It Can Wait

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Just a reminder beauty…

That almost anything can wait the span of a few breaths, or a few minutes.

Repeating the mantra “it can wait”, and then pausing to feel, listen, and breathe can reset your entire nervous system.

It tells the pestering voice of excessive ambition who’s really in charge. 

It is an investment in your ability to focus and prioritize what really matters. 

Being able to stop, feel and focus is an extremely attractive trait.

Not to mention, it is very brave. 

And if there is one thing I know you are, it is brave. 

Happy Sunday lovers, I believe in you.



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Sensation Is An Education

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Just a reminder beauty…

That sensation is an education.

Have you ever seen a sommelier at work?

Someone who knows wine so intimately, their life’s work is study its nuance?

It is an art form to be sure.

It is an art form to be sure.

That same level of mastery is not only possible with your body, it is your birthright.

What sensations do you notice in your body when you feel safe?

What sensations do you notice when you are genuinely relaxed? Not numbed out, but truly relaxed?

How does it feel in your body when you say yes because you truly want something, vs. saying yes because it is easier than saying no?

How does it feel in your body when you let yourself be vulnerable and tell the truth, vs. how it feels when you are faking it?

Knowing these sensations and experiences on a PHYSICAL level provides very valuable information.

The more deeply you understand the sensations in your body, the more agency you have in your life.

Don’t get me wrong – the point is not to be aware and awake 1000% of the time and never go on auto-pilot again. (We would probably combust if that were the case.)

The point is to know your body as much as you can, as well as you can, because knowing sensation allows us to make choices from a more educated place.

So pay attention my sweet; to the professor of your heart, the scholar inside your belly, the wizard in your mind, the sorceress in your pelvis.

School is in SESSION.


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A Pizza Seduction Miracle

Sweet Friends,

As the founder of Sacred Seduction, if there is one thing that is missing in sensual my repertoire it is the ability to cook.

I have tried really hard to find the sensuality in cooking. I yearn to swirl the perfect handful of oregano into a steaming pot of marinara, seduce the pasta water with just the right amount of salt, and get high off the fragrance of basil leaves as I tear them one by one.

But whether it is by nature or nurture, I just….don’t.

I have learned accept that I am an artist with many things, but food just doesn’t happen to be one of them.

Then, Italy happened.

Oh my loves, I had no idea what I was in for.

I have so much to tell to you about the Sacred Seduction Tuscany Retreat.

(Which I will in a week or two when enrollment opens for 2018! Click here to get on the waitlist, this retreat sells out quickly!)

But for right now, I want to tell you about a miracle that happened when I got back.

Said miracle is pictured above: a pear and gorgonzola pizza, THAT I MADE MYSELF.

This pizza my friends, is a true Sacred Seduction.

See, I’ve been trying to make myself enjoy cooking since my easy bake oven days (a toy which, after tasting those pan brownies, I did not understand AT ALL.) I’ve bought fancy cookbooks and even fancier aprons. I’ve tried writing out my weekly menu in French and posting it in my kitchen like a Paris bistro.

All of these things inched me along on the path, but it was listening to the more grand seduction of going to Italy that has caused this more everyday seduction to now feel effortless.

This is a perfect example of the way in which pleasure begets pleasure, and seduction begets seduction.

When you listen to one deep, lifelong desire, it lubricates the way for others to naturally follow suit. (click to tweet!) 

Now, I am aware of a little thing we call the honeymoon period. This is not my first European rodeo!

Which is why I’m going back to Italy as soon as humanly possible! Click here to get on the waitlist and be the first to know when about how to join the next Tuscan adventure.

Buon Apetito,


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SWOON OCTOBER: Moonlight & Pillow Fights

Swoon by Kitty Cavalier

Pumpkin Seeds,

It is with great pleasure that I bring you the October edition of Swoon!Swoon is a monthly feature of all things currently tickling my fancy, that I think will tickle you in just the right places too.

This month we have classy dames, pinup pillow fights, things that will make your heart sparkle and swell, and more.  Enjoy your swooning my darlings!



