The Perfect Shave

Few things are more seductive than a hand traveling slowly over the curves and valleys of supple, smooth, freshly shaved skin. Whether that hand belongs to you, a lover, a little one, a friend or whomever, having a smooth shave is just..really…nice.

Little known fact about me: I am an expert when it comes to tending the skin. For ten years I worked in the skin care industry as a spa therapist, and for five of those I was a corporate trainer teaching high level continuing education to skin care professionals. I know A LOT about the skin. One of the things I studied and taught extensively was the art of shaving, for both men and women.

Today my loves I am giving you the down and dirty details on what you need to get the smoothest shave of your life. I once told this information to my roommate and she said “Do you feature this at your retreats? Because I would pay an entire retreat fee just to get this information.”

Well lucky for you, this is my diary darlings. I hold no secrets here.


As important as the shave itself is what you do to prepare.

What that means is: EXFOLIATE! Exfoliate sister. Gloves, scrubs, whatever it is, using an abrasive (physical) exfoliant does two things. 1. It clears away dead skin cells, leaving skin softer. 2. It lifts the hair up and out of the follicle, therefore getting a closer shave. EXFOLIATE. Trust me, your life will change.

Use a product you love to shave with, but use it accordingly.

One of the biggest mistakes we make is using too little or too much shaving product. Too much and there is a frothy wall between the razor and the hair, so you are left with a stubbly result. Too little and you are left with razor burn.

You want the razor to have a nice slip over the skin but you still want to feel contact of the blade against the hair. Also, make sure that every few short strokes you RINSE THE RAZOR. I cannot emphasize the importance of this enough. Think of the razor as being like a lawnmower. If there are clumps of grass stuck to the blade, you are not going to get an even result when you mow the lawn. Similarly, when you have globs of hair and shaving product stuck to the razor, there is no way for the blade to make contact with the base of the hair. Make short strokes, then rinsey rinsey.

Art of shaving razor and brush

Art of shaving razor and brush

 Direction: A Science and an Art

Again, the goal in order to get a great shave is for the blade of the razor to make clean and clear contact with the base of the hair. This requires meticulous attention to the direction of hair growth in all areas.

Legs: Hair tends to grow straight down on the shin and outside calf, inner calf and back of the leg it tends to swirl. Again, short strokes will enable you to make sure you are always going against the direction of the hair no matter what kind of labyrinth it’s growth direction is sending you on!

Bikini line/Underarm: this area, as you may have already learned the hard way, is a little more tricky. In addition to multiple spirals of growth direction, just look at that delicate skin the wrong way and you get laden with bumps, irritation and ingrown hairs, as though you’ve been cursed with some sort of plague! Not anymore, stick with me kid.

  1. Do a few strokes of the razor  going along with (rather than against) the direction of the hair growth first. This will cut any longer hairs that can catch the razor and make for a more even shave when you are ready to go against the direction of the hair growth.
  2. Pull the skin taught. This will ensure more control and more evenness to the shave. Remember, small strokes for the win. Once you have done one or two gentle strokes going against the direction of hair growth, you may want to apply more shaving product and or/rinse the razor. Ingrown hairs and irritation are as much due to friction over the skin as they are to the razor hitting the hair. The more of a buffer you have, the less likely irritation becomes.
  3. Do one pass with the razor over the skin after the shave is complete, going with the direction of hair growth.  This causes any wayward hairs to lay down flat rather than stick up.  This minimizes the chance of inflammation and ingrown hairs.

Since this is such a broad topic, I am going to finish it up tomorrow with the after care of shaving (just as important as the foreplay), as well as a girlfriends guide to in-growns. I’ll also list my all time favorite products (including razors), why I love them and how you can get your hands on them asap.

Let me know in the comments, do you like this blog topic? Want to see more info on here about tending your most sensitive organ with grace and beauty?

Let me know if you want the skin care hits to keep on comin’. I got em in spades.


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  1. Was hoping to hear a bit about razor types here – straight razors and safety razors included. I’m a big safety razor fan myself, none of that throw away plastic crap.

    That said, I rarely shave. I don’t really consider it to have much to do with my seduction routine at all, though when I do shave, it’s because it feels good, so that’s something.

    I think that is the most important thing for me when it comes to the art of shaving. That we can choose to shave because we get pleasure from it, not because we think we have to do it.

    • Hey Bex, I totally agree! Tomorrow’s post will have all the info about products and razors I love. Thanks for commenting!

