Tea Parties, Love Almanacs, and Faux Fur EVERTYTHANG: December Swoon!


Fox Tails,

Happy December, and welcome to our monthly feature of delectable delights: Swoon! In this month’s issue you will find a fine variety of books, articles, accessories and ideas; all that are currently tickling me pink.  I love writing this feature for you every month – enjoy every morsel!



Are you as hopelessly romanced by tea parties as I am? If so, this gorgeous hardcover guide will set you straight on how to do it RIGHT.  Delicious recipes, dazzling images and cheekiness abound in this beautiful book.

Kate Spade, just stop it already with your faux fox long gloves! Swoon indeed!

“For a woman … ‘to be’ in the fullest sense is ‘to sin’. A rich, rewarding article that provoked me in all the right places.



This jacket from ASOS + wax jeans + a black lace bra underneath = all I want for Christmas is YOU.

The one and only Gala Darling dazzles us again with a positively STUNNING 2017 Radical Self Love Almanac.  (and a feature by yours truly!) Prepare your eyes for a grand feast.

Words cannot describe the charm and romance the that the Chateau de Gudanes blog provides.  They even have their own advent calendar in the shop, which makes my inner 5-year old squeal like a Provencal Piglet.


Balthazar…Cellaring…Degorgement.  I could spend days delving into the rich, complex language of wine.

This vintage leather+suede trench is hard to resist for prowling the streets like an International Spy.

Custom Pin-Up Girl wrapping paper, don’t mind if I DO!


Juicy wisdom from my pal Kate Northrup on the connection between money, sex and power, and why it is spiritual to be rich.  (OM.)

Marvelous muffs to protect your precious ears this winter!

What are YOU doing New Years Eve?


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  1. WOW, the article about being a woman has brought tremendous clarity to the issue of my father continuously stating he just didn’t/doesn’t know what to do with having daughters. Therefore he is relieved of having much of anything to do with such a thing. Providing housing, food, education keeps her indebted forever. Be sure that she never challenges his authority, such impudence, disrespect or disdain are grounds for insanity. To blossom fully, no longer living small & rigidly contained, slowly granting oneself permission to unapologetically be female. Merci beaucoup for sharing this “many yrs of therapy” in a few paragraphs!

  2. I love everything here!!!!

    But…!!!!! “For a woman … ‘to be’ in the fullest sense is ‘to sin”……..

    I’ve read the article three times already and I’m still digesting it…..

    To be….
    To be….

    My being is my sin.

    Oh Kitty…..

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