Italy Is Calling, And We Must Go


As we begin this new year, you may be thinking about a life change – a new chapter.

You may be feeling like last year went by so fast, as all years seem to do, and you are determined to do things differently this time.

You want 2018 to be the most sensual, embodied, pleasure filled year of your life.

And I am thrilled to announce that your timing is just perfect.

Today, The 2018 Sacred Seduction Tuscany Retreat is officially open for enrollment.

There are many ways to tour Tuscany, but none like this.


Take a moment and imagine yourself…

…being woken by the sound of sweet birds perched high in the olive trees outside your bedroom window. You stretch your body across fine cotton sheets and open your eyes to the 17th century villa you call home for this week. You look out the window and see rolling hills, gorgeous gardens, perfectly lined vineyards and bubbling marble fountains.

After a delicious gourmet breakfast of fluffy eggs, homemade granola, freshly picked fruit and fine Italian coffee, you walk to a secret garden to dance and move your body in a Qoya class, with the warm Tuscan sun on your back. You spend a luxurious morning studying the feminine arts alongside some of the most interesting, heart-centered, hilarious women you have ever met.

After a farm-fresh, delicious lunch you head into the city of Lucca for a few leisurely hours of shopping and sightseeing, concluding the afternoon with a slow glass of wine while people watching on the piazza.

Upon returning to the villa you take a sunset swim in the garden pool, then dress for an elegant dinner, followed by an evening of surprise, sensory delights and meaningful transformation.


This retreat delights you with all the pleasures of Tuscany, while inspiring and daring you to grow into the sensual, confident, powerful woman you have always longed to become.

  • “Italy was my wake up call. Before the retreat I identified as a victim of a hurtful love relationship, repeatedly telling myself and others I was unhappy and unsure of myself. Post-Italy, I have matured into the hero of my own story of independence.” LISA KRAFT
  • “This retreat was the deepest relaxation and calm I have felt in over 20 years.” NATALIE KNIGHT
  • “The tools I learned continue to transform me every day. I walk this earth with a reverence I didn’t know how to access before the retreat. It’s a feeling every woman deserves.” LAUREL DUNCAN

The 2017 retreat sold out in ten days.

These rooms will go FAST so click here to grab yours! And yes, there are payment plans available!

I can’t think of a more powerful way to begin this year than by investing in your power, confidence, pleasure and presence.

Click here to join the adventure of a lifetime!

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