Where Do I Even Start? (Creativity Overwhelm)


Do you ever feel so overwhelmed by your wild, creative dreams that you don’t even know where to start?

Being the first week of Spring, this question is particularly auspicious.

To know where to begin, we first have to understand the fundamental differences between creation and production.

Production means “to bring forth.”

An example of production would be to take the pieces of a refrigerator out of a box, follow a manual, and assemble or “bring forth” said refrigerator.

Creation on the other hand, is different.

Creation means “to form out of nothing.”

In contrast, creation would not be the assembly of a refrigerator, it would be inventing refrigeration.

A much different game indeed.

Creation doesn’t tell us when we’ll finish, or where.

Creation doesn’t tell us what it will look like in the end, or if we will even arrive at an end at all.

To get in on the game of creation, we have to stop playing by production’s rules. (click to tweet!)

For example, when a woman is pregnant, she doesn’t say to her friends “I’m sorry, I can’t go to the movies tonight, I have to go home and make my baby’s toenails.”

She’s not assembling the baby inside of her. She’s CREATING it.

With every throb of her heart and every breath of her lungs, she lives the steady mantra of “grow, grow, grow.”

And so it is with every other thing we are “forming out of nothing.” Careers, relationships, art, life. We breathe, we pray, we grow…grow…grow.

Years ago I asked my friend Rochelle Schieck, creator of Qoya, how she took the seed of an idea for a new kind of movement class, and nurtured it into full blown tree that now shelters and feeds thousands of women on the journey back to their bodies.

“Just start” she replied.

Just start.

As in, rather than focusing on what will get you to your destination the fastest, just start walking.

Or rather than focusing on what the title of your book should be, just start writing it.


When I first started my business I taught seduction classes under fluorescent lighting out of dance studios that smelled like gym socks. (I did my best with my candles and rose petals, but come on.)

My dream was to someday be teaching my classes inside a 17th century Tuscan villa. Today that dream is my reality.

I had no idea how that dream was going to happen. The only thing I knew for sure was that it was NEVER going to happen unless I was willing to just start.

So today, in honor of the little seeds that are courageously splitting wide open under the dark, frozen soil with absolutely no idea where they will end up, may we all be so brave. May we all “just start.”


In what areas of your life are you currently leaping with no guarantee of a net, but a deep trust that if you just start, your actions will weave the net for you? I’d love to hear about them in the comments.

I love you snowdrop,








  1. I’ve interviewed 22 people (11 women and 11 men) on the topic of power, and took what I learned to extend the research to interviewing people on the topic of power-sharing. I’d like to use this work to create a tool kit to teach people how to practice their own power and how to share power with coworkers, partners, children and parents.

  2. Last Friday was my last day at my desk job. It was a crutch I was using to avoid my soul work. I’m a single mom, with an every other weekend office space for my massage therapy work. We aren’t “supposed to” leap like this. But here I am. Day 2 of newfound freedom with my tax return in the bank for security. It’s terrifying to allow myself to breathe. Just. Start.

  3. I knew when tantra entered my life that I was born tin share it, in a really modern way. I started by just showing up at events and talking about it, not having any direction. I now teach weekly classes, monthly workshop and coach personal clients. I had to start, thank god it unfolded as I did.

  4. Dear Kitty,

    How to deal with people who when they see you flourish will try to stab you down? I mean you won’t let them, but you feel the negativity penetrating your entire being!!
    Thanks <3

    • Summer, to quote Maria Callas “When my enemies stop hissing, I will know I am slipping.” Give ’em a wink and keep on movin’ sister!

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