In this two-hour Qoya workshop we will use movement as metaphor for praying, honoring and most importantly, FEELING the Great Mother’s Love.

Qoya (which literally translated means “Queen”) is based on the simple idea that through movement we remember that we are all wise, wild and free. Through the wisdom of yoga, the wildness of dance and the freedom of intuitive, sensual movement, we will remember the Great Mother’s Love as a feeling, rather than just a thought.

To a playlist with everything from Krishna Das to Kesha; every breath, every drop of sweat, every step, every hair toss – will all be a living, moving prayer of reverence.

In addition to movement there will be a beautiful ritual woven into the class. All levels are welcome!

Saturday May 20th from 1 pm – 3 pm at Violet Owl Wellness, 62 Wall Street in Asheville, NC.  $22

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More About Kitty

Hi! I’m Kitty Cavalier. I’ve been dancing Qoya since it’s inception in 2009. I became a teacher in 2010, and have taught hundreds of classes, including training new teachers when I lived in NYC.
What I love the most about Qoya is this basic concept: “If it feels good, that’s how you know you’re doing it right.” In Qoya we transcend a lifetime of conditioning around how to dance, exercise or move in the “correct” way. Rather than telling the body what to do, we listen.
Qoya has taught me how to connect to my body and my intuition more than anything I’ve ever done. I would be honored to share it with you in this special event!
Questions? Please feel free to email me at