The nighttime is the right time to salute the moon!   I’m really enjoying easing my way through this moon salutation by candlelight to settle into my evening.  (P.S. Current yoga song obsession – Explorers of Infinity.)

I think that lunch is actually our most important meal, as it offers us an oasis of pleasure in the middle of the day. Let’s snazz it up sister with these simple but elegant recipes. 

Check out these cheeky record covers for instant, awesome, apartment glam!  I am eyeing that cover of “A Star Is Born!”


This divine wrap, inspired by Phryne Fisher, is a statement piece indeed. What statement do you think it makes?

A sweet and touching peek into the tender beauty of new motherhood, Caroline Hardin writes 100 letters to her baby girl and shares them candidly on Instagram. Pass the hand-embroidered hanky please!

What’s more fun than a pin-up pillow fight? A pin-up pillow fight in the SHOWER, that’s what!

IMG_9814Because we can never have enough Ageless Grace in this world, now can we?

This gives me a tremendous amount of inspiration and hope for changing our relationship to work/life balance and encouraging more holidays!

 Interesting ponderings on the impact that internet use has on not just our minds but on our bellies.


I’m in the process of  turning a corner of my home into a dedicated Qoya space.  I have a plush fuchsia carpet on the way and plan to hang this lovely addition above my altar.  Color explosion!

I recently saw a wall covered in several sets of these delightful paper fans and it made my heart SING!   Inexpensive and inventive – my favorite combo!

Your index finger feels like it’s missing something too? Well, good news! I found what we’ve been looking for! 


Sharing is sexy.

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The Most Rewarding Spiritual Quest Of My Life


Today I want to tell you a story about a practice that has been the most challenging and the most rewarding spiritual quest of my life.

It’s called: meditation. :)

Now before you go and puke (like I would have done a year ago) please hear me out.

When I first started practicing meditation about a year ago, it was a rocky road. Some days would be glorious, and I would soak up the quiet space between my thoughts the way crusty bread soaks up a green, fragrant olive oil.

Some days, my mind felt like a passenger on the Titanic scrambling to find a life boat.

Regardless, I could tell that this practice was helping. In scary and uncomfortable moments I was cultivating the tolerance to be there and not run away. What I didn’t realize was that by creating more space for quiet, I was simultaneously creating more space for beauty, honesty and a genuine pleasure the likes of which I had never known, to fill in the gaps.

I remember one night preparing to host a dinner party and I hearing a text come in from my friend Jaime. “Even though I can’t be there tonight I left a little something on the porch!” she said.

I opened my front door and tiptoed out into the summer night. Sitting there was the most brilliant, succulent bouquet of pink stargazer lilies. I scooped them up in my arms and drank in the heady, sweet fragrance of their nectar. I savored their beauty so fully it felt like my eyes were tasting them.

My heart exploded with gratitude as I let this moment of love, care and friendship penetrate me completely.

Were it not for the practice of meditation and becoming present, I would hardly have even noticed this moment of delight.

The experience would have skimmed the surface of my consciousness like a rock skipping over a lake. But because of my newfound ability to be present no matter what the circumstances, I was able to follow the rock’s journey all the way down to the sandy lake floor.

In learning to be there and not run away during times of difficulty, I was now learning how to be there in moments of profound beauty and love.

If meditation is something you haven’t found your sweet spot with, I empathize!

Meditation is not one size fits all, especially for a woman.

Women are wired for flexibility, not rigidity.

We also thrive in circles, not straight lines.

That is why every week in The Vérité Community we have 20-minute meditation calls with the whole group. Every single call is different. We connect to the present moment not just by quieting the mind but by engaging the senses, and connecting profoundly with each other.

If there is one thing this world needs, it is focused, feminine energy.

These calls are a golden way to start the week feeling grounded, supported and inspired.

(Not to mention the weekly treasure box, self care suite, community date night, and members-only retreat that are also included in Vérité membership! )

Friday is the last day to become a member.

Let’s show up for all that life has to offer, one present moment at a time.

Click here to join Vérité now!

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Doin It The Old Fashioned Way

Rose Petals,

Recently on a hike in the woods, I happened upon a magical thing.

