sacred seduction collage


Part ode. Part archeological dig. Part memoir. Part mentoring. Part gallery, part recipe book, part Pinterest board. Truly, more than a book. She’s a prism illuminating every facet and angle of sacred seduction. She’s a unique collection of essays, stories, parlor games, and inspiration for becoming a sacred seductress.

 Sacred Seduction is a sophisticated art … and a lifelong discovery.
If you have been craving more juice, play, and pleasure in your life … your Sacred Seductress is already beckoning to you.

Ready to follow her lead?


• 180 pages, full color 6×9 print book


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“Before finding Sacred Seduction it was all about SEX. Now it’s about living my life in a pleasure filled way. It’s become about paying more attention to what seduces me, not about how I can seduce the guy, the other person, but instead what am I desiring and and how I can be more seduced by those things in my life.”
–Sofia 51, Awesome Homeschooling Mom and Sacred Seductress

“Seduction is intuition allowed to bloom and sparkle…this is what Kitty has taught me. It is all of the senses, including the sixth, in charge of one’s decisions, feelings and actions, allowing the heart to lead and the mind to follow. It is decidedly feminine, extremely powerful, very vulnerable and completely intoxicating to experience. Under Kitty’s tutelage, I have realized how important, empowering and definitive it is to allow oneself to be immersed in the sacredness of the act of seduction.”
–Eliza,42, Mother, Stepmother-to-Be, Conjurer, Lingerie Enthusiast

“What is sacred seduction? It’s living the life that I was born to live. I spent decades trying to fit in a box of “good girl” “fat girl who hated her body” “people pleaser” “professional care taker” and guess what? None of it fit. Finding sacred seduction help me get back home. I was able to own my intuitive, most loving self. It triggered me to do massive edits in my life- removing all of the toxic behaviors and relationships that no longer belong in my life.”
–Laura 32,Lifestyle, Career Coach, Expert Shimmy-er

“As I apply seduction to my life, Kitty’s voice often pops into my head: “What is seducing you right now?” That often guides me to my next right action. Any and every aspect of your life can be seductive. It’s a beautiful dance between you and the divine. Illness, divorce, family, children, romance, friendships, work, shopping, taking a walk, doing the dishes, ordering a coffee… all of it is an opportunity to allow yourself to be seduced, do some seducing, and see what magic can unfold. And there will be magic!”
–Sandi,33, Mother, Artist, Songstress and Glitter Fiend

“Seduction takes guts.

Seduction takes smarts.

Seduction requires trusting the voices inside of you,

rather than the voices outside of you.

Seduction is the new law of attraction.

Seduction is a spiritual practice.

Seduction is a way of life.”

~ Introduction, Sacred Seduction