Pleasure Marketing Vs. Pain Marketing

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Back in my days of being a corporate trainer, I remember hearing this statistic: a person is ten times more likely to buy something that will decrease pain than they are something that will increase pleasure.

How I discovered seduction as a spiritual practice was a multifaceted dance. But one of the places that was my absolute training ground was managing the sales department of a very successful company.  When I first started out as a sales team member, I sucked. Hard. A cold call from me it was like talking to Piglet from Winnie the Pooh.  I was so nervous that I would hang up before you even had the chance to pick up the phone. Or I would spend hours on the phone listening to someone’s life story with no sale in sight, just because I was so grateful someone was talking to me.

Eventually, I had to toughen up and go deeper. I developed deep, personal, caring relationships with my clients. I started making sales through my genuine desire to see my clients grow, rather than just the need to make a quota. I am blessed that I had gifted teachers and coaches to guide me in that process.

The thing that surprised me about becoming savvy at sales is that by default I learned exactly how I could push someone’s buttons if I wanted to. I knew how to listen to someone’s concerns and create a desperate need where there wasn’t one before.  I knew how to pad their resistance and glide them along on a pink cloud, right on into a massive purchase if I wanted to.

But the point is that I didn’t.

One of the things I am most proud of is that after I left that career, both my clients and my team members reflected back to me the integrity they felt in my sales approach.  I never pushed, unless they were asking for a little mother bear nudge. I never manipulated. I stood strong in my belief in the product I was selling, I stood strong in my belief in the client themselves, and I left the results up to a power greater and wiser than the all three of those things combined. And during that time, our team proudly met and often exceeded every target that was set for us.

It seems like there is a lot of marketing out there that is designed to target our pain, make us hyper-aware of it, and then sell a product that provides the solution. Let’s be honest, it’s an approach that works. But let me make one thing clear: I am not interested in scaring you half to death about the progress of your life or lack thereof. I am not interested in making you feel like the Titanic is going down and my courses are the last life preserver on the ship. I care deeply about your pain, but not because I think I can take it away with my magic webinars.

I care about your pain because it is an integral part of what make you, you.  I want to hold your battle scars and perhaps still open wounds up to the light and admire their beauty. I want to touch the war paint on your face and show you the colors of my own. Your pain shows me that you are a woman initiated. You are a woman I can relate to, a woman I respect, and a woman I want to get to know.


One of the most treasured pieces of feedback I’ve gotten from my Deep Dive Alumni is that the class taught them how to truly approve of the way they are living their life, despite the attempts of the predatory ego to convince them otherwise. That they received the power to know and own that they are doing it right, even if they did something wrong. Ownership like that is some of the most potent power on earth.  If we could bottle that stuff, I believe we could heal a lot of pain. But that’s the thing; it can’t be bottled because it is alive.  It is wild, organic, untamed and undomesticated.  Just like seduction. Just like you and me.

So yes, here is a link to the Deep Dive program. And if you choose to join us, I would be thrilled. Because in Deep Dive, you are a member of my tribe and my seduction family, and seeing you take the reigns of your seductive power is my top priority. Every member of this program gets my full attention. It is my pleasure to give, and I know it would bring you more pleasure than you can imagine to receive.

Pleasure, Power and Purpose. These are the three pillars of what is means to live as a sacred seductress. They are the legs of the table, the points on the triangle, and the road map for living a seductive life.

Deep Dive closes for enrollment at 10pm Saturday night. The golden invitation has been extended. I await your RSVP.

With the ecstatic tingle of anticipation,
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Want to take a peek behind the curtain of Deep Dive? Click here to watch the trailer.

A Deep Dive into the Art Of Sacred Seduction


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