favorite game to play was Day Spa.  I would pull out all of my Mother’s beauty supplies, ask her to don her silk pajamas, and pamper her from head to toe. (I didn’t get any complaints about this game.) Facials, massages, manicures and pedicures, I was obsessed with all of them!  When I turned 18, my hobby evolved into a career when I decided not to go to college so I could go to skin care school instead.  My passion for beauty as a means of empowerment and self care has always been a fire that burns strong and bright. 

I went on to work in some of the most prestigious jobs in the professional skin care industry, managing a nationwide team of educators and being featured in several fashion magazines.  After working with hundreds of women and seeing their lives change, I began to understand the spiritual implications of this ancient art.  From the the moment I first poured bubbles into a bathtub, beauty ritual has always provided a sanctum, a way to hit my inner reset button and lay flowers at the altar of my feminine force. 

But with so much information out there, most of which preys on our insecurities to drive us into a purchase, it’s impossible to know who and what to trust. Well, I want to take my lifetime of knowledge and experience, and I want to change that for you.  I want to be your personal fairy Godmother, helping you make wise, educated decisions on how to invest your time and money.  I want to share with you the powerful, alchemical rituals that I have spent a lifetime developing and refining.

Most of all, whether your beauty routine is comprised of 18 different shades of red lipstick or just one, simple jar of coconut oil, I want you to feel empowered. 

Like it or not, we spend thousands of hours and thousands of dollars over the span of our lives caring for and tending to our beauty.  This is not vain or narcissistic, it is an ancient art of deep pleasure and self love. So take my well manicured hand and let me teach you everything I know in my new course – Beauty Queen!

Beauty Queen is a four-week personal spa school that will teach you both the science and the art of tending the garden of your beauty.  Enrollment is only open for a limited time so click here to open up and let’s rule your ritual together!

With passion and love,



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Biting The Fruit Before It’s Ripe

Biting The Fruit Before It's Ripe


Recently I wrote a piece about how I’ve re-entered the dating game. I stated that this time my approach would be different, that I would slow things down and not rush into anything physical with anyone.

We all have our moments of “do as I say, not as I do.”

I met this guy a few weeks ago and we had a fabulous first date.  He was deep, funny, kindhearted and insanely sexy.  I was really excited to see him a second time and get to know him better, so he picked me up one night and we went out for drinks. I was surprised to feel high strung and nervous. I realized that I really liked this guy. My whole being, especially my throat, felt tight.  I had that weird discomfort of feeling like I couldn’t be myself, and then berating myself for not being able to just…be myself. (Yes, that happens to me too.) It was horrible and it was awesome all at once.

At the end of the night he dropped me off at home and asked if I would like some companionship inside. Long story short, I slept with him too fast.

Please note, when I say “too fast”, I don’t necessarily mean in terms of linear time.  I have absolutely no problem sleeping with someone on the first date, or second, or any date thereafter, as long as the action is originating in genuine desire.  But in this case, my desire hadn’t yet ripened into full bloom. It’s skin was still tough and green.  I knew the fruit would taste dry and mealy, but out of fear, I took a bite anyway. 

The next morning was awkward.  It was too intimate. If I was worried about letting my authentic self out of the shadows before, there was no turning back now with the threat of morning breath and inner eye goobies. We said goodbye and he texted me to say thank you for a lovely evening.  Everything was going fine according to outside appearances, but inside I felt like an unbroken filly railing against the walls of a tight wooden stable.

“Did I fuck this up? Did I sleep with him too soon? Will he ever call me again? Will he take my awkwardness as weirdness? Why are there all these rules about buying the milk and giving away the cow when it comes to my fucking vagina? Was this a fuck and shuck? If I text him will I risk the pain of receiving a lukewarm “please get the hint that I don’t want to see you again” message? Will he ask me out again?”

GOOD CHRIST. If we could transmute even a tenth of the energy spent worrying about a romantic interest’s behavior, I swear we could solve the energy crisis like THAT.

In the two weeks that followed, a few friendly texts flew back and forth. When it was clear he was not going to take the initiative, I finally asked him out.  He responded several hours later and said it was not a good night for him.  By then, I had had it. I’m a Virgo, the sign of purity.  I need closure.  Letting things fizzle out into vagueness drives me absolutely BONKERS. So I texted him:

“Darling, may I ask you something? Last time we were together I felt a bit of awkwardness as you were leaving, and I may be imagining it, but I’m getting the sense that you don’t want to hang out anymore.  Is that true? Please feel free to be direct.”