A wild turtle sitting right there in the middle of the trail.

I bent down to gaze at it more closely, and felt the profound sense of humility and reverence that occurs when you encounter something wild flood my body.

I noticed the impulse to reach for my phone to take a picture of it to share with you all on social media.

But the mere notion of it just felt so….GROSS.

So violating to this creature, so exploiting to this sacred moment.

So I captured it the old fashioned way: with my senses. I fully took in the bright yellow markings on it’s shell, the dark potency of it’s eyes, the wrinkles in it’s neck, and the length and sharpness of it’s toenails.

As I recall it now, the expansive wings of wonder start to fill my heart all over again.

Do you ever notice that the tighter we try to hold onto these moments, the faster they slip through our fingers?

That by reaching for our cameras to cement in a memory forever, we actually end up actually discarding the memory itself?

I went a wedding this weekend where I didn’t know a single soul other than the bride. I noticed that standing there by myself, I had the strong impulse again, to reach for my phone.

If I didn’t have any friends there, at least I could look make it look like I did by texting with the ones I do have!

But that was not how I wanted to show up.  So I reached out for support and accountability I didn’t fight it from my community in Vérité, and posted this video in our Facebook group:

In sharing my truth and reaching out for support, I cleared the way to bravely face the unknown, feeling my community all around me as I went.

I made so many wonderful new friendships that day.  They all felt so genuine, because I felt so genuine. 

These moments of choosing presence, even when being present includes awkward discomfort, are Vérité in action.

In Vérité we aim to know, speak and live our truth as fully as we can. How we get there is by connecting to what is real and true in the present moment.

The vibrational sound of a friend’s voice, rather than the image of their words in a text.

Being nourished by the simple joy of candlelight, rather than the blue light of a device.

The feeling of the earth under your feet.

The sight of the leaves changing.

The uncomfortable lurch that comes from walking up to a group of strangers and saying “Hi, I’m Kitty.”

Vérité is the bold and beautiful act of being there.

When we are willing to be more present, we automatically become more authentic. 

And isn’t that the whole reason we are here in the first place? To be present, to be there, and to tell the truth?

This is why The Vérité Community is not a program. It is a practice.

We practice so that when we are met with a moment of intimacy we can stay in it, rather than run away.

We practice so that when deep pleasure or great sorrow arrives on our doorstep, wemeet both with open arms.

We are practice so that in moments of conflict, when we are pressed to tell our deepest truths, our voices are clear and hearts are brave.

This is also why I am not a coach, but a companion in this program.  I am practicing and sharing my reports from the field right by your side.

Yes, I am the leader, creator and steward of the Vérité experience.  But the idea is that your truth has the answers.  When we have Q and A calls, the advice I offer is never authoriarian It is always a prompt to spiral you back to your body, and back to your truth, which is where the real answers to your deepest questions dwell.

Vérité is only open for enrollment through September 29th.  The community is intentionally kept small to create a more intimate environment, so there is no scheduled date as to when it will open again.

Click here to become a member now! 

verite header

P.S. – Have questions? Hit reply on this email or click over to our join page and scroll down for FAQs to get all the details on how membership works!


Photo: Time Magazine

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An Ode To The Betrayed

kitty betrayal blog

Cinnamon Sticks,

In my recent class and story hour called “I’m Going To Be Completely Honest With You”, I shared fairly candidly about my own journey with betrayal.

Like many, betrayal has been one of the biggest teachers in my life.

When I first learned that the person I had shared my life with for 11 years had essentially been living a double life, the pain was indescribable. I spent many nights howling harshly, like a wolf who had been badly bitten in the leg.

Over time however, I realized there was a pain even deeper than what had been done to me. It was the betrayal I had done to myself by ignoring inner voice.

See, my mind may not have known that there was something going on behind the scenes, but my bones sure did.

The bones are a powerful symbol. They represent our most indestructible life force. The bones are what remains of us long after we are gone, and they are the very structure around which everything else in the body organizes.

In my marriage there was wonderful communication, we took excellent care of each other and we genuinely loved one another. And yet, there was always a feeling in my bones telling me something was off.

