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Happy Seduction Christmas – I mean, Valentine’s Day!

I absolutely adore Valentine’s Day.  I wake up in the morning and texts to everyone I know with hearts and flowers, kind of like the way people send copious emojis on Christmas morning to wish you a Merry Christmas.

In life and in love; romance, sensuality, affection, and beauty are what make my world go ’round. 

There was a time in when I thought these traits made me high maintenance and superficial. I always felt like I was asking too much of lovers, or that my expectations for sensuality and romance were  unrealistic.  But when I consulted the Astrotwins, celebrity astrologers and dear friends, they taught me a tool to understand my love style in a totally new way.

You probably already know that in your astrology chart the main thing you look at is your sun sign. Your sun sign is kind of your default, your baseline.  It’s what you read in a newspaper horoscope. But there is so much more to astrology than that! There are 10 planets that make up 10 different aspects of your personality.  For example:

Where the planet Venus was on the day you were born determines how you express and how you interpret love.

This made so much sense to me because I am a Virgo, the Virgin of the Zodiac; sign of purity, always analyzing, highly critical and extremely purpose driven.  TRUE.  But, I also have a rich, luscious, sensual side that falls hard for the Romeo who plants six dozen roses in my bedroom secretly on a Sunday.

I’m highly attracted to great style. I love to be preened and pettted. Confidence is the ultimate aphrodisiac to me.  These are not the most Virgo of traits, which makes sense, because while my sun is in Virgo, my Venus is in LEO.

(Click here and find your birth date range to know your Venus sign.)

Leo is the lion of the zodiac, brave and regal.  Leo is the sign of royalty, drama, beauty, and romance.  Knowing this validated not just the things I am attracted to, but my very path in life.

For example, it is not sufficient enough for me to just be a high powered CEO entrepeneur (Virgo), nor is it satisfactory just to be a center stage showgirl, dazzling audiences from Paris to Polonia (Leo).

I want BOTH.

Hence my career as CEO of a company called Sacred Seduction.

On this Valentine’s Day, find where your Venus is and look to the pinnable cards I created below to learn more about your personal style and tastes in all your love affairs, including the one you have with yourself.

And, if a rich education in all elements of astrology is something that entices you, I invite you to join me in Tulum, Mexico for the annual Become Your Own Astrologer Retreat with the Astrotwins.  This will be my third year in a row teaching Qoya and Sacred Seduction at the retreat.  It is one of my favorite weeks of the year, I actually start planning my outfits a year in advance! (There’s that Virgo planner, and that Leo lover of costume!)

tulum-banner-2017-fullwidthIt will be a Scorpio full moon, so expect lots of skinny dipping!

However you spend your Valentine’s Day this year, I hope it is laden with deep love for yourself, your body, and deep gratitude for all the love in your life.

Beyoncé Is A Virgo,

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