When Secrets Can Be Good. (REALLY Good.)


One thing that I encourage in your journey as a sacred seductress is full transparency in relationships and communications. Making oneself vulnerable by exposing your truth is extremely seductive. It makes you the most powerful person in the room when you are willing to tell the truth.

However. There is also enormous power in having a secret.

Secrets can sometimes be damaging when they are kept out of fear or shame. But a seductive secret wields a different type of power.  It is a piece of information that you are choosing to keep to yourself simply to heighten its potency and enhance the spell it casts.  Seductive secrets are powerful pieces of creation, rather than a means of destruction.

One of my favorite books as a child was The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett. I used to daydream about a giant green garden with worn dirt paths, smooth stone benches and ivy-covered walls. I loved the idea that it would be my private secret space. My domain where only I could decide who was allowed to enter.  As an adult, I have worked hard to assemble my own secret garden. What I have cultivated is the sanctum of my inner landscape.  Having a secret garden is like keeping a treasure chest of the most precious parts of your world.  The result is that you instantly become a woman of mystery, simply because you know something that others do not.  This makes you extremely attractive.

When the scroll of our soul is rolled out from beginning to end begging for someone to have a read, it quickly loses its value. But when it is rolled up tight and slowly delivered inch by inch, it becomes clear that its contents are well worth waiting for.


You will need: a pen, a small piece of paper and some perfume or essential oil. (A scented candle will also do. If you are sensitive to fragrance, don’t sweat it. The pen and paper are the most important part.)

Your task is to write on this piece of paper a mantra.  But this is not just any mantra.  It must be a mantra as molten hot as lava itself. Some examples would be:

  • I’m so hot, it’s just ridiculous
  • My flesh is the creation of the gods
  • I am a mesmerizing sensual creature
  • Try to resist me. Just try.

Write your mantra down on the piece of paper.  Close your eyes.  Speak your mantra in your mind and feel it in your body. Even if the mantra doesn’t feel true, act as if! Take a deep breath and blow that feeling into the paper.  Then, take a drop of your perfume, essential oil, or a little scented candle wax and drop it onto the paper.  Roll the mantra up into a tiny scroll and tuck it somewhere special, like into your bra between your breasts, or into the hip of your panties.  Then, throughout your day, anytime you feel its presence or smell it’s fragrance, you are reminded of your secret.  Notice how having this secret influences the way you walk down the street, the pace at which you eat, the way you speak to others.  Let this secret permeate everything you do, and at the end of the day, write in your seduction diary about what you noticed.

Only you and me know about this secret.

And I’m not telling a soul.


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