It was a feeling I couldn’t quite put my finger on. It was a blunt, fuzzy vibration, like a church bell being banged on from the outside, rather than a clear, clean clang from the inside.

Because I had no evidence or even suspicion, I thought the ringing in my bones must have meant there was a problem with me!

I thought I just needed to be more grateful for this wonderful man, or read more books on how to open up to love, or take more classes on how to have hour-long orgasms…blah, blah, blah.

At the end of the day, I didn’t need any of those things. What I needed was the truth.

And yet, hadn’t I pushed away the truth over and over again every time I ignored this clanging in my bones? If I had been feeling this way the whole, time, why hadn’t I been honest about it with him?

I had to come face to face with the fact that I had kept my truth from him too.

I had not given him my Vérité.

Vérité being the truth beneath the truth. The truth that is not nice, nor is it mean. The truth that is the essence of intimacy.

It was a bitter pill to swallow, but I had admit to myself that by not giving him my full truth, I had betrayed him too.

When I was finally able to admit that, I was free.

A woman in the class asked me the question: do you ever get over the pain of betrayal?

My answer after having gone through this experience is that getting over my pain doesn’t really interest me as much as listening to what it has to teach me. Because when I finally took off the blinders and looked my truth square in the eye, what I saw was not pain, but POWER.

In choosing to listen to my pain, I got the power of my bones back.

And I can honestly say that I would not have skipped this pain, because being able to KNOW who I really am, and live that freely in the world, is a deeper pleasure than any I have ever known.

The question I have for you is: what is your truth underneath the truth?

What is the truth that risks everything in order to share it, and yet the risk of not sharing it is even greater?

Right now, there is a society of women who are LIVING the answers to these questions, and their name is Vérité.

This group of gutsy babes believes that knowing, telling and living their truth is the most important thing they can do to show up completely in their own lives, and create positive change in the world (not to mention the sexiest.)

Vérité replaces the idea of being “brutally honest” with being “beautifully honest.”

Because telling the truth is powerful. Telling the truth is sexy. But most importantly, telling the truth is what we are here for.

Vérité is only open for enrollment through September 29th. The community is intentionally kept small to create a more intimate environment, so there is no scheduled date as to when it will open again.

Click here to join us, and become a member now

P.S. – have questions? Send us an email at, we would love to hear from you!

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What REALLY happens before a big launch

Pomegranate Seeds,

They say that when you do something over and over, it gets easier every time. I find this to be true, but this past Wednesday when I delivered my story hour called “I’m Going To Be Completely Honest With You”, the lead up was far from easy.

I am extremely comfortable in the role of teacher, but this presentation was different than just teaching. This was a full-hour of truth telling.

I would like to tell you that the night before I drank a soothing cup of tea, watched an episode of Miss Fisher, and got to bed early so I could wake up refreshed. But the truth was, at 11pm I was still up and wired, still rehearsing, and still working to make all the details “perfect.” (#virgo)

While sitting at the dining room table, my eyes wandered to a box of supplies for a halloween themed gingerbread house, which I had bought for my Mom and I to do as a craft while she was visiting.

A minute later the windows of that gingerbread house had found their way down my gullet. I sarcastically sent this picture to some close friends who had been supporting me in my preparations with the caption:


Photo on 9-12-17 at 11.27 PM

Those who watched the story hour probably had no idea I had been anxious, because in the moment I delivered it, I felt surrendered and calm.

This was partly due to my high level of preparation, but mostly it was because of my practice of Vérité.

What is Vérité? It is the french word for truth, but it is also a state of being.

Vérité is what happens when we slow down to connect to the present moment, engage with what’s real, and simply show up in life as exactly who we are.

For 90 minutes before the class I put down my notes, settled into prayer, and asked the divine to speak through me. I meditated to clear my mind, danced to connect to my body, and set the intention I may contribute to others finding their Vérité, rather than try to control the outcome.

The result was that I felt calm, connected and open. I had a freakin’ blast with you all! (p.s. the playback is available for a limited time – click here to check it out.)

