The Lacy Little Number that Changed Everything


I remember the first time I went shopping after I had just started learning about sensuality and pleasure.

Until that point, every time I would enter a store I’d bypass all the cute, sassy things at the front and I would beeline straight for the recesses of the women’s department, which was flush with apparel that would allow me to adequately hide my body. (Read: black pants, sweaters, t-shirts, etc.)

It was so automatic, I didn’t even realize I was doing it, until one day a lacy spaghetti strap number caught my eye.

“Why couldn’t you wear that?” a little voice in my head asked.

For the first time in 20+ years, I didn’t have an answer.

Suddenly, it was like the store had tripled in size. 

I looked around and saw mini-skirts, racy red dresses, curve hugging knit tops, and more.

My body hadn’t changed, nor had the selection of the store.

What changed was how I felt in my body.

With a newfound sense of power and reverence, I intuitively chose only things that made me feel beautiful, sensual, and adorned.

I left the store with several lacy new treasures in my bag, brimming with pride and excitement.

And I haven’t worn a single pair of black pants since! 

The way you feel about your body affects every area of your life.

Your relationships, your confidence, your libido, your creativity, your energy.

Love for our bodies is not something we can will ourselves to feel.

But what we can do, is treat our bodies with deep reverence and respect, which undeniably leads to feelings of love, appreciation and connection.

That’s why for one day only, my signature program Body Church is being offered at 50% off. 

I know how difficult it can be to stay connected to your body during the winter months.

That’s why when you enroll today you’ll receive:

• Embodied meditation audios to feel present and alive anytime, anywhere
• Guided, instructive, moving rituals
• A guided exercise to walk into any room with power and grace
• Sensual Sun and Moon Salutations
• A Sensory Salon exercise that will teach you to know your body like sommelier knows great wine
• A full video lesson of Body Worship, our core ritual, that will teach you how to regard every part of your body with reverence and delight
• 3 Exclusive Body Church Playlists: (bring on the hymns!) a total of 50 new songs
• 2 Dynamic Guest Teachers: Venus & The Art of Self Love with Astrologer Juli Everett, and Erotic Authority: A Tantric Path To Power  with certified Tantra Teacher Karen Fitzgerald

My sincere wish for you this holiday season, is that you feel the freedom to wear whatever your heart desires.

That you feel enough ease in your own skin to own the room at any holiday party.

That you wake up inspired to caress your body the way a loving mother caresses a baby who is just waking up.

And most of all, that you feel a sense of fall-on-your-knees, Oh Holy Night awe, every time you gaze at the curve of your calves, the creases on your palm, or a fallen eyelash on your cheek.





P.S. – This sale ends at midnight tonight, don’t miss out!

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