An Investment Guaranteed To Payoff

An Investment With Guaranteed Payoff

Get that money, girl


When it comes to resources, there are three that top the list:

1. Money

2. Time

3. Energy

The thing is, when it comes to efficiency, these are listed and treated in a backwards order.

We usually put all of our attention on growing and squandering the first two, when what we are really after the whole time is #3.

Have you ever watched a three year old in action and thought “God, if I had that much energy, I’d get so much done!”

Children have a limitless amount of energy to support their growth. When we become adults, it’s not so much that our energy drains.

It is that we are taught faulty investment strategies when it comes to the use of this resources.

Examples of these faulty investment strategies:

– Fake smiles

– Sitting all day

– Putting the need for production ahead of the need for pleasure and fun

If we were in school for investing, this strategy would be considered a lesson in TOTAL LOSS.

I got rear ended recently, and the insurance company called my case a total loss, meaning the value of the car did not exceed the amount it would cost to perform the repairs.

I wonder what would happen if just for one day, you prioritized investing in your energy first and foremost?

What would give you the biggest ROI’s at the end of the day?

What would change in your routine if your intention was not producing and earning as much as you can, but protecting and nurturing the energy that allows you to produce and earn in the first place?

What if instead of milking your energy reserves until the teats run dry, or falsely stimulating milk (energy) production with hormones and synthetics, you simply gave your body the time and space to create more milk? Even if that is only  a few deep breaths, right….now?

This is definitely one gamble worth taking.



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Are you sitting on your assets, but calling them flaws?

django_wide-c0793de0a0caa09c3c110ffc92186147641e510dDear Ones,

Do you love a good miracle story?

Especially one about a legendary 1930’s French musician with a polka dot tie and a pencil mustache?

Good. Read on.

Yesterday was Django Rheinhart’s bithday.

Mr. Reinhardt was one of the greatest guitar players of the 20th century. He was born in Belgium in a wooden trailer to a family of Roma (or gypsies, as they’re commonly called.) The word gypsy gets quite romanticized these days, but in 1910 this was no glamorous title. Being a Roma meant being an outcast; distrusted and persecuted wherever you went.

Django was a wildly talented self-taught musician, mastering the guitar and banjo as a child, and playing Paris nightclubs in his teens. But one night in 1928, at the age of 18, a tragic fire brought on by a dropped candle set his caravan aflame. He and his young wife made it out alive, but his leg and hand were badly burned.

He permanently lost the use of two fingers on his left hand.

For many, that would have meant the end of their career. But Django persevered. He adapted his playing to accommodate the loss of his fingers and went on to become one of the greatest jazz musicians of all time.

In fact, many say that it was BECAUSE OF his impairment that his music had such personality and distinction.

Did you catch that?

Not in spite of his impairment. BECAUSE OF.

His flaw became his greatest asset.

Before I started performing burlesque, I couldn’t even wear short sleeves because I was so ashamed of my arms, not to mention the rest of my body.

But when I started attending burlesque shows and saw legends like Dirty Martini,  Little Brooklyn,  World Famous *BOB*, Tigger,  Jo Weldon and Perle Noire, I saw that it wasn’t conformity that made them so spectacular. It was their NON-conformity that made them irresistible to watch.

When I started performing myself, the best compliment a fan could give me was to say “After watching you, I feel so much permission to just be exactly who I am.”

In my case, my once perceived flaws – my belly and hip flesh that jiggled, my breasts that swung low – were now my greatest assets.

The Course in Miracles says: “A miracle is just a shift in perception from fear to love.”

What “flaws” might you be trying to hide right now, that may just be your greatest assets waiting to be uncovered?

What miracles have you been searching for, that you may in fact be already sitting on as we speak?

Hit play on this playlist I made for you, and Django may just help you find out.

Rooting for you,


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When pain is medicine

then the risingYou know how some people choose a word as their theme for the year ahead? When I look back on 2017, if I could choose a word retrospectively, it would probably be PAIN.

2017 was the year that I let pain have its way with me. All the behaviors I had previously used to numb or soften pain (booze, boys and spending namely) came to a complete stop.

When someone speaks of a dramatic transformation, there is usually a statement like “one day I realized” or “one day I just decided,” and after that life becomes a golden butterball.

I call bullshit on this.

