Your Mess Is Part of your Zest

Lipstick on your teeth.

Farting in a yoga class. 

Finding a melted wad of gum in your purse that has coated your keys. 

Feeling insecure.

Yelling at your partner instead of communicating your truth.

Eating your kids cold macaroni and cheese out of the pot because you’re too tired to make lunch for yourself.

TO LIFE!  (raises coffee stained mug filled with champagne)

Listen, being woman is a messy affair. We sweat. We bleed. We cry.

We stink. We’re hairy.

Our hips shake when we walk and our boobs swing when we dance.

We work, we play, we laugh. 

We fight, we rage.

We create the entire human race inside our own bodies.

I mean, we’re practically Vikings.

Life as a woman is truly a mosaic. There are as many smooth pearls in this work of art as there are spiky bits of glass.  There are diamonds twinkling right alongside bits of aluminum can, and shiny porcelain next to rough, rugged clay.  That is what makes it so interesting.

So flaunt those flaws honey.

Your mess is part of your zest. (click to tweet)

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