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(def: french)


Vérité is the confidence that comes from having nothing to hide.

Vérité is the truth that lives not just in your head, but in your bones. 

It is the ability to be fully in the present moment and not run away.

It is a radiance, a presence, and a confidence.

Vérité is not nice, nor is it mean.

Vérité is fearless, it is shameless and it is the SOURCE of sexy.

Vérité can be asking a person out on a date, just as much as it can be turning a person down.

Vérité can be choosing to quit a job, just as much as it can be staying because you are just not ready to leave.

Vérité is the glow that comes from allowing the truth inside of you, to live outside of you.



The Vérité Community

Vérité is a community for women who seek to know, speak and live their truth, not just through the intelligence of the mind, but through the deep wisdom of the body.  It is an experience of  intimate community bonding, along with lessons and tools to normalize feminine truth telling; making it easier to simply be yourself, no matter where you are or who you are with.

Doors will be opening again for enrollment this Fall!

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