Make Space For Grace

Do you remember when you first learned how to pray?

As a little kid I prayed because I thought it would make me a good girl. As a rebellious teenager I wouldn’t be caught dead praying in public, but at night I would talk to God when no one was looking.

As a young adult I did alot of “Santa Claus” praying – stating grand desires and setting specific time frames in which they should manifest. I’d do abundance rituals, love rituals, rituals to find my dream job, etc.

All of it seemed spiritual on the outside, but when I take an honest look my true intention was: “God please bring me money, love and clarity on my purpose so I can become rich and famous and have great sex within 30 days or less, ok?”

Today, I talk to the Divine as a trusted friend, rather than an authority figure I’m trying to impress. I also don’t pray for specific things anymore, instead I say a simple, powerful prayer in the morning that goes like this:

Please show me, and make me willing to look.

Please speak to me, and make me willing to listen.

Please guide me, and make me willing to act.

Then I sit for about ten minutes (or sometimes ten breaths), and in those silent moments, I make space for grace.

Grace is what floods in when I suddenly, intuitively know how to handle a problem that all the effort in the world couldn’t seem to fix.

I could read every book, go to every course and talk to every counselor, but grace? Grace is FREE Y’ALL!

What grace demands is not effort, but wide open space. (tweet this)

quote. grace demands not effort

If I sit on my hands, get out of my own way, and (lovingly) put a sock in it, grace slowly appears like Charlotte the spider, quietly weaving her web in the moonlight.

How do you define grace, practice it, and make space for it? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

With grace and love,




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  1. That’s why I love Divine Mary…her pray starts Hail Mary full of grace…I bought those beautiful Mother Mary divinity deck u recommended & start with my Hail Mary & pic a card ….

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