In writing this to you, my intention is the same: to model Vérité by showing you that the freaked-out, 11pm gingerbread thief can exist right alongside the calm, cool, collected presenter. That the two are not mutually exclusive, and that one does not invalidate the other.

That is why The Vérité Community exists, to give women a place to slow down, drop the mask, get real, and connect to the place where all your power lives, which is in the present moment.

In Vérité we come together as a community to explore ancient practices like meditation, movement and mindulness, with a sensual, playful feminine twist.

When we slow down to connect to what’s real, we cannot help but show up more authentically in our lives.

If intimacy, connection, presence and authenticity are values that you cherish and protect, there is a place waiting for you in this community.

This is the most comprehensive program I have ever offered, and it is also the most affordable program I have ever offered. 

Enrollment is only open for a limited time.

Click here to join us, and become a member now.

With sweet gingerbread breath, 


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Birthday Plot Twist

Beautiful Birthday Batter

Beautiful Birthday Batter

Clove Buds, 

Yesterday marked my 37th spin around the sun. 

Normally I like to celebrate my birthday in pretty grand, old-Hollywoood style: glamorous outfits, glamorous cocktails, glamorous atmosphere, glamorous everything! 

When I turned 30 I had a big, blowout bash with 100 guests, burlesque performers, signature cocktails and all the rest. 

But this year, I wanted things to be a bit different. 

I think this was the first birthday since I turned 18 that I didn’t have a drop of alcohol, nor did I crave one.  Rather than inviting a big group friends and acquaintances to go out dancing, I invited a core group of about seven women to dance around the fireplace in my home.  

These days more than ever, I crave what’s real. 

Things like intimacy over intoxication,  presence over popularity, baking my own cupcakes rather than buying them. 

Technology has worked wonders to connect us, but what is it actually connecting us to?

The night before my birthday I took my birthdate off of my Facebook profile.  Without a deluge of messages streaming in (p.s. thank you if you sent one or would have liked to!) I found I could actually be present, not have my nose in my phone, and imprint the memory of this birthday through my body and my senses. 

I spent the day with eyes and heart wide open, and it felt freaking great. 

If I had heard myself lay out this plan ten years ago, I probably would have probably been horrified at it’s simplicity. 

But life is full of plot twists. 

And on Wednesday September 13th at 3pm ET I’m so excited to share these plot twists and more with you at my free class & story hour called “I’m going to be completely honest with you.” 


In this class I will be sharing about the big changes that have been going on behind the scenes in my own life, and how the simple act of connecting to what’s real can be more satisfying than a funfetti cupcake. 

I’d be honored to have you as my guest, click here to join us! 

All my love and gratitude, 


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Romper Wisdom


Sigh, this satin romper.

I put it on in the dressing room and it felt like butter against my skin.

Everything about it was perfect except…the top button wouldn’t close.

I made all kinds of rationalizations as to why I should buy it anyway. “The price is so good! I could just wear it open with a bra!”.

All of these dealings were true and very convincing to my mind, but when I took a pause and felt into the truth underneath the truth, I knew what would really happen.

I would get home, hang it up, and never wear it again.

So with the bitter sadness that comes from finding something that feels like destiny except for one tiny detail, I placed it back on the rack.

There have been many times in my life when grasping, speedy thoughts have caused me to make choices rooted in fantasy, rather than reality. (And I’m not just talking about my romper collection.)

This is just one small example of the way honesty preserves our most valuable resource: our focused attention.

I am grateful that I don’t have a piece of beautiful clutter staring back at me every time I open my closet today, or that the distraction of going back to the store to make a return is not taking up real estate in my consciousness.

Honesty redirects us to what’s real, and what’s important. Which (hard to imagine I know) feels even better than smooth satin across bare skin.

Here’s to more honesty, less waste, and to the delicious anticipation of the RIGHT romper coming along (literally or metaphorically), whenever the time is right.

If this story resonates with you, buckle up baby! On September 13th at 3pm ET I will be sharing my own personal journey with truth as the ultimate medicine, and the most wise, loyal teacher a girl could ask for. Click here to join me in front of the fireplace!

All my love,


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