As soon as I hit send I felt an IMMENSE wave of relief, like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Suddenly it didn’t even matter if he wanted to see me again or not. I had taken back my power by speaking my truth, and that is what I learned the most from this experience.  In the beginning I was so angry at myself for not listening to my truth in regards to our physical relationship.  But the miracle of living as a sacred seductress is, every breath is another opportunity to heed the truth within.  Our body is always there to give us a second chance.  In retrospect, I recognize that I needed to have this experience.  I needed to try quick-cook intimacy just one more time to make sure it wouldn’t work.  And now, whenever I am faced with the question of whether or not I’d like company, I have a new answer at the ready: “Not….yet.

In case you were wondering, yes, he did text me back. Will I tell you that story? Well, patience my darlings.  We’ve got to learn it sometime.





P.S. – Next week I’m debuting a brand new program that is different from anything I’ve ever created before. Stay tuned and open next week’s diary, you don’t want to miss it!



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The Pleasures Of Wanting (& Not Having)

The Pleasures Of Wanting and Not Having

So, there’s this kitchen cart.

It’s not a glamorous kitchen cart. Nothing fancy. Just a basic, white, $150 cart from Target.

But it drives me wild with lust.

I WANT this thing in my kitchen. I want it, but I can’t have it.  YET.

See, I recently moved into my dream house. I’ve been having a ball furnishing the place, but as happens when you move into a new home, there have been unexpected expenses out the wazoo and I’m already over on my budget for this month. But despite not getting what I want in the moment, I am feeling no pain. And that is exactly what I want to share with you today – how to not just tolerate the dance between wanting something and actually getting it, but how to actually enjoy that tango for all it’s worth.

Whenever we embark on a seduction campaign, be it for a kiss or a piece of kitchen furniture, note that there are three phases to the Cycle Of Seduction:


1. Anticipation
2. Culmination
3. Afterglow

Usually our focus tends to be entirely on phase two, Culmination.  With an over-developed palate for instant gratification, taking the time to feel into the absence of a desire (anticipation) and/or the receding of it’s novelty (afterglow) can feel uncomfortable at first. But when we learn how to appreciate each phase for what it is, we discover a whole valley of unexpected pleasures between these three mountain peaks.

Our culture teaches us that if we don’t have everything we want then we are in a state of need, emptiness or lack. We cannot bear the tension of wanting so we do everything in our power to rush through this phase. Or, because inadequacy is a much easier feeling state than that of longing, we berate ourselves for not being able to keep up with the Jones’.

Well let me tell you this friends: Anticipation is not lack, emptiness or inadequacy. IT IS FOREPLAY PEOPLE! It’s that simple. There is so much delight to be felt in the tease, the absence, the wanting, not to mention the ecstasy of slowly heightening the senses. When I think about this in the context of my little kitchen cart, looking at the blank space in my kitchen actually turns me on. The discomfort of lack is reborn as the pleasure of lust, making the arousal of anticipation a special kind of gratification all on it’s own.


Seduction is indeed a spiritual practice, and how we do one thing is how we do everything.  Staying within my budget is one of my core values, and I won’t abandon what is truly important to me out of an imagined fear of lack.  As a sacred seductress I would rather live lean on the fruits of instinct, than large on the clutter of impulse. (click to tweet!) In choosing to wait and savor this phase of the seduction cycle, I am demonstrating to myself that I can trust myself, and boy-howdy (shut up I live in North Carolina), is THAT ever a turn on.






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Angel Wings, Enchanted Candles & Messy Sex = Swoon With Me Sister!

Swoon by Kitty Cavalier

Hello Sexy Sister!

Happy Solstice Week, and welcome to the December edition of Swoon – a monthly curated collection of seriously seductive delights.

I’ll be spending the holidays with my darling Mama, resting and dreaming up the year to come. 2015 has been a big year of change for this little Cavalier (but isn’t it always, for everyone?) I am so grateful for my new home, my new town and my new chosen family and friends.  I am so grateful for everyone who has made a purchase this month towards the House of Loveness campaign.  I’m so grateful for our Sacred Seduction community. I’m so grateful for tropical seduction retreats to look forward to in the Spring! I’m so grateful for angel wing kimonos, enchanted candles, Phryne Fisher, games of truth or dare, messy sex, and more, all of which can be found below.

I’m so grateful, period.

In Love and Seduction,





1. Lifestyle Of Reverence is a brand new web store by Qoya founder Rochelle Schieck.  Each item is ethically, artfully produced, and packaged with love.  Angel wing kimonos, ritual kits, pendulums, and the Qoya book itself are just the beginning.

2. One of my favorite ways to celebrate the new year is with a custom carved candle from Enchantments NYC.  You can order one of their established best sellers or just tell them what’s up for you and they will apothecary your ass! I have experienced profound magic with these candles, they are wondrous.

3. It’s party season! Throwing parties is one of my favorite things in the world. Enjoy these hot tips for making the most of entertaining in small spaces.


4. Now I ask you, what could be a sexier stocking stuffer than a Dita Striptease Flip Book?

5. Speaking of Ms. Von Teese, she has a gorgeous new book out called The Ultimate Guide to Eccentric Glamour.  Sign me up!

