Unstoppable Confidence (Wrap Dress Optional)

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There are many of tools for feigning confidence, which is great for faking it til you make it. But how do we actually….make it?

Yes there are quick hits like donning a new lip gloss and improving your posture. (Both of which I fully endorse.)

But sustainable confidence, unshakeable confidence, yoga-pants-covered-in-dog-fur-and-pepper-in-your-teeth-but-you’re-still-hot-and-you-know-it kind of confidence (hey, she did say you can make ANYTHING look good), that confidence comes down to one thing babes:


Character is who we are when no one is looking.

Character is also who we are when everyone is looking, and we choose what’s true even if it’s not what’s common.

Character can be telling the truth, setting a boundary, listening to someone without planning how you’re going to respond, or loving someone for who they are instead of who we think they should be.

Character is forgiveness.

Character is cleaning up your own side of the street before pointing out someone else’s mess.

Character is offering help in cleaning up their mess if they ask for it.

Character is this and a whole bunch of other things.

Put all that in a wrap dress, and sister you’ll be unstoppable.



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