New Monthly Feature: SWOON!

Swoon by Kitty Cavalier

My Darling Doves,

After Deep Dive launched last week I have given myself the most seductive gift of all: down time.  In that down time I have come across a myriad of things I am itching to share with you. This happens to me often, so rather than just dropping links here and there, I’ve decided to make this a new monthly feature called (what else?) – SWOON!

I hope you enjoy this dreamy digest of May delights.

SWOON_1Fuck That! A Manifesto – a must read by the formidable and fabulous Gala Darling.

The Public Library. Remember those? I do my best work in libraries.  I’m writing to you from one right now. And I just scored Goldie Hawn’s autobiography for a sweet summer read.  Go visit yours, even if it’s just to smell the books!

You Are Loved box set by my personal aromatherapy muse, Julie Wray at Olivine. Add this to my Christmas List, Birthday List, Easter List, President’s Day List….

SWOON_2She’s preggers! Congrats and love to my dear friend Kate Northrup.  I love how in this post she perfectly models how to savor the arrival of a dream.

I’m always skeptical about Simon and Garfunkel covers after growing up on those songs and holding them so dear, but this performance by First Aid Kit on David Letterman brought a tear to my eye.  Also, the intro by Dave is adorable.

I’m obsessed with White Fir essential oil mixed with Lavender these days.  I got introduced to it by my new massage therapist.  (Who is so talented that I now plan my finances as every $100 being a potential “Jennifer Unit”.)

Phyllis Sues teaches us all the meaning of seduction, and just might be the one to tip the scales and get me to try tango for real.  (That move at 3:00, swoon indeed!)

13 Witchcraft and Magic Museums To Visit, yes please, and thank you very much.

Another dreamy post by Gala Darling featuring a gorgeous video of our week at the Astrotwins retreat in Tulum.  It makes me miss my girls like crazy. (One word: SPONGY!)

What do you find oh-so-swoonable these days? Tell me in the comments!

Fluffing my fainting couch,
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