I know that if the soul could speak, it would say “one day the pain became so unbearable, I had no choice but to do things differently.”

Some nights the pain was so bad I felt like it was burning me up. And it did burn me up, thank God. It burned me up so good it burned away all the bullshit.

What was left behind is the truth of who I really am.

It all came down to this: I’d rather live a boring life that’s true, than glamorous life that is an illusion. (tweet it)

Today, my life isn’t boring at all. (Well, sometimes it is, but I know now that that’s because I’m human, not because I’m boring.) I am a different person than I was a year ago – more grounded, less afraid, more honest, and definitely more genuinely happy.

I share this with you today because weekends – Sundays especially – were always the hardest times. If you are having a hard weekend, if you are in the burn, please remember that pain is it’s own kind of medicine. When you stop telling it to shut up, it becomes teacher rather than just torturer. And you are not alone.

This process is far from over for me. But as someone whose made it to the other side of the burn more than once, I can say with absolute conviction that it is SO. WORTH. IT.

First the pain, then the waiting, then the RISING. ❤️ I love you.

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Italy Is Calling, And We Must Go


As we begin this new year, you may be thinking about a life change – a new chapter.

You may be feeling like last year went by so fast, as all years seem to do, and you are determined to do things differently this time.

You want 2018 to be the most sensual, embodied, pleasure filled year of your life.

And I am thrilled to announce that your timing is just perfect.

Today, The 2018 Sacred Seduction Tuscany Retreat is officially open for enrollment.

There are many ways to tour Tuscany, but none like this.


Take a moment and imagine yourself…

…being woken by the sound of sweet birds perched high in the olive trees outside your bedroom window. You stretch your body across fine cotton sheets and open your eyes to the 17th century villa you call home for this week. You look out the window and see rolling hills, gorgeous gardens, perfectly lined vineyards and bubbling marble fountains.

After a delicious gourmet breakfast of fluffy eggs, homemade granola, freshly picked fruit and fine Italian coffee, you walk to a secret garden to dance and move your body in a Qoya class, with the warm Tuscan sun on your back. You spend a luxurious morning studying the feminine arts alongside some of the most interesting, heart-centered, hilarious women you have ever met.

After a farm-fresh, delicious lunch you head into the city of Lucca for a few leisurely hours of shopping and sightseeing, concluding the afternoon with a slow glass of wine while people watching on the piazza.

Upon returning to the villa you take a sunset swim in the garden pool, then dress for an elegant dinner, followed by an evening of surprise, sensory delights and meaningful transformation.


This retreat delights you with all the pleasures of Tuscany, while inspiring and daring you to grow into the sensual, confident, powerful woman you have always longed to become.

  • “Italy was my wake up call. Before the retreat I identified as a victim of a hurtful love relationship, repeatedly telling myself and others I was unhappy and unsure of myself. Post-Italy, I have matured into the hero of my own story of independence.” LISA KRAFT
  • “This retreat was the deepest relaxation and calm I have felt in over 20 years.” NATALIE KNIGHT
  • “The tools I learned continue to transform me every day. I walk this earth with a reverence I didn’t know how to access before the retreat. It’s a feeling every woman deserves.” LAUREL DUNCAN

The 2017 retreat sold out in ten days.

These rooms will go FAST so click here to grab yours! And yes, there are payment plans available!

I can’t think of a more powerful way to begin this year than by investing in your power, confidence, pleasure and presence.

Click here to join the adventure of a lifetime!

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New Year, New Reasons to SWOON!

Swoon by Kitty Cavalier



I am so pleased to bring you 2018’s first edition of SWOON! If you’re new to Swoon, it is a monthly blog feature where I deliver all the articles, items, and ideas that currently send me to the fainting couch in delight.  Get your feather fan ready, here we go!


Photo Jan 08, 9 07 05 PM

  • I recently re-watched the movie Advanced Style with a friend who had never seen it before.  When she asked  why I love it so much, my answer was: “Often the image of Divine Feminine calls to mind a woman in robes with her hands in prayer.  But when I think of the Divine Feminine, it is these women I see.”  If you haven’t seen this movie, run, don’t walk to watch it now!
  • The creators of the movie also made this COLORING book which I promptly ordered an now proudly own.
  • Calling all Harry Potter Nerds who also happen to be Glamazons!

