What Spring Teaches Us About The Soul


As spring gives way to early summer, it becomes easier and easier to see the parallels that exist between seasons of the earth and seasons in ourselves.

Recently while hiking high in the mountains, I noticed beneath the dead leaves and dry branches a small, sweet spray of wildflowers, silently singing their song of tender beauty.

They each had tiny, fragile little buds. All rich with color, and radiant with loveliness.

We know that our bodies reflect the rhythm of the seasons, but these flowers showed me how true that is also of the soul. When the soul is tender, moments of ease, trust, safety and peace can feel as rare and vulnerable as a budding spring wildflower.

Small. Delicate. Easily stepped on, easily unnoticed.

As time grows, these flowers will grow. Summer will come. Their stalks will strengthen and their blooms will brighten. Much like those times where feelings of trust, ease and safety are in such abundance we take them for granted, we become so accustomed to the beauty of the flower’s bloom we forget they are even there.

There are times where these flowers, and these feelings, will literally die on the vine, and all we can do is watch. How powerless we are to stop the blaze of glory that is their beautiful demise.

When winter comes, it can seem like the flowers never even really existed in the first place. Like they were just a dream, a ghost or a fantasy.

But they are always there, even when they are not. Deep within the frozen earth, their seeds, those tiny pods of pure potential reign eternal.

Like the earth, these seasons of the soul are not singular. We get more than one bud at a time. Some may be in summer, some may be dead and crunchy underfoot.

While we can’t control how fast they bloom, with nurturance, protection, and trust, we can make space for their roots to grip, and their blossoms to rise.

There is a certain prayer I love: ”God, I have only to look to nature to see proof of the abundance you provide.”

May we all rest easy in the harmony of the seasons, and in truth that everything is changing, always. And that that change is ultimately what we are all here for in the end.

Over to you mi amor – How do you notice these changes happening in your own life, physically, emotionally and spiritually? Do tell in the comments. I’d love to hear how you are weathering the seasons in style.

Here’s to a wild, naked spring,



  1. This is so exquisitely thought out And put- I was wondering why I felt so tender inside, and it was because I have all these tiny delicate blooms waiting to happen!!

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