What REALLY happens before a big launch

Pomegranate Seeds,

They say that when you do something over and over, it gets easier every time. I find this to be true, but this past Wednesday when I delivered my story hour called “I’m Going To Be Completely Honest With You”, the lead up was far from easy.

I am extremely comfortable in the role of teacher, but this presentation was different than just teaching. This was a full-hour of truth telling.

I would like to tell you that the night before I drank a soothing cup of tea, watched an episode of Miss Fisher, and got to bed early so I could wake up refreshed. But the truth was, at 11pm I was still up and wired, still rehearsing, and still working to make all the details “perfect.” (#virgo)

While sitting at the dining room table, my eyes wandered to a box of supplies for a halloween themed gingerbread house, which I had bought for my Mom and I to do as a craft while she was visiting.

A minute later the windows of that gingerbread house had found their way down my gullet. I sarcastically sent this picture to some close friends who had been supporting me in my preparations with the caption:


Photo on 9-12-17 at 11.27 PM

Those who watched the story hour probably had no idea I had been anxious, because in the moment I delivered it, I felt surrendered and calm.

This was partly due to my high level of preparation, but mostly it was because of my practice of Vérité.

What is Vérité? It is the french word for truth, but it is also a state of being.

Vérité is what happens when we slow down to connect to the present moment, engage with what’s real, and simply show up in life as exactly who we are.

For 90 minutes before the class I put down my notes, settled into prayer, and asked the divine to speak through me. I meditated to clear my mind, danced to connect to my body, and set the intention I may contribute to others finding their Vérité, rather than try to control the outcome.

The result was that I felt calm, connected and open. I had a freakin’ blast with you all! (p.s. the playback is available for a limited time – click here to check it out.)

In writing this to you, my intention is the same: to model Vérité by showing you that the freaked-out, 11pm gingerbread thief can exist right alongside the calm, cool, collected presenter. That the two are not mutually exclusive, and that one does not invalidate the other.

That is why The Vérité Community exists, to give women a place to slow down, drop the mask, get real, and connect to the place where all your power lives, which is in the present moment.

In Vérité we come together as a community to explore ancient practices like meditation, movement and mindulness, with a sensual, playful feminine twist.

When we slow down to connect to what’s real, we cannot help but show up more authentically in our lives.

If intimacy, connection, presence and authenticity are values that you cherish and protect, there is a place waiting for you in this community.

This is the most comprehensive program I have ever offered, and it is also the most affordable program I have ever offered. 

Enrollment is only open for a limited time.

Click here to join us, and become a member now.

With sweet gingerbread breath, 


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