So, I’m Dating a Scorpio


So, I’m dating a Scorpio. This man is a different profile than what’s ever caught my interest before.  He is quiet and introverted.  Mysterious and smart. He owns two motorcycles and takes photographs for a living. A real James Dean type.

Swoon. I know.

Personality wise, he is definitely a cat.  It may surprise you to learn that in relationships, I can be a bit of a slobbering Golden Retriever.  I want to know everything about the person, talk all the time, have sex all the time, go out all the time.  Restraint is a challenge for me.  Silence scares me.

We teach what we most want to learn.

At first, despite a strong attraction I thought we may not be a match made in the stars.  That is, until this year’s snowpocalypse.

During the NYC January blizzard I was snowed in with said Scorpio, drinking bourbon and reading about the zodiac.  In April, I’ll be teaching Qoya and Sacred Seduction at the Become Your Own Astrologer Retreat in Tulum, Mexico.  Once I hit the chapter on Scorpios, I was amazed. Suddenly, everything made sense.   His tendency towards bouts of silence, his subtle but well thought out gestures of romance, the way he took an interest in my work and was totally turned on by the fact that I had written a book. It was like I had just received a secret dictionary translating an exotic language I was just beginning to learn.


In the game of seduction, I am not one to tell you what you should do to please someone else.  To me, seduction is an inside job.  Please yourself, and let that sparkle carry over to those around you.  In doing so, you allow your magnetism to do the heavy lifting.  However, learning about astrology has served to not just increase my sparkle, but also make me more savvy. Knowing the subconscious desires and longings of our partner gives an insiders look, helping to navigate which of our qualities to give a bit of extra attention to, thereby lubricating the seduction.

For example, knowing that Scorpios love when their partners are independent empowers me to being forthcoming with my opinions and assertive in my decision making.  I tend to do these things anyway, but understanding the traits of his sign gives me just the extra kick of reassurance I need to press that part of myself forward without reservation.

Even the Astrotwins will tell you, none of these theories are dictates.  Good communication is key to unlocking any person’s secret doors.  Though I will say that today at the market when the cashier told me her birth date in conversation, I knew that her Aquarian nature meant she had a secret freak flag just begging to be set free.  Hence why I gave her a wink as I left, making both of us giggle and blush.

Below you will find some very pinnable cards that serve as seduction cheat sheets.  Remember, sacred seduction is not just applicable to love.  Use these cards for inspiration when wooing your boss to see things your way, seducing your kids to eat their veggies, or any other variation on the dance of desire.  After all, seduction, like the stars, is limitless.


And…if a week of  feeling crystalline water surge against your ankles while your feet shift in white sand, mastering the zodiac by day and being led through Radical Self Love rituals with Gala Darling by night, dancing Qoya with me in nature and eating some of the best food on planet earth are all things that entice you, join us for the Astrotwins incredible retreat April 18th-24th in Tulum, Mexico.

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