Ministry In A Miniskirt

1987, 2017

As a child, the future career I longed for most was to become a priest.  Every Sunday morning before the rest of my family woke up, I would put on my Dad’s bathrobe and my Mom’s scarf, set out two candles (which I couldn’t light because I was too young to light a match), and pretend I was the preacher giving a mass. 

I spoke sermons, baptized my baby dolls and cut tiny circles of bread to serve as the Eucharist.  As I would play I could feel a calling of service and spirituality unfold inside me like a fragrant Easter lily.

In the faith I grew up in however, women were not permitted to be priests.  That dream died on the vine until a recent weekend when I was asked to create a service for the Unitarian Universalist church, of which my Mom is a member.

This particular congregation has a part-time minister, which means that half the time the minister creates the service, and on the off weeks someone from the congregation itself does the job. When the worship organizer learned of my work and asked me to create a service, I may have knocked her over with the volume of my resounding “YES!”

Not only was this a chance to live my childhood dream, it was an opportunity to give back to a community that has given so much love, friendship and kindness to my mom and myself.

The U.U. principles are inclusive of all roads to faith.  The theme I chose for the service was “Letting Spirit Speak Through The Senses.” We sang the songs Morning Has Broken and Wake Now My Senses, and read the touching, simple poem “Trees” by Joyce Kilmer. 

For my homily, I shared straight from my heart about my personal journey of disowning and then reclaiming my body as an instrument through which I communicate with Spirit.  I shared stories about using my senses to pray, like this one about the day my Dad passed away. We did a meditation that honored the body as a temple, and an exercise to open our eyes to the beauty all around us.

I recorded my talk to share with you here. Just click the image to have a listen. I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!   (Note: The audio quality did not come out as superb as I planned so I invite you to use it as an opportunity to listen more deeply.)

To close the service we sang “Annie’s Song” by John Denver, (a.k.a. “You Fill Up My Senses”.)  Mom was standing next to me, and as I put my arm around her shoulders and she put her arm around my waist, we both started to cry.  That song was a lullaby she used to sing to me as a baby.  As the whole congregation sang together, I swelled with gratitude at how lyrics to this song were imprinted into my cells as a child, and helped to shape my destiny.

Here’s to childhood dreams coming true in unexpected ways, and dreams we may not even know we have, like performing ministry in a miniskirt.

All My Love,







  1. I love this! I too was always drawn to spirituality, though never saw how I, a very Pagan girl from birth, could ever really step into that Calling. That Calling got louder, and a few years ago I followed and took SWA Mastery as an integral piece of my own work to step into myself deeper. I’m now entering my second year at One Spirit Interfaith Seminary. I still struggle with how to full be me and express the multifaceted Calling I hear. The title of this post, Ministry in a Miniskirt, jumped out of my Facebook timeline and some still hidden part of me yelled YES! I’m not often in miniskirts these days but you stepping into your spiritual Calling in your own way, fully you is a message to me from Goddess to keep stepping out in my own unique ways as well. Thank you for being you, and sharing your journey.

  2. What a treat Kitty. It reminded me of the church I go to, only with your special sacred touch. I loved it! My only regret is that I wasn’t there to enjoy it personally. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Kitty, Thank you for this beautiful honoring sermon filled with so much sass and fun, as if you were born for this. I love how you & the fairies of the Universe aligned with this calling from your childhood. It would be fun to witness you taking this into the podcast world, or down the youtube channel road. Was also drawn to the meditation you have at the end. If you’re inspired, it would be a delicious meditation with soothing sensual music behind.

  4. This is enrapturing for me, seeing it happen as a person who has compartmentalized her deep sensuality and deep spirituality for a great many years. I realized over this weekend, and now with this sermon as the cherry on top, that the two are sacredly bound together resulting in the human experience. My human experience.

    Thank you, Kitty. <3 All the absolute best to you and yours.

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