When Things Seem Impossible

Just a reminder beauty, that no matter how impossible things may seem at the moment, truly, anything is possible.

I mean think about it. The acid in your stomach right now could dissolve a piece of tinfoil.  If the outside of your body came into contact with it, it would literally eat you alive.  But it stays in there, all neat and tidy.  If that kind of divine technology that exists INSIDE of you, then truly, anything is possible.

If a woman’s body can produce a fully formed baby girl with a spine, eyelashes, nipples, two hands and and two feet, and if that baby can then roam the earth for a good 80 years, creating more babies inside her own body as she goes, then truly, ANYTHING is possible.

If the absolute uncertainty of winter; that cold, grey, frozen state that so resembles death, at the very last minute decides to do a 180 and produce cherry blossoms and snow drops and clover fields, then truly, anything is possible.

Fish can breathe underwater girlfriend. Anything is possible.

When I pause to look at the table I’m writing on on right now, I think of the person who designed it, the tree that became it, the invention of GLAZE! My heavens. This table is not just a piece of furniture. It is a series miracles strung together, one after the other after the other.

If you feel in need of a miracle today, I urge you to look out the window, or down at your knee joints, or over at the table in the corner, and remember:

Miracles are not the exception, my love. Not even a little bit.

They are the rule.


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