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Like you, I’ve created many a ritual, potion, and ceremony in my life. But nothing has proven to be as potent or as simple as the magic I share with you today.

On a recent lazy Sunday, an entire afternoon stretched out wide before me. Wide open space like this often sounds like paradise, but this particular Sunday I was a bit burnt out. There was no food in the house, and chore after chore beckoned from my to-do list.

I sat on my porch feeling deflated and defeated. Yet I knew that if I took no action, I would feel even more irritated by these tasks being left undone. So I did what I often do in moments where I feel stuck and lost: I prayed.

I asked for guidance on how to surrender my Sunday. With my eyes closed and a hand on my heart I heard something inside me utter the words:

“Turn Off Your Phone.”

I made a commitment that no matter what did or did not get done on my to-do list, I would turn off technology completely for six hours and just see what happened.

After about three minutes of staring at the wall, I glimpsed the breakfast dishes out of the corner of my eye. I felt the pleasant prickle of desire to wash them, rather than the blunt pressure of obligation. Then, just like kissing leads to heavy petting, dishes led to mopping the floor, and before I knew it I was in the sweet spot of housecleaning ecstasy. #magic

Later, without social media or Netflix to entertain me, I sat down to read a cooking magazine and felt the most wonderful and unfamiliar sensation: A GENUINE DESIRE TO COOK SOMETHING. This was bordering on a miracle.

Cooking has never been my strong suit, but as I looked over these magazines I felt the oh-so-pleasant ache of craving.  I deeply desired a tall glass of hibiscus iced tea and a summer squash frittata. These were not desires coming from what had been put in front of me in a news feed. These desires were coming from inside of me. My burn-out was being replaced by a burning appetite, not just for food, but for savoring the present moment.

As the 6-hour experiment came to a close, you couldn’t have paid me to turn on my phone! That night, I snuggled into freshly washed sheets with a book about Tuscan life in my hands. My belly, my heart, my mind, and my soul felt FULL. Not full from all I had squeezed into the day, but full from all I squeezed out of it by turning my attention toward what is real.

May this story serve as a powerful reminder of connection; not the digital kind, but the kind that comes from tasting fresh zucchini and smooth Gruyere baked into fluffy eggs, mixed and made with one’s own hands.

Toasting you with a glass of hibiscus iced tea,






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