Give me the troublemakers (3 of 3)


Last year, on the dance floor of a smoky New Orleans blues club, I met an incredible woman. This morning I woke up to this email from her:

“Since we have met almost a year ago in New Orleans, I had been on a spiritual journey of rediscovery, meeting you had an impact. Removing the toxicity of others from my life, accepting that I can not save people from themselves, just so much that built up over the past 6 years that I lost me. The after I met you I put on my red lipstick and looked in the mirror, I told myself, my time has come and started my journey. What a difference 10 months has made in my life. I am alive  and really enjoying life again at the great age of 57, both spiritually and sensuously.”

This is the third time in two weeks I have used this image, but NONE OTHER WILL DO!

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WOW.  What a joy and an honor to receive. And what a perfect demonstration of the art that completes this three part series of Sacred Seduction, the art of Conscious Attraction.

When I met Gerri it was because she had a spirit and a sass that was so compelling it was like watching a lone firefly on the night with no moon.  In a club of about a hundred people she was the lone dancer.  The fact that no one was joining the party didn’t bother her. She was the party.  There was nothing that could interfere with the level of fun she was determined to have.  When I saw that, I knew I had found a sister.

New Orleans is not a place that is lacking in the fun department. (which is why I planned my September retreat there 🙂 )  However, the majority of fun I had seen thus far in the Bourbon Street scene had the distinct stench of  Girls Gone Wild.  What was different when it came to Gerri?  Gerri was marching to her own inner drumbeat. This originality, this disregard for what others might think, is the very heart of sacred seduction.

natalie_barney_3Natalie Barney: Early 1900’s.  My kind of troublemaker.

When we look back on seductresses in history, it was not buxom bust lines or whittled waists that made them into the stuff of legends.  It was their confidence that took people by surprise and the world by storm. At a time when a woman having confidence in her erotic power and allure was unconventional to say the least, they awoke an ancient longing embedded  in all of us: the desire for contact, conversation and communion with the Goddess herself.

This is why when a woman gives off an air of true confidence, one that is firmly planted in the soil of her soul, we find her irresistible.  Her conscious willingness to allow the Great Creatrix, Destroyer, Mother, Lover, WOMANGOD to flow through her very veins, how could superficial beauty schemes ever compare?

How do we arrive at this place of true, rooted confidence? We consciously take actions that we know are in alignment with letting the WomanGod live through us.

In other words, we go for our fun, press our edges and the edges of those around us, say inappropriate things, act/dress and walk sexy for no other reason than that it feels good and we don’t give a fuck.

The end result is that we become unstoppable.  Releasing the anxiety of trying to “fit in” in service to living our truth is the greatest aphrodisiac on earth.  If you don’t feel like you fit in, it’s not because you need to change, it’s because you are not supposed to.

A seductress cannot be contained to a box.  She is smooth in some parts, jagged in others.  She has straight lines and she has curves.  She is one shape this minute another the next.  And I wouldn’t have her any other way.

See y’all on the dancefloor,

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