6. Make the most of the dark days of winter with this game of Sexy Truth Or Dare. Make a blanket tent with someone you love and start drawing straws – I dare you!


7. The more you know.

8.  New Year, new $4.99 Christian LaCroix journal.

9. I love, love LOVE products that honor the wonderfully messy times in life.  I just want to smooch the people who create them.  One of these genius creators is Jules Cazedessus, founder of Venus Matters. She makes these beautiful, washable, absorbent mats for sleeping on and having hot sex during that time of the month, or for any time there is a “wonderfully messy” moment in bed.  Thank you Jules!


10. I don’t know why these make me so happy, but they do.

11. Ever gone on an international trip and come home with an entire suitcase full of beautiful, romantic tins of cookies and jars of marmalade? Well now those things will come to you!

12. And, saving the best for last, Phryne Fisher’s costume designer opens the doors of Phryne’s wardrobe and spills her secrets! Add this to your seduction bible babes!


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Be Here Now, Hot Stuff

be here now


This week I jumped back into the dating game.  After a ten month hiatus I decided it was time, and I’ve had three dates so far. I’m approaching dating a bit differently this time.  As my regular readers know, after my divorce two years ago I hit the ground running with my love life, making the movie Trainwreck feel auto-biographical.  I’ve heard that’s normal after getting out of a long term relationship. It was alot of fun, but it was also a huge energy suck.  It was kind of like spending a whole day eating nothing but Cool Whip straight from the tub.  Delicious, refreshing and liberating at first, then becoming a negative form of nutrition that left my nervous system feeling fried.

Looking back on that experience I realize that I was living out the stereotype of the seductress, rather than the archetype. What’s the difference? There are several, but if I had to pick one it would be this: speed.  The archetypal seductress does not rush things.  She goes through each choice, each relationship, each seduction, slowly and with great care.  The stereotype on the other hand, is all about conquest and quantity.  One is not right or wrong, they are just two different experiences to play with and explore in your journey of being a sacred seductress.

But, let’s get back to my dating life. :) Last night I was on a date having a great time, but I felt my energy speed up very quickly.  That happens when you meet someone new, it’s alot of information to take in all at once. When things go fast I lose my ability to stay present, and without the ability to stay present, I lose the power of my presence.

What is presence? It’s the essence of our magnetism. It is what draws people in, what turns heads when we walk into a room.  It is the force that leaves an effect on someone after we have left them, like an energetic hint of perfume left on clothing.  Can presence be cultivated? Abso-f*cking-lutely.  And today I’ve got a special gift to show you how to do just that. 

In my 8-week course The 7 Virtues of The Seductive Woman, Presence is one of the key virtues.  Today I’d like to gift you the entire 35 minute audio lesson on Seductive Presence, with my compliments.  The mission of Sacred Seduction® is to inspire your authenticity, and empower you to gift that authenticity to the world through your presence.  This lesson will give you some incredible tools to foster the power of your presence.  Make sure to leave a comment once you’ve had a listen and let me know what you think.

And if you find this audio useful, please know that it is just one of 24 pieces of powerful, purposeful content that is featured in The Seven Virtues course.  Since it is December, 25% of all purchases of this program go to House Of Loveness, a powerful organization founded by my friend Betsy that helps at risk children in Zimbabwe. In addition, anyone who makes a purchase this month will receive a free group coaching call with me Thursday, January 7th.

There’s alot to love in that offering.

To download your free audio lesson, click here.  And, to take a transformative step towards your seductive becoming, click here to check out The 7 Virtues.

Be Here Now hot stuff,

whole lotta loveness2

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Short & Sweet, From Me To You


Today I just want to say thank you.

It means so much to me that every week you give me your precious attention to read my blog and emails.  When I have an experience of Sacred Seduction I share about it on my blog, and those entries are the thing I am most proud of in the world. My diary is where I pour my heart and soul, and where I get to connect with other seductive souls from all across the world.  Maybe you’ve left a comment or sent me an email. Maybe you haven’t.  Either way, I feel you.

With all the emails that pour into our inboxes every week, I just want you to know what a privilege it is to be a guest in your online home.  I hope that every time we enter, my words and I leave things a little  better than we found them.

Please know that every time you share or like a post I’ve written, my heart explodes in gratitude!  The very essence of Sacred Seduction is attraction through authenticity, and I like to imagine that when I write something from my heart on the blog, it inspires you to be more authentic in your words and in your life.  When you share it, that inspires more people to do so.  This chain of inspiration is the mission of my company and my dream for the world.

So today, I just wanted to take the time to sincerely say with every sexy fiber of my being to every sexy fiber of yours:

I hope you are slowly savoring this delicious month, one seductive moment at a time.  I appreciate you so much.

