In my book, Sacred Seduction, there is a chapter titled ‘The Body Beautiful”.  The essence of this chapter is that when it comes to defining our beauty, we must be willing to release the patriarchal benchmark of simply being pleasing to the male gaze.  This kind of airbrushed, equation based aesthetic is vastly different from the soul quaking beauty exemplified by a true sacred seductress.  As a woman whose beauty originates in the paradigm of everything about her physicality being right rather than wrong, she transcends the limits imposed by the culture we live in, and in doing so, exudes the truth about her feminine nature: that she is a living, breathing, red-hot, erotic miracle. (That was a mouthful of an opener, I know.)

In 2005 Vogue Magazine did a shoot with Crystal Renn, a high fashion, Haute Couture plus-size model.  Those photographs changed my life.  Plus-size model imagery is typically devoid of sex, and mostly focuses on hiding the body through clothes that boast a “slimming effect”.  But here was a woman who had a body just like mine that was rockin’ it like a SEXBOMB. Renn’s ownership gave me permission to feel that the fat around my belly was not something to be hidden, it was in fact something to be adorned by fashion designers, photographed, and even shown off for millions too see! Still, to this day, I have the pages of that magazine kept in a box of sentimental things, now worn with ten years of age.

The images that surround us shape how we feel. I had a powerful experience of this recently when I attended the New York School of Burlesque Student Showcase to see several friends and clients make their burlesque debut.  I saw about ten different acts that night, each with a different body type, skin color, skin texture, costume, breast size, butt size, etc. After the show I had a rendezvous with a lover that resulted in amazing sex.  What was so amazing? Seeing all those bodies at the burlesque show left me feeling back at home in my own skin.  And I didn’t even realize I had left!


Original Vogue shoot titled “Celestial Bodies”

When we are given permission to see one anothers bodies, exactly as they are, without the aid of filters or photoshop, we return to a remembrance of our rightness.  The locks put in place by a media that feeds economically, socially and politically off of women’s insecurities get picked,  and the gates swing open wide, allowing a sweet, sweet freedom to flood in.

Imagine how the world might change if women actually loved their bodies? (click to tweet!)

What would happen to our economy?
What would happen to our government?
What would happen to the future if women gave more attention to world issues than their own waistlines?
When it comes to how we perceive ourselves, imagery is everything.  Below I am sharing some of my favorite influences for rewiring our circuitry and pulling back the curtain on the bold, beautiful truth about our feminine form. What are yours? I’d love to hear in the comments.

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