The One Intention You Can Count On This Year

The One Intention You Can Count On This Year

Dear Confetti Sprinkles,

I’ve noticed a trend lately, and I’m wondering if you’ve seen it too.

A flood of meme’s and updates that say something like:

“I’m going to SLAY 2018!”

“I’m going to KILL IT in 2018!!”

“2018 better WATCH OUT!!!”

These are usually following, or right alongside, pictures of people stomping on, hitting, or tossing 2017 in the garbage.

Do you also notice, that it is usually the same people every year who post these images, simply switching out the current year for the year before?

As I set my intentions fireside on New Years Eve, I did not ask for anything specific. “The truth is” I wrote, “I may think I know what I want, but I have very little idea of what I actually need. So my only true intention this year is to be a woman of character.”

I, like you, have no clue what this year will bring.

Most likely, it will bring lessons, growth, hardships, joys, surprises, and more. Just like the year before it, and just like the year before that.

I do not wish to slay it, or kill it.

I wish to PARTNER with it.

I wish to be shaped by it, to work with it, to meet it like a friend who I can count on to be brutally beautifully honest.

While we can’t control time itself, we can control how we allow time to shape us. (click to tweet)

Will we take the challenges of this year and allow them to make us more kind, wise, and discerning?

Will we meet our next New Years Eve stomping on ’18, hoping  lucky 19 will be our saving grace?

Or will we bow to 2018 the way a student bows to their teacher, with quiet reverence and respect?

We’ve got 362 days to find out.

Rooting for you,


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