  2. I am hanging for the tips on ingrowns! I have serious issues. But then I prefer epilation…
    My question: is the general understanding in today’s world that we girls should be all bare down there or is a bit of hair back in fashion?

    • Such a great question! Ingrown guide coming to you tomorrow – regarding the question of whether or not to go bare: it’s all about your pleasure baby. I have had times where that turns me on, and there are times where I don’t shave at all. To me, fashion has nothing to do with my lady parts, it’s all about how I feel in the moment and finding myself hot no matter what.

  3. I love this topic. I was just thinking about shaving my legs today. Do you have any tips on using creams like Nair? For me using Nair is easier, but it feels like my leg hair grows quicker after using it and I have to follow up with a shave. Any other skincare tips would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks again for blogging about this.

    • Hey R.J.! Thanks for commenting! I have not really used depilatory creams very much so I can’t speak to them, but I do know that their high level of alkalinity can cause irritation on the skin. Tomorrow’s post will have lot’s of tips and tricks on skin care products to use throughout the shaving process. Stay tuned!

  4. yes, please do keep the skincare stuff coming! i had no idea you were such an expert. i will admit that i don’t go to the beach nearly as often as i want to because i am just too darn skeered to shave my bikini area. but your blog comes just at the right time as i have decided to stop letting my apprehension get in the way of my love of the beach and learn how! looking forward to the next installment!

  5. Love this! I especially love that it’s a double-seduction-whammy: this means I get a better shave, which means my husband wants me closer, AND it teaches me some good tips and tricks for giving HIM a sexy shave. Thanks Kitty!

  6. I am hanging on your every word! Can’t wait to hear your tools of the trade. I usually do the “cross” formation for my underarms-up, down, then side to side as the teen mags I read growing up instructed me. Is this not so great a method?

    Also, how do you know what direction the hair is growing in underarm/bikini since it seems to kind be all over the place? Esp. after putting on cream or body lotion over it I usually can’t see where the hairs are…

    & though I only have done it once, what are your thoughts on waxing the bikini/nether regions? I loved the results even though I felt silly and laughed through the whole procedure which seriously amused my waxer.

    • Hehe! Edie I love you! The way to know where the hair grows is to study it. Lift those arms, and have a good look! When you can see the pattern of hair growth you will know where to go. Try shaving intentionally, slow down and focus on one centimeter at a time. Once you know the pattern of hair grown you will be able to follow it with ease.

      As far as waxing, I think I’ll write a section on that tomorrow! xoxo

  7. Thank you! I like this topic. Have been doing more shaving and waxing this summer in an effort to connect more with my body and work on better self care. My husband doesn’t much care one way or another so I have been focusing on the me part of it. SucPerfect timing.

  8. “Let it fly in the breeze and get caught in the trees-Give a home to the fleas, in my hair-A home for fleas, a hive for the buzzing bees-A nest for birds, there ain’t no words -For the beauty, splendor, the wonder of my hair..” I grew up in Hawaii in the 1950’s. My Japanese teachers all had lovely skin and one told me that Asian women shave their faces. We didn’t have a word for exfoliate back then, but that is what they were essentially doing. By the 60’s we were putting dippity-do on our bangs, rolling it on empty orange juice cans and ironing it on the ironing board. By the 70’s we were letting it do whatever the hell that it wanted to and quit shaving our legs. Not being hirsute, for me it’s not an issue. Anyone who does away with lady-hair has not experienced the growing in period during a southern summer. Keep up the hair discussion. And as a skin-care expert, please tell us the exact age that Freckles become defined as Age Spots.

    • Journeyer you crack me up!! Yes, I will do a blog about hyperpigmentations, freckles and the myth of “age spots” (no such thing in my eyes). Thank you for asking!

  9. Yes! Please keep those hits a comin’, I am so glad to find out that I am not the only one who has hair growing in swirls, especially under my arms. All these years I thought I was. Would you have tips for using an epilator? I’ve been using one now for 3 years after years of waxing. It’s a love hate relationship, though. I am thinking that the advice you gave to Edie to slow down and “shave intentionally” might be exactly what I need to do to always love my results.
    Looking forward to more of your skin care genius.

  10. Ooh la la! I tried out your tio about exfoliating prior to shaving today and it made SUCH a difference. I’ve long held the conviction that there’s just nothing that feels sexier than being freshly shaved and smooth; triply so now!!!
    A question though-what is it about shaving that makes the skin feel so….idk…yummy???

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