The Most Rewarding Spiritual Quest Of My Life


Today I want to tell you a story about a practice that has been the most challenging and the most rewarding spiritual quest of my life.

It’s called: meditation. 🙂

Now before you go and puke (like I would have done a year ago) please hear me out.

When I first started practicing meditation about a year ago, it was a rocky road. Some days would be glorious, and I would soak up the quiet space between my thoughts the way crusty bread soaks up a green, fragrant olive oil.

Some days, my mind felt like a passenger on the Titanic scrambling to find a life boat.

Regardless, I could tell that this practice was helping. In scary and uncomfortable moments I was cultivating the tolerance to be there and not run away. What I didn’t realize was that by creating more space for quiet, I was simultaneously creating more space for beauty, honesty and a genuine pleasure the likes of which I had never known, to fill in the gaps.

I remember one night preparing to host a dinner party and I hearing a text come in from my friend Jaime. “Even though I can’t be there tonight I left a little something on the porch!” she said.

I opened my front door and tiptoed out into the summer night. Sitting there was the most brilliant, succulent bouquet of pink stargazer lilies. I scooped them up in my arms and drank in the heady, sweet fragrance of their nectar. I savored their beauty so fully it felt like my eyes were tasting them.

My heart exploded with gratitude as I let this moment of love, care and friendship penetrate me completely.

Were it not for the practice of meditation and becoming present, I would hardly have even noticed this moment of delight.

The experience would have skimmed the surface of my consciousness like a rock skipping over a lake. But because of my newfound ability to be present no matter what the circumstances, I was able to follow the rock’s journey all the way down to the sandy lake floor.

In learning to be there and not run away during times of difficulty, I was now learning how to be there in moments of profound beauty and love.

If meditation is something you haven’t found your sweet spot with, I empathize!

Meditation is not one size fits all, especially for a woman.

Women are wired for flexibility, not rigidity.

We also thrive in circles, not straight lines.

That is why every week in The Vérité Community we have 20-minute meditation calls with the whole group. Every single call is different. We connect to the present moment not just by quieting the mind but by engaging the senses, and connecting profoundly with each other.

If there is one thing this world needs, it is focused, feminine energy.

These calls are a golden way to start the week feeling grounded, supported and inspired.

(Not to mention the weekly treasure box, self care suite, community date night, and members-only retreat that are also included in Vérité membership! )

Friday is the last day to become a member.

Let’s show up for all that life has to offer, one present moment at a time.

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