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With it’s rolling hills, tall cypress tress and rich history, Tuscany is a glittering jewel in Italy’s crown.

Take a moment and imagine yourself…

Being woken by the sound of sweet birds perched high in the olive trees outside your bedroom window. You stretch your body across fine cotton sheets and open your eyes to the 17th century villa you call home for this week. You look out the window and see rolling hills, gorgeous gardens, perfectly lined vineyards and bubbling marble fountains.

After a delicious gourmet breakfast of fluffy eggs, homemade granola, freshly picked fruit and fine Italian coffee, you walk to a secret garden to dance and move your body in a Qoya class, with the warm Tuscan sun on your back. You spend a luxurious morning studying the feminine arts alongside some of the most interesting, heart-centered, hilarious women you have ever met.

After a farm-fresh, delicious lunch you head into the city of Lucca for a few leisurely hours of shopping and sightseeing, concluding the afternoon with a slow glass of wine while people watching on the piazza.

Upon returning to the villa you take a sunset swim in the garden pool, then dress for an elegant dinner, followed by an evening of surprise, sensory delights and meaningful transformation.

There are many ways you can tour Tuscany, but none quite like this.


This retreat is week-long charm school in the mysteries and pleasures of being a woman.

At this retreat, Italy itself becomes your teacher. The fragrance of rosemary entering your lungs as you pass through the garden, the crackle of a fine Chianti on your tongue, the intense connection of eye contact with an Italian nonna at the market; all of these elements come together to deliver the sensual education of a lifetime, restoring your confidence, playfulness and power.

Some of the arts you will master are:

  • The Body As A Temple

We are all familiar with this term, but what does it actually mean? Through life-changing lessons Kitty will take you by the hand and show you the craft of living a sensual, embodied, feminine life. You will leave this retreat with a new love and respect for every curve and corner of your body, and never look at your reflection in the mirror in the same way again.

  • Seduction As A Spiritual Practice

Sacred Seduction is the art of letting life seduce you. It is so much more than a game between lovers. This is about the love affair between you and the Divine, expressed through your holy senses. You will learn how to cultivate and share your authentic magnetism, how to flirt with your dreams and desires rather than force them, and how to pleasurably restrain the distraction of impulse, and allow your life to be led by intuition.

  • The Virtues Of A Sensual Women

Each day you will learn about legendary women like Lola Montez, Natalie Barney, Sidonie Colette, Nina Simone, Catherine The Great and more. You will study and embody their virtues, and master the one trait they all have in common – saying yes to sensuality rather than censoring it, and allowing it to author your truth.

  • Pleasure As Prayer

With all the pressures of working and care taking, pleasure is an often overlooked, essential nutrient for living a fulfilled, satisfied life. This retreat will teach you to go beyond the surface of indulgence to experience a deeper, more satisfying, more sustainable kind of pleasure. You will learn to see pleasure as a SOURCE of your deepest creativity, intelligence and wisdom, rather than just a tool for recovery and reward. (And what better place to learn it than the birthplace of opera and olive oil??)

  • Embracing Life’s Curves & Leaving Straight Lines Behind

A sensual woman knows that her body is simply a mirror reflection of nature itself. Womanhood, like nature, is cyclical. There are certain cycles and archetypes we inhabit throughout the timeline of our lives. This retreat will teach you how to work with the cycles of life rather than fight against them. You will feel educated and empowered to navigate the one thing we can always depend on: change.

This is really just a taste of what we will be covering. The curriculum for this retreat is very thorough, pleasurable and comprehensive.


• All lodging and accommodations at a gorgeous Tuscan Villa

• 3 luxurious, fresh meals every day (except for one dinner out)

• Qoya and sensual movement classes every day

Powerful, transformative class sessions with Kitty during the day and candlelight salons in the evening

• A full day trip to Cinque Terre, the seaside jewel in Italy’s crown

• Transportation to and from the Lucca train station, which connects to all airports

• Exclusive access to the estate pool, gardens, olive grove, and vineyard (we have the whole estate to ourselves!)

• Optional excursions such as city tours, horseback riding, spa visits, and more.

• Pre-retreat coaching and follow up sessions with Kitty and the group



Before the retreat you will receive a a 30-minute, private coaching call with Kitty, and a call with the group. There is also a private Facebook group to get to know the retreat participants beforehand and stay in touch long after.


You will be greeted with a delicious beverage and a warm hug upon arrival. Check in begins at 3pm and our first group dinner will be at 7pm. Dinner will be followed by a special opening ceremony in our ritual room.


The theme of day two is “If it feels good, then you’re doing it right.” Through Qoya, special exercises and candlelight rituals you will recondition yourself to the innocence and ease of pleasure, and feel right at home in your own skin. In the evening we will enjoy a special session of Angelic Breath Healing with Madeline Giles; an extraordinary, transformative, embodied experience that you will never forget.


The theme of day three is “Letting Life Seduce You.” You will begin to understand the energies of seduction beyond being just a game between lovers, and open to it as a spiritual practice to engage more deeply with life. These lessons will give you tools to last a lifetime in embodying the sensual woman you were born to be.


