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Join us for a 7-day immersive sensuality retreat in the green, lush hills of Tuscany.

Imagine waking in the morning to the sun rising over the green hills of a vineyard that goes on for miles.  After enjoying a luxurious breakfast, you slowly stretch your body awake on warm, 300 year old brick floors with a sensual movement class.  You then settle on the chaise for profound lessons in the truth about your feminine body, and how to naturally inhabit her innate charm, cheek and limitless beauty.

With it’s rolling hills, tall cypress tress, expansive vineyards and rich history, Tuscany is a glittering jewel in Italy’s crown. The afternoon is spent touring local vineyards, taking a horseback rides through the Tuscan hills, learning how to cook beautiful Italian meals, visiting world famous museums, slowly devouring a gelato near a piazza fountain, or letting your whole body soak up the Tuscan sun  by the pool.

At dinner time, we gather for a three-course meal with gorgeous wine pairings, and after dinner return to the parlor to learn ancient feminine secrets through candlelight sensuality rituals.

The focus of this retreat is to enjoy your body as an instrument of deep, nourishing, sustaining pleasure, and to feel deeply at home in your own skin.

There are many ways you can tour Tuscany, but none quite like this.


• All lodging and accommodations at a gorgeous Tuscan Villa

• 3 luxurious, fresh meals every day (except for one dinner out)

• Morning Qoya and sensual movement, followed by Sacred Seduction® class sessions with Kitty every day

• A private cooking class at the estate

• Evening salons and candlelight sensuality rituals

• A half day tour of the Tuscan hills, with private wine tasting and tour of local vineyards

• Transportation to and from the Lucca train station, which connects to all airports

• Exclusive access to the estate pool, gardens, olive grove, and vineyard

• Optional excursions such as city tours, horseback riding, spa visits, and more.

• Pre-retreat coaching and follow up sessions with Kitty and the group


September 30th — October 7th 2017


When you register you will schedule a 30-minute coaching call with Kitty and receive a personal assignment to prepare for the retreat. There will also be a group call before the retreat, as well as a Facebook group to get to know your fellow Sacred Seductresses, and stay in touch long after.


Included in your tuition is transportation to and from the Lucca train station, which connects to the closest airport which is in Pisa.  The train ride from the airport to the villa is about one hour. If you wish, a shuttle can be arranged to take you directly from the airport to the villa.  Depending on how many travelers from the retreat are in the van, the rates range from about 15-40 euro per person.

The retreat begins the evening of September 30th so plan to arrive at the estate before 6pm that day.  The retreat ends the evening of October 6th so you can fly out anytime on  October 7th.


3 gorgeous vegetarian meals cooked with all local ingredients are provided every day, including wine at dinner.  All meals except for one mid-week dinner are included in your tuition.


Included in your tuition are two group activities:

  • A half day tour of the Tuscan hills, with a vineyard tour and wine tasting
  • An Italian cooking class at the estate


With the exception of our two group excursions, there are many options for how to enjoy your afternoons in Tuscany, such as

  • Horseback riding
  • Guided tours of local cities
  • Museums
  • Spa Treatments in a local hot spring spa
  • Massages on-site at the estate
  • Local shopping and markets

You are also welcome to simply take it easy in the afternoons and lounge by the pool, explore the estate gardens, enjoy a glass of wine on the terrace, or have your own adventure!


  • 9-1o am – Gourmet breakfast in the beautiful dining room
  • 10am – 1pm – Daily movement and Sacred Seduction class session
  • 1pm-2pm – Delicious Lunch
  • 2pm-7pm – Afternoon Activities and Excursions
  • 7-8:30pm – Divine group dinner at the estate (with wine included)
  • 8:30-10pm – Evening sensuality rituals and candlelight lullaby stretch



The focus of this retreat is to enjoy your body as an instrument of deep, nourishing, sustaining pleasure, and to feel deeply at home in your own skin. Some of the topics that will be covered in our class sessions:

  • The Body As A Temple: We are all familiar with this term, but what does it actually mean? Kitty will teach you her personal rituals and practices for worshiping at the temple of your own body.  You will see and experience every cell of your body as a gorgeous house of the divine.
  • The Virtues Of A Sensual Women: Each day we will learn about women like Lola Montez, Natalie Barney, Sidonie Gabrielle Colette, Catherine The Great, Mata Hari and more.  We will study and embody their virtues, and master the one trait they all day in common – saying yes to their sensuality rather than censoring it, allowing it to author their truth, and living a life of attraction through vibrant authenticity.
  • Pleasure As Prayer: Essential to remembering and restoring our feminine nature is coming home to the sensation of pleasure. This retreat will re-condition you towards deep pleasure being your natural resting state.  And what better place to study pleasure than in Italy!?
  • Maiden, Mother, Empress, Sage: A sensual woman knows that her body is simply a mirror reflection of nature itself. Womanhood, like nature, is cyclical. We each inhabit these cycles and archetypes throughout our life, as well as every day. By honoring each of these phases, and learning about the secret Empress phase, you will learn to live in harmony with the cycles of life and nature, rather than fight against them. This powerful information will come alive with a full moon ritual in the garden on Thursday night!

This is really just a taste of what we will be covering. The curriculum for this retreat is very thorough, pleasurable and comprehensive.




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This 7-day immersive retreat takes place in northern Tuscany just outside the Renaissance city of Lucca.  The retreat will be held at The Benvenuti Estate, a 17th century villa named after the eponymous Signora Benvenuti.

With grand halls and romantic drawing rooms, chandeliers and fireplaces, classical Tuscan decor and acres of secret gardens, the enchantment of this estate is something you will never forget.