Photo Jan 08, 9 14 45 PM

Photo Jan 08, 9 16 17 PM

Photo Jan 08, 9 17 43 PM

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The One Intention You Can Count On This Year

The One Intention You Can Count On This Year

Dear Confetti Sprinkles,

I’ve noticed a trend lately, and I’m wondering if you’ve seen it too.

A flood of meme’s and updates that say something like:

“I’m going to SLAY 2018!”

“I’m going to KILL IT in 2018!!”

“2018 better WATCH OUT!!!”

These are usually following, or right alongside, pictures of people stomping on, hitting, or tossing 2017 in the garbage.

Do you also notice, that it is usually the same people every year who post these images, simply switching out the current year for the year before?

As I set my intentions fireside on New Years Eve, I did not ask for anything specific. “The truth is” I wrote, “I may think I know what I want, but I have very little idea of what I actually need. So my only true intention this year is to be a woman of character.”

I, like you, have no clue what this year will bring.

Most likely, it will bring lessons, growth, hardships, joys, surprises, and more. Just like the year before it, and just like the year before that.

I do not wish to slay it, or kill it.

I wish to PARTNER with it.

I wish to be shaped by it, to work with it, to meet it like a friend who I can count on to be brutally beautifully honest.

While we can’t control time itself, we can control how we allow time to shape us. (click to tweet)

Will we take the challenges of this year and allow them to make us more kind, wise, and discerning?

Will we meet our next New Years Eve stomping on ’18, hoping  lucky 19 will be our saving grace?

Or will we bow to 2018 the way a student bows to their teacher, with quiet reverence and respect?

We’ve got 362 days to find out.

Rooting for you,


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The Pace Of Grace


Ribbon Curls,

Recently I was on the phone with a girlfriend who is going through a really tough, WTF, skin-on-fire kind of breakup. 

When I asked her how she would like to be supported, she opted for feedback. “As trite as it sounds, what if we just took this a day at a time?” I asked. 

“A day at a time??” she yelled back. “Every day I wake up in hell, then stay in hell all day, then pray for sleep until 4am, then I wake up in hell all over again! Why would I take this a day at a time when every single day SUCKS!?” 

It was a very, very valid point. 

“Okay….” I replied, “How about one minute at a time? What if for the next 60 seconds, we just sit here together and breathe?

I know it won’t take the pain away. I know it won’t change things. But I’m here. I’m not going anywhere. And I know we can get through the next 60-seconds if we do it together. Ready?”

Our one minute came and went. 

It wasn’t easy. 

It wasn’t pretty. 

But we made it through. Together. 

This my friends, is the pace of grace. 

The pace of grace doesn’t happen in grand sweeps.

It happens one breath, one minute, one heartbeat at a time. Like a baby’s toenails.  

I know it sounds funny, but come on! Baby toenails don’t get there because of one bold wave of The Toenail Fairy’s wand! They gracefully grow one heartbeat, one breath, one moment at a time. 

May we all remember, that all great things are created one breath, one heartbeat, one moment at a time.

Inhaling + Exhaling,


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Feel Everything


Dear Ones,

I know that for you, self-love is more than just personal.

It is more than manicures and marshmallows.

Self love is an act of rebellion, and a form of resistance.

That is why I want to share with you one very simple, easy way you can change the world, right now.


The action is: be in your body.

That’s it.

Whatever is happening in this moment, just be there in the body that is yours.

Right now.

Why, and how does this change the world?

Being in the body requires that we feel.

Feeling causes empathy.

Empathy causes us to care for each other.

Can you imagine if all world leaders were given rigorous, relentless training on how to take The Sacred Pause before making any big decisions?

It would be a much kinder, caring world indeed.

I want that world to be our reality.

That is why every one of my programs follows a different path, but each leads right back to the same sacred and holy place: Your Body.

A woman who understands the importance and the power of embodiment is House of Loveness founder, Betsy Blankenbaker.

In her book Autobiography of an Orgasm (called “the anti-Fifty Shades of Grey” by the U.K.’s Sunday Times) Betsy’s writes in candid detail about studying sensuality to heal her body and mind from sexual assaults.

Without the journey to back to the body, Betsy would not be the world changing truth teller she is today.