On day four we will be picked up by a private tour bus in the morning and taken to Cinque Terre. Cinque Terre stands for “Five Villages.” It is an incredible, magical place filled with colorful buildings built into high cliffs that look out over the sparkling, bright blue Mediterranean sea.

Our tour will begin with a visit to Portovenere, known as the birthplace of Venus. It is said that the Romans believed this hilltop, with its sweeping views and mystical energy, to be the place Goddess Venus first emerged from the waves. We will visit a church that was once an original temple to the Goddess Venus, and then make our way down through the village, exploring shops and cafes along the way.

We will then hop on a ferry and be taken on a beautiful ride to another village to explore their beauty and culture. After a surprise group activity we will have lunch at a cafe followed by languorous strolling through the streets and enjoying the seaside. We will finish the day with a gorgeous Mediterranean at sunset, and then return to the Villa for the evening. (all parts of this excursion with the exception of lunch and your ferry ticket (about 15 euro) are included in the retreat package.)


Day five will consist of a morning class session, with a leisurely afternoon to do whatever you please; get a massage, explore Tuscany on horseback, go into Lucca for some incredible shopping, or enjoy a glass of Proesecco beside the pool.

After dinner you are invited to the drawing room to enjoy Kitty’s World Famous Sensory Salon, where each of your 5 senses will be stimulated and savored in the most beautiful way. While the details of this salon are just too special to reveal in advance, know that you will leave this experience seeing yourself, your body and the world through completely different eyes.


Day six is a “free day” for you to enjoy Italy however you please. You may choose to take a train ride to the incredible city of Florence (only a 90-minute train ride direct from Lucca) to feast your eyes on some of the world’s most incredible architecture and art. (not to mention the shopping and people watching!)

You may wish to enjoy one of the many activities available through the estate (listed under the FAQ section), or head into Lucca that evening for a concert of Puccini’s arias at San Giovanni church. (Lucca is the birthplace of Puccini himself!) In the evening after dinner there will be the option to gather for a delicious, restorative, candlelight stretch.


Our final day is filled with beautiful surprises. We will have a special morning Qoya class followed by an afternoon activity where you will create your own artistic treasure to take the retreat experience home with you. The afternoon is free to do as you please, and in the evening we will have a special closing ceremony around the fireplace.


Checkout is at 10am. There is a free shuttle to the Lucca train station at 10:30am, or if you wish to take a taxi directly to the airport we can arrange one for you.

*This itinerary is subject to change.


  • 9-1o am – Delicious breakfast in the dining room
  • 10am – 1pm – Daily Qoya movement, followed by a morning class session with Kitty
  • 1pm-2pm – Gorgeous lunch in the dining room or on the terrace
  • 2pm-7pm – Afternoon Activities and Excursions
  • 7-8:30pm – Divine group dinner at the estate (with wine included)
  • 8:30-10pm – Evening sensuality classes and candlelight lullaby stretch to close the day




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This 7-day immersive retreat takes place in northern Tuscany just outside the Renaissance city of Lucca. The retreat will be held at The Benvenuti Estate, a 17th century villa named after the eponymous Signora Benvenuti.

With grand halls and romantic drawing rooms, chandeliers and fireplaces, classical Tuscan decor and acres of secret gardens, the enchantment of this estate is something you will never forget.

The 300 year-old, romantic villa is situated on over 60 acres of private land. Gorgeous gardens with tinkling fountains, flourishing roses, irises and wisteria pepper the winding garden paths. The jewel of the property, the Secret Garden, is tucked away behind a hedge on the sprawling rear lawn; and features a charming stone pergola and flourishing rose garden. Wildflowers including orchids, anemones and cyclamen can be found throughout the grounds, along with a rich variety of local wildlife.

Adjoining the kitchen, the herb garden carries rosemary, basil, parsley, sage, thyme, oregano, lemon balm and mint. Nearby, the vegetable garden supplies the villa with Mediterranean vegetables: tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant, kale, lettuce, celery, chillies, potatoes and a variety of Tuscan beans. The estate also produces its own wine and olive oil direct from the vineyard and olive grove.


Italy was my wake up call. Before the retreat I identified as a victim of a hurtful love relationship—repeatedly telling myself and others I was unhappy and unsure of myself. Post-Italy, I have matured into the hero of my own independence. Kitty opened my eyes and showed me how to be my own source of power. I am a different woman that the one I was before Tuscany. I live a happier, more peaceful life today; one where I write my own script. I’m not waiting on someone else to give me self-worth or dictate the direction of my life. I completely attribute this new sense of power to the Tuscany Retreat experience.”


This retreat was the deepest relaxation and calm I have felt in over 20 years. I have gained confidence, freedom and deep strength in my femininity. Everyday I smile and stand a little taller, knowing I am on this earth to enjoy living in my succulent body, and to seduce myself.



“Words can hardly begin to describe my experience of this retreat. The Italian countryside was breathtaking and the food was delicious, but those glorious things paled in comparison to the greater jewels of true connection, vulnerability, generosity, sensuality, empathy, support, and sisterhood with Kitty and with my dear retreat mates. This experience brought me back into my own precious body and directly in touch with the wisdom of my own heart.”