The 300 year-old, romantic villa is situated on over 60 acres of private land. Gorgeous gardens with tinkling fountains, flourishing roses, irises and wisteria pepper the winding garden paths. The jewel of the property, the Secret Garden, is tucked away behind a hedge on the sprawling rear lawn; and features a charming stone pergola and flourishing rose garden. Wildflowers including orchids, anemones and cyclamen can be found throughout the grounds, along with a rich variety of local wildlife.

Adjoining the kitchen, the herb garden carries rosemary, basil, parsley, sage, thyme, oregano, lemon balm and mint. Nearby, the vegetable garden supplies the villa with Mediterranean vegetables: tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant, kale, lettuce, celery, chillies, potatoes and a variety of Tuscan beans.  The estate also produces its own wine and olive oil direct from the vineyard and olive grove.


“The Sacred Seduction retreat was a gift to my 13-year old self. I had traveled full circle from an adolescence full of shame & insecurity to reclaiming safety in my body & modeling it for my daughters. The retreat itself was a wonderland – a deliciously rich & slow showering of love & lusty magic. Since the retreat I have renewed my commitment to sacred seduction, love & the dismantling of myth. By taking the time & space to honor my dynamic journey to self love I have released the shame of generations. I have reclaimed magic as my birthright. Standing in my yoni power I recognize that this gift to my 13y/o self was priceless.”


“I felt pampered and cared for from the very moment I arrived. Kitty’s TLC in every detail of the retreat allowed me to relax, fully trust, surrender and soak in every delicious drop. I will be forever changed by this experience.


“Flying across the world from Australia to attend a seduction retreat was a big move for me. This retreat was truly unlike anything I had experienced before and did not disappoint. I have never laughed, hugged, danced, cried, admired, challenged myself and received so much goodness from people who were initial strangers, in the space of a week. Since returning home, besides the cherished memories, I am surrendering to the art of slowing down, and to releasing the shackles of comparison to embrace my personal authenticity. I feel confident, I am relishing in my sexiness, and embracing all my emotions as part of what makes me divinely – me.


When I started working with Kitty, my world was full of stress and tightness. Attended a Sacred Seduction Retreat was a beautiful, exhilarating experience. I basked in the glow of my new sisters, the sacred practices lead by Kitty, and the seductive energy of community. I left with a new spirit, a new sense of ease, grace and love for myself. What I appreciate most is the sense I have now that all that I am is enough. That’s not something you can read in a book, it’s something you need to feel.


Each time I study with Kitty I come home feeling refueled and re-energized, ready to meet my world with renewed vigor, creativity, and zest. Think of something wonderful— fresh strawberries dipped in rich, dark chocolate, a piece of music that stirs you to get up and move, a film that moves you to gales of laughter and to tears, a story of someone who inspires you down to your toes, a book that brings you to spontaneous belly laughs: Kitty’s retreats are like all of the above, and more!”




If you would like to be placed on the wait list or receive advance notification of the next Sacred Seduction Retreat, please enter your details here:

Choose your accommodation:

Save $200 when you pay in full, or take advantage of our payment plans.

Shared Room – $3175 (or 6 payments of $562.50) SOLD OUT

Two twin beds in the elegant, second floor “Chapel Room”.  This room has it’s own bathroom with a separate bathtub and walk-in shower. (Rates are per person.)

Shared Room Suite – $2850 (or 6 payments of $508.33) SOLD OUT

This charming bedroom in a two-bedroom suite offers two twin beds and a large bath with separate tub and walk-in shower.  This room is like a two bedroom apartment and shares the bathroom one other seductress in totally separate room that the bathroom connects to. (There are also bathrooms on the other floors of the house for more flexibility).  Your choice of an olive grove view to the south or a garden view to the north. (Rates are per person)




Where should I fly into and when?

The closest airport to Villa Benvenuti is Pisa Airport.  Florence Airport is about a 1.5 hour drive.  Bologna and Genoa are about a two hour drive.  The retreat starts on Saturday September 30th at 7pm.  Check in is at 4pm.  The retreat ends on Saturday October 7th and you can fly out anytime that day.

How do I get from the airport to the villa?

The villa will pick you up at the Lucca train station at no additional fee.  The Pisa train station is about a mile from the Pisa airport, so you can take a taxi or an airport train to Pisa train station.  The train ride is about one hour long, and will take you directly to Lucca.

As an alternative, the villa can arrange for a van to pick you up from Pisa airport and take you directly to the villa.  The rate is 80 euro for 8 people, so depending on how many travelers are in the van with you will determine the split of the rate.

What is the refund policy? Should I purchase travel insurance?

Due to the intimate size of the group there are no refunds given for this retreat.  If you need to cancel before August 1, 2017 and we can find someone to take your spot, your place can be transferred to that person.  Please note that it is not the responsibility of Kitty Cavalier LLC to find a replacement if you need to cancel your registration.

After August 1st there are no credits or transfers.  If you need to miss the retreat for any reason or if you need to leave the retreat early, no refunds, credits or transfers shall be given.

In the very unlikely event that Kitty Cavalier LLC should need to cancel the retreat, your flight and travel expenses will not be refunded. For this reason we recommend purchasing travel insurance.

How many women will attend the retreat?

There is only room for ten participants, plus Kitty and her assistants.  Intimate, precious and lovely!

What are the meals like?

Wine, olive oil, herbs, vegetables & fruit are all produced in abundance on the estate and provide the essential ingredients for deliciously fresh, vegetarian meals. Meat or fish can be added you your meals for an extra charge.  The chef can also cater for gluten free and other special dietary requirements.  All meals are included with the exception of one dinner.



We would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have, or schedule a call to discuss if this retreat is a good fit for you. Send us an email at and we will get back to you tout suite!