All my love,







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A Whole Lotta Loveness


It’s December Turtle Doves.

I friggin’ love this month, it’s true. But I gotta say, I, like you, am feeling the commercialization invasion happening all around us like never before.  Today I walked into the grocery store and as I heard the “Little Drummer Boy” pumping over the airwaves and passed countless holiday displays, I sensed the shadow side of seduction at play. When I felt the impulse to buy a box of cheery, ornamented fireplace matches placed strategically near the register for $10/cone, I seriously wonder just what and who my holiday dollars are actually voting for.

I was very inspired this year by REI’s campaign of closing their stores on Black Friday to encourage their employees and customers to #optoutside. It is meaning we are longing for now, not materials.  I feel that in every cell of my being. So rather than doing a Cyber Monday Sale or Giving Tuesday offer these last two days, I’ve decided to combine both of these ideas and make them last for the whole month of December.

Between December 1-31 2015, for every e-book, e-course or coaching session purchased, 25% will go directly to The House Of Loveness, a very special organization dedicated to the care and education of at-risk children in Zimbabwe.

Betsy Blankenbaker

House Of Loveness was founded by my dear friend and fellow author Betsy Blankenbaker. HOL began when one day in 2008, during the height of the cholera epidemic in Zimbabwe, a man wheeled a dirty wheelbarrow into the local hospital. Inside were four babies less than three months old, all abandoned in the nearby fields.  One was a girl and three were boys. The nurses at the hospital gave them names. The girl’s was named Loveness.

Betsy learned about Loveness through a friend, and immediately sent a letter advising the CEO of the hospital that she wanted to adopt the baby girl. She spent the next three weeks gathering the paperwork  needed for Zimbabwe (having never been to Africa) and preparing her home for a new child.  Betsy left for Zimbabwe with 300 lbs of donations from family and friends for the four abandoned babies.  She was not prepared for what happened next.

She arrived to the news that Loveness had died just before she got there.  In fact, all of the babies had died. After 20 hours of flying and deep anticipation of the adoption of her new daughter, Betsy found herself on the way to meet Loveness in the hospital morgue. In her words: “I looked at Loveness wrapped in white gauze but I couldn’t bring myself to hold her, a decision I regret to this day. Eight days later, on December 2, I buried Loveness in a local cemetery in a field of fresh graves.  In a white coffin, Loveness was surrounded by four baby boys whose unclaimed bodies had been in the morgue for more than week. I threw dirt on all five coffins while nurses from the hospital sang beautiful African songs. The moment I buried Loveness,  Zimbabwe became my back yard, and House of Loveness was born.”

House Of Loveness


Since that life altering day in 2008, Betsy has been a trailblazer for magic, healing and heart-exploding love.  I could list the many accolades and miracles that have transpired in Zimbabwe thanks to HOL, (and those specifics, which are well worth reading, can all be found here on their Facebook page) but the thing I most want you to know is that right now HOL is in the final stages of raising funds for a much needed, solar powered community library. And I’d like to use  the power of Sacred Seduction community, as well as my own personal donation to help.

I truly do love December and the holiday season.  But I admit, the plastic sugared plums and luxury candles purchased as hostess gifts leave me feeling more empty and spiritually vacant than ever.  I know you know what I mean. We are all seeing past the veil of illusion, and realizing that it is the meaning behind what we do that makes this month shine.  I am so grateful to have you as part of this community, and would be honored to collaborate with you to give the Loveness community the library it needs.  Of course, you can also simply donate directly by clicking here.

As an added incentive, for anyone who joins me in this campaign, I will be offering a free Q and A coaching call on Thursday January 7th at 12pm EST.  There is no time limit on this call.  I guarantee that I will answer each and every question, even if we are on the phone all day.

To make a purchase that gives 25%, simply click these links for the e-book, e-course, or a coaching session.

Here’s to giving, here’s to Loveness, and here’s to you,







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Your Sexy Thanksgiving



Hello Lovers,

Happy Thanksgiving Eve. This year I am snuggling up with my family and savoring these last few days of living with my Mom before I move into my new home next month.  We are taking it easy this year.  Our plan is to pick up dinner from a local restaurant and then head to the lake after dinner for a long walk with Winnie at sunset.

Whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or not, many people associate the holidays with stress.  This year, I would like to invite you to associate your holidays with Sexy.  Sexy makes everything better in my opinion.  When I feel sexy all of my senses are engaged, I am connected to the romance and the magic of life, and I’m deeply seduced by being in the present moment.

I know it’s not always easy.  That’s why I’ve created this list of 25 ways to create a sexy holiday in a  beautiful PDF for you to use as a reminder throughout the day. You can print it out, or upload it onto your mobile device for a little seduction on the run.

I love you, I’m grateful for you, and I’m rooting for you to have the most seductive, sensual holiday season of your life.

Stripping out of my apron,






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