The Pace Of Grace


Ribbon Curls,

Recently I was on the phone with a girlfriend who is going through a really tough, WTF, skin-on-fire kind of breakup. 

When I asked her how she would like to be supported, she opted for feedback. “As trite as it sounds, what if we just took this a day at a time?” I asked. 

“A day at a time??” she yelled back. “Every day I wake up in hell, then stay in hell all day, then pray for sleep until 4am, then I wake up in hell all over again! Why would I take this a day at a time when every single day SUCKS!?” 

It was a very, very valid point. 

“Okay….” I replied, “How about one minute at a time? What if for the next 60 seconds, we just sit here together and breathe?

I know it won’t take the pain away. I know it won’t change things. But I’m here. I’m not going anywhere. And I know we can get through the next 60-seconds if we do it together. Ready?”

Our one minute came and went. 

It wasn’t easy. 

It wasn’t pretty. 

But we made it through. Together. 

This my friends, is the pace of grace. 

The pace of grace doesn’t happen in grand sweeps.

It happens one breath, one minute, one heartbeat at a time. Like a baby’s toenails.  

I know it sounds funny, but come on! Baby toenails don’t get there because of one bold wave of The Toenail Fairy’s wand! They gracefully grow one heartbeat, one breath, one moment at a time. 

May we all remember, that all great things are created one breath, one heartbeat, one moment at a time.

Inhaling + Exhaling,


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