“Signing up for the Tuscany retreat meant taking a big leap of faith, and I had no idea what magic and beauty awaited me. I have done a lot of personal work but continued to struggle with how I saw my body and the ever elusive “self love.” Kitty revealed sweetly and delicately the path to wholeness through sensuality. The tools I learned continue to transform me every day. My heart is blown wide open with respect and gratitude that Kitty has done this work and is sharing it in such an elegant way. I walk this earth with a reverence I didn’t know how to access before the retreat. It’s a feeling every woman deserves.”


“This retreat filled me with more seduction, romance, playfulness and fun than I could have ever imagined for myself. I felt pampered and cared for from the very moment I arrived. I am forever changed by this experience.”



TUSCANY RETREAT TEXT IMAGE 5Due to the popularity of this retreat, there are two weeks to choose from:

Saturday, September 22nd-29th

or Sunday, September 30th-October 7th



Chapel Room – $3475

Payment Plan: 5 Payments of $735

The elegant “Chapel Room,” is a gorgeously decorated, shared room on the second floor of the villa. This room has two twin beds and it’s own private bathroom with a separate bathtub and walk-in shower. This room is also steps away from the beautiful outdoor fountain and terrace. (Rates are per person.)

Choose Chapel Room, shared bath for 9/22-9/29 One spot left

Choose Chapel Room, shared bath for 9/30-10/7 – SOLD OUT

Shared Room, shared bath – $2950

Payment Plan: 5 Payments of $590

This charming bedroom in the attic suite offers two twin beds and a large bath with separate tub and walk-in shower. This room shares the bathroom one other woman in the room across the hall. (Rates are per person)

Choose Shared Room, shared bath for 9/22-9/29 – One spot left

Choose Shared Room, shared bath for 9/30-10/7 – Two spots left


Private Room, shared bath – $3475

Payment Plan: 5 Payments of $735

A beautiful, charming private bedroom on the third floor of the house. This room is decorated with rustic, Tuscan country style and overlooks the olive grove and gardens. This room is on the same floor as our Qoya/ritual space so you will be steps away from class in the morning and evening. This room shares a large bathroom with two other guests in the room across the hall. The bathroom is elegant and roomy with a separate tub and walk-in shower, and of course, a bidet!

Choose Private Room, shared bath for 9/22-9/29 – SOLD OUT

Choose Private Room, shared bath for 9/30-10/7 – SOLD OUT





Where should I fly into and when?

The closest airport to Villa Benvenuti is Pisa Airport. Florence Airport is about a 1.5 hour drive. Bologna and Genoa are about a two hour drive.

Due to the popularity for this retreat, there are two weeks to choose from: Saturday September 22nd-Saturday September 29th or Sunday September 30th-Sunday October 7th. Check in is at 3pm, and our first dinner together is at 7pm. Check out is at 10am on the day of your departure.

How do I get from the airport to the Villa?

Included in your tuition is a shuttle at 3:30pm on the day of your arrival that departs from the Lucca train station (which connects directly to the Pisa airport.)

If you prefer to hire a car or if your flight arrives after the free shuttle departs, you can also take a taxi directly from the airport to the villa, which costs about 70-80 euro. (ride sharing with other retreat participants can be arranged in advance to split the cost!)

Check in is at 3pm, and our first dinner together is at 7pm. Check out is at 10am on the day of your departure.

What meals are included?

3 gorgeous, sumptuous meals are served daily, prepared with all local ingredients (some grown on the property). Wine is included with dinner. All meals are included in your package with the exception of lunch and dinner when we are on our group outing. The chef can easily cater for gluten free and other special dietary requirements.

What activities can I do in my off-time?

There are many options for how to enjoy your free afternoons in Tuscany, such as:

  • Horseback riding
  • Guided tours of Lucca
  • Beautiful museums
  • Massages on-site at the estate
  • Local shopping and markets
  • Bike riding around Lucca along the historic city wall
  • Wonderful shopping
  • Gelato!

You are also welcome to simply take it easy in the afternoons and lounge by the pool, explore the estate gardens, enjoy a glass of wine on the terrace, or have your own adventure!

I don’t drink alcohol. Is every event focused around wine?

Hardly! Wine is an option at meals for those who desire it, but is not the central focus of this retreat.

What is the refund policy? Should I purchase travel insurance?

Yes, it is a requirement of Villa Benvenuti that each guest has travel insurance. Policies for one week of travel usually range about $80-$100.

Due to the intimate size of the group there are no refunds given for this retreat. If you need to cancel before August 1, 2018 your place can be transferred to another person. Please note that it is not the responsibility of Kitty Cavalier LLC to find a replacement if you need to cancel your registration. After August 1st there are no credits or transfers. If you need to miss the retreat for any reason or if you need to leave the retreat early, no refunds, credits or transfers shall be given.


How many women will attend the retreat?

There is only room for ten participants, plus Kitty and her assistant. Intimate, precious and lovely!



We would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have, or schedule a call to discuss if this retreat is a good fit for you. Send us an email at and we will get back to you ASAP!