My Book Is Here!

book cover(I’m finding it extremely difficult to write anything in this message to you other than MY BOOK IS HERE!!  But here goes….)

A few months ago I was browsing the bookstore searching for something to page through that would inspire me sensually.  To my dismay, I found nothing.  There were plenty of books on how to give a good B.J. in the sex section, how to navigate a breakup in relationships and how to cook regional meals in cooking.  But no book  captured my sensual soul.  There was no book that seduced me into going home, drawing a bath and eating a dinner of aphrodisiacs.  I was shocked by the lack in sensual, seductive information and inspiration.  So that night, I went home and I  wrote one. 😉
Sacred Seduction, Chapter 2
I started one at least.  I had made previous attempts to write a book many times but had always gotten derailed by the overwhelming scope of how many directions I could go in.  But after this experience at the book store, I was certain and clear.  For two weeks I wrote day and night, literally, until sunrise.  Once the sun came up I dragged my laptop to the coffee shop and I would write some more.  It was like I suddenly had an inner divining rod leading me oh-so-clearly in the direction of my dream.  
And today, I am proud to say that after many revisions and an exhaustive design process…
Well, she is almost here.  Her official launch party kicks off Tuesday June 17th, and YOU, my darling reader, are invited to celebrate with me.  Let’s usher this beautiful baby out of my arms and into yours in style! Light candles, pop the champagne, bring your ball gown! I will be there in full regalia myself!

Spend these precious 60 minutes with with me and you will:

  • learn the foundational secrets to living seduction as a way of life
  • get the very first look between the covers of my book
  • be entered to win amazing prizes.  Really good ones.  (No downloads.)  These are items from my personal trousseau of sacred seduction.
  • And of course, everyone who attends gets a present from me. (because what’s a party without favors?)

 This invitation is hand designed for you, if:

  • You want to experience a new paradigm of seduction.  One where authenticity overrides disguise
  • You wish to discover your own unique code of captivation
  • You long to learn the practice of seduction, not as manipulation, but as a path of wholeness and self-love
  • You’d like to infuse every area of your life with seduction (not just sex + romance) (but also, sex + romance 😉
  • You’d like to experience your sensuality as a superpower (and know how to harness it)

Since guests will be attending from all over the world I am broadcasting three times throughout the day: 1pm, 6pm and 9pm EST

  an excerpt from Chapter 3

Part ode. Part archeological dig. Part memoir. Part mentoring. Part gallery, part recipe book, part Pinterest board.

Truly, it’s more than a book. She’s a prism illuminating every facet and angle of sacred seduction. She’s a unique collection of essays, stories, parlor games, and inspiration for becoming a sacred seductress.


 Sacred Seduction is a sophisticated art … and a lifelong discovery.
If you have been craving more juice, play, and pleasure in your life … your Sacred Seductress is already beckoning to you.

Ready to follow her lead?
Join me June 17th

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