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is a community that supports and connects women who long to live simply, sensually and authentically.

Vérité is the french word for truth, but it’s meaning goes deeper than one word.

Vérité is the act of connecting to what’s real.

Vérité is the truth that lives not just in your head, but in your bones.

Vérité is a radiance, a presence, and a confidence.

It is is fearless, shameless and it is the source of sexiness.

Vérité is slowing down to savor what is true.

Vérité is intercepting the cycle of fight/flight/freeze and connecting to the Sacred Pause.

Vérité is the glow that comes from allowing the truth that lives inside of you, to exist and be seen outside of you. 

Vérité is currently in session but we will be welcoming in new members soon.

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