Pleasure: What I Know To Be True



What does that word evoke for you?

Kissing? A weekend at the spa? Chocolate dipped in chili pepper? An orgasm?

These things offer enormous amounts of pleasure, to be sure.

But what about the pleasure that comes from crying hysterically at the end of a movie?

Or the pleasure you feel after volunteering for a cause you believe in?

Or the thrill that comes from doing something very scary, but very brave?

I know firsthand the philosophy of using pleasure solely for escape or reward.

But what if life was just one big continuum of pleasure?

What if there was no beginning or end to pleasure, only different flavors of it to be enjoyed?

I’ve been thinking deeply about this topic since I received a powerful email from one of my dearest clients, Stella St. Rose:


Happy New Year! I experienced deep anxiety today and chose to up-level my self-care with your self-massage course. I’ve never nurtured my body with love and tenderness like this.

I thank her for everything she does for me, and when I catch a glimpse of her/me in a mirror, I make sure to practice appreciation. But most of the time when I touch her it is to do something functional, like apply sunscreen, or give myself sexual pleasure.

The surprising thing is, I was completely unaware of this lack of nurturing until I performed the self massage today. Thank you for this gift.

Stella beautifully articulates the way that unless our pleasures are functional (i.e. achieving an orgasm or protecting our skin from the sun) we are hardly able to notice them, much less enjoy them.

Pleasure can feel fraught with innuendo, intrigue and invitation.

With a practice like self massage, we reclaim it’s core virtue: innocence.

This is a perfect time to invest in in the most sustainable source of happiness at your disposal:  feeling deeply at home in your own skin.


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