Kitty Cavalier | THE 7 VIRTUES OF A SEDUCTIVE WOMANAn 8-week immersion to awaken your inner seductress


Seduction is a uniquely feminine art form.  It comes from embracing the art of slowing down, feeling fully, and believing confidently in your natural powers of attraction. 

It is a power so potent that for the last 5,000 years, history has twisted it into something dark and manipulative . But the light of a truly seductive woman is something that can never be fully dimmed or distorted. 


There are 7 Virtues common amongst every legendary woman in history. 


This kind of seduction is not about mind-games or “getting the guy.”  

Sacred Seduction® is attraction through authenticity.

Rather than changing yourself to become what someone else wants, this is about becoming more of who you want to be. From lovemaking to leadership, project management to parenting, this treasure box of tools has your name written all over it, and now it is time to turn the key.



Who is Kitty Cavalier?

Kitty Cavalier travels the world teaching seduction, not as a tool of manipulation, but as a way to bring more power, pleasure and purpose into every area of our lives and the lives of those around us. She believes that seduction is truly a spiritual practice. She asserts that everyone possesses the power of seduction,  not just the smooth talkers and pretty faces, and when we truly tap our inherent seductive power we can change the world.

Kitty is the author of Sacred Seduction®: A Guidebook, Memoir and Tribute to the Art of Seduction. She has been featured in numerous national publications. Kitty has walked the gamut from growing up as the picture of insecurity with aspirations to become a nun, to becoming a confident, self assured seductress with a passion for seeing other women restore their inherent seductive selves. She is a woman who walks her talk. Her passions are traveling the world studying the archetypes of seductive women, wearing red lipstick to do the laundry, watching and performing burlesque, mountain hikes that end with a skinny dip, dancing on the beach in the moonlight, quince paste, and a relentless pursuit for the perfect velvet fainting couch.

What is Sacred Seduction®?

Sacred Seduction is the art of attraction though authenticity.  It is a practice in reclaiming your inherent seductive power, and using it to create more pleasure, power and purpose in your life. Remember that innocent, playful, naturally flirtatious girl you were when you were 5? Sacred Seduction joins that unapologetic, sassy, childlike spirit with the wisdom and sophistication of you as a full grown woman.

When you own and embody these 7 Virtues of the Seductive Woman:

  • You design your life around what seduces you, rather than what others expect of you
  • Life itself becomes your lover
  • You own and embrace everything about yourself; dark, light, wrong, right, big, small – and the whole world joins you in that embrace
  • Your differences and “flaws” become some of your greatest assets
  • “Should have” becomes foreign to your vocabulary
  • You easily make time for sensuality, beauty, rest and pleasure.  These things are no longer frivolities, they are your values
  • Your family, friends, co-workers and lovers cannot resist the glow of your light
  • You become the change you wish to see: a sovereign, sensual, embodied, empowered woman who owns every part of herself, from head to pinky-toe



Each week for 8 weeks you will receive these course elements



Day 1

Audio Lesson

A full 30-minute audio lesson exploring the Virtue Of The Week in fine detail. The audio is fully downloadable, and comes with a beautiful PDF transcript.


Day 3

Seduction Diary

A gorgeous, action packed, fully fill-outable PDF with key questions and game changing assignments to broaden your practice of Sacred Seduction, plus you’ll get Kitty’s must-have resources for going beyond the basics and mastering the virtue of the week.


Day 5

Wild Card

What would seduction be without a few select surprises? Your Wild Card is a new surprise every week. Exclusive audio interviews with our guest teachers like Gala Darling, Veronica Varlow and Meggan Watterson, as well as art projects, movement rituals, playlists, meditations…the possibilities are endless! You’ll just have to trust me on this one.

The minute you enroll your first lesson will be delivered.
This cycle repeats for 8 weeks.


Just like I would never finish a gorgeous meal without the taste of dessert, I would never end a course without delivering a big finish! On week 8 we celebrate your progress with three bonuses.

 The Q and A Top Ten List: the top ten most common questions I receive about living a seductive life, explained and answered in full, glorious detail.

Two Audio Rituals: Sensual Morning and Seductive Nights: Have you ever been woken up by someone telling you how beautiful you are, and then leading you over the window to kiss sunshine good morning? Have you ever been tucked into bed at night by someone telling you you did everything right today, while an instrumental of Edelweiss softly croons in the background? Well, now you will.