This is why every purchase from the Flash Sale Fundraiser comes with a bonus gift of Betsy’s book, as well as a copy of my own, so that on the journey of coming how to your body, you are supported every step of the way.

Betsy and I would be so proud to be on your team.

There are only a few hours left to save, and 20% of all purchases go straight to House of Loveness.

Here’s to feeling more, settling less, and making this world a more peaceful and pleasurable place for all.

shop flash sale button

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Sweet Friends,

I love a good end of year sale.

You love a good end of year sale.

But what we BOTH love even more, is an end of year sale with a PURPOSE – amirght???

That is why for 48-hours only I am having FLASH SALE!  $100 off every course and free gifts with every purchase!

Even MORE exciting than the sale however, is that 20% of every purchase goes to a very special organization called House of Loveness.

House of Loveness was created by my dear friend Betsy Blankenbaker; a wise, old-soul kind of woman with sparkling eyes and a contagious laugh.

She is also one of the most sensual women I know.  She is the author of Autobiography of an Orgasm; a sexy, spiritual memoir of Betsy’s decision to study orgasm as a way to heal her body and her heart from sexual assault.

26175726_1681415308569725_1448270740_n I want to take a moment to tell you the extremely compelling story of how House of Loveness was born, and what your purchases during this sale will support.

During the height of the Zimbabwe cholera epidemic in 2008, four abandoned newborn babies were brought to a local hospital in a wheelbarrow.  

The nurses at the hospital gave each of the children names.  There were three boys and a girl. The little girl’s was named Loveness.

Betsy learned about Loveness through a friend, and immediately sent a letter to the hospital stating a desire to adopt her. She spent the next three weeks immersed in the process of adoption and preparing her home and her heart for a new child.  Betsy left for Zimbabwe (having never been to Africa before) with 300 lbs of donations from family and friends for the four babies, and ready to meet her new daughter with open arms.

After 20 hours of flying and weeks of physical and emotional preparation, Betsy arrived at the hospital, and was greeted with unexpected news.

Just hours before her arrival, Loveness had died.

In fact, all four of the babies had died.

She met Loveness for the first time in the hospital morgue.

In Betsy’s words: 

“On December 2nd I buried Loveness in a local cemetery in a field of fresh graves.  In a white coffin Loveness was surrounded by the four baby boys whose unclaimed bodies had been in the morgue for more than week. I threw dirt on all five coffins while nurses from the hospital sang beautiful African songs. The moment I buried Loveness,  Zimbabwe became my back yard, and House of Loveness was born.”


Since that day in 2008, House of Loveness has provided children with housing, education, meals, transportation to school and so much more. It has recently expanded to offer much needed medical care and jobs to women and mothers.

This 48 hour sale runs from from 12:00am Wednesday until 11:59pm ET on Thursday.

20% of every purchase goes to the women and children of House of Loveness.

I am so proud and excited to draw 2017 to a close by supporting the efforts of this very special organization that is founded, fueled and run by LOVE.

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Community: It’s Not Just The People You Like (It’s More)

community quote

Snow Angels,

When it comes to community, I used to thing that word meant a big gang of friends to have impromptu Friday night pot lucks with. That’s part of it, but more and more I’m learning that community simply means: the person standing next to me.

A place that has taught me so much about community is my local yoga studio, Asheville Community Yoga. They are a world class studio that is completely non-profit. They believe yoga should be for available everyone, whether you can afford it or not. If you can’t give back with money you can give back with time. Everyone comes together to keep this place not only running but flourishing. It inspires me so.

In this age which allows us to keep in close touch with friends all over the world, I find it’s easy to feel like I have a million friends, but not a strong sense of “community.” I’m committed to changing that in 2018.

I’m daring myself to have a party for all my neighbors I haven’t met yet. I’m volunteering for the Carolina Abortion Fund. I’m going to host Friday pot lucks (rather than just wish for them), and encourage every friend to bring a new friend we don’t already know.

In 2018 I’m committed to investing in my community members, whether I know them or not, whether I like them or not. (P.S. – usually I find that if I don’t like them, it’s most likely because I haven’t taken the time to know them yet.)

As Glennon Doyle says, “We belong to each other.”

Do you too find that in this digital age you long for a sense of community? What are you doing to change that this year?

I would love to hear from you here.

See you at the potluck,



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