What Cleopatra Knew About Feminine Leadership

cleo knew instaOstrich Plumes,

One of the most common questions I receive from my clients is: “How do I allow my femininity to thrive when I live and work in such a masculine world?”

Or, as one friend so articulately put it: “As women, how do we own the fact that we are hot shit without attracting a box of shit?”

With questions like this, I look to the legends. Take Cleopatra for example.

When you imagine this Egyptian Queen, what do you usually think of?

Kohl Eyeliner? Curls of sandalwood incense? Grand entrances?

Yes, yes and YES.


We often fail to remember that Cleopatra was one of most powerful and influential leaders in all of political history.

Cleo did more than just bathe in milk my friends.

She ruled an entire country. She was brave, and ruthless in the way she protected her right to the throne.

All the while, she did not censor her femininity. She celebrated it, exalted it, and used it to benefit herself and everyone around her.

More than 2000 years later, we still can’t stop talking about it.

This kind of leadership that is INCLUSIVE of the Feminine Way is the next level, the cutting edge of empowerment. And my wish is for every woman to experience it in every area of her life.

That is why this Saturday March 11th I’m teaching a free class called “What Cleopatra Knew About Feminine Leadership (and what you should know about it too.)”

In this powerful class you will learn:

  • The biological differences in the psyche of men and women when it comes to acquiring power
  • The REAL reason owning your sexiness gives you a powerful edge (hint: it’s has absolutely nothing to do with men)
  • How to take your feminine power back when it feels squashed by a masculine world
  • How to set boundaries with grace and style
    The ultimate weapon of feminine leadership (to be revealed in the class)

PLUS like any good party there will be favors, games, and one hell of a grand prize.




Update: The original air date for this class has passed but sign up here and you will be the first to know when it is offered again!  





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