Kitty’s program has been a life changer. No longer am I rushing through things, half-assing my life. Through her program and constant support, I am living a life full of empowerment. The tools she gives you in these programs support a life full of beauty, passion, and power. I would do any program of hers again and again!!!”

–Liv Reiners

Sacred Seduction awakened my inner enchantress, and I am amazed at what a Wild Rose I am! Kitty’s work helped me truly listen to myself and feel how life seduces me. The luxurious rituals and practices she teaches are deeply restorative. Sacred Seduction is beautiful alchemy, and highly recommended.”


“Kitty Cavalier sees the queen in every woman, and the practice of sacred seduction will place a glorious crown on your head. You will rule over a life of pleasure, magic and intrigue and learn to draw the world into your own secret, unique seduction, crafted to bring about the greatest possible beauty and pleasure for yourself and everyone your light touches.”

– Sara Longwell

Kitty Cavalier | Deep Dive
“Sacred Seduction has taught me how to feel good in my own skin. I now live with the unshakeable truth that I am the bee’s knees – with all my flaws, mistakes, goofiness and awkward stumbles. I finally trust myself. I have put down the heavy bag of self-loathing and walk with a swagger that tells me that I love myself.”

–Jill Lacina

“Sacred Seduction taught me that I no longer need to shrink down if my authenticity makes others uncomfortable. Instead I present myself to the world vibrantly, and let the world shape itself around me.”

–Nikki Garrett




• 7  Audio Seduction Lessons
• 7  Seduction Diaries
• 21 Actionable Assignments
• 7 Wild Cards
• The Q and A Top Ten


• 7  Audio Seduction Lessons
• 7  Seduction Diaries
• 21 Actionable Assignments
• 7 Wild Cards
• Bonus Week
• Two Sensuality Rituals for morning and night

Your one-time investment: $197

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1.  How is the course delivered?

The minute you sign up you will receive your welcome packet and your first Seduction Lesson.  Two days after that you will receive a Seduction Diary, and two days after that a Wild Card.  This cycle repeats through the full seven virtues, completing with three bonuses on the eighth week.

2. Is there a specific start date?

This course is done completely at your own pace. All the material is fully downloadable and yours to keep forever.

3. Is there a community element to this course?

Of course – seduction takes a village after all! Once you sign up you will be added to our Sacred Seduction® worldwide society where you can share assignments, insights, tips and tricks.  Kitty frequently checks in on the group to witness your progress and cheer you on!

4. If I am new to Sacred Seduction is this course right for me?

Absolutely.  This course was designed for any woman wanting to discover a different path to inhabiting her seductive power, one that is based on magnetism and authenticity rather than manipulation and games.  It will teach you how to apply the principles of seduction not only to your love life but to all areas of life.  It is perfect for all levels of experience.

5. I’ve taken classes with Kitty before and/or read her book.  Is this course right for me?

Yes! This is all new material that has never been debuted before, and is the perfect way to enhance and inspire a deepening of your seduction practice.

6. What is the refund policy on this program?

I am 100% certain you will love this course, but if you find after the first 14 days of fully participating that it does not meet your expectations, and you can send in your completed homework, I will happily refund your investment.

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“Kitty is a magic key, helping women unlock our divine feminine sensuality. She manages to roll playfulness and sacredness into the equation, creating a space so safe that even the shyest among us is suddenly rolling her hips and sashaying in a “Queen’s Walk.” Kitty’s Sacred Seduction workshops are now an essential part of our retreats. Women relax in her presence, sink into the spirit of sisterhood and discover their inner radiance. She is alchemical!”

– Tali and Ophira Edut

The Astrotwins

“Ladies, Kitty Cavalier is a life-changer, a smart, inspired leader for women trying to navigate the confusing contemporary climate. No one understands seduction like Kitty or how to recover the seductress in every woman and reclaim full female empowerment in work, life, and love.”

-Betsy Prioleau

Best-selling author of Seductress: Women Who Ravished The World And Their Lost Art Of Love

“Kitty Cavalier is the real deal. As a modern thought leader she is the embodiment of her teachings: seduction as a spiritual practice. Her ability to initiate women into surrender to the divine is un-paralleled by her brilliant mind, incredible wit, infinite charm and ocean depth. She generously shares glimpses into her sacred world through her blog and gives you all she has in her workshops and retreats. Take my word for it. You’ll thank me later.”

–Rochelle Schieck

Founder of Qoya


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