Get Penetrated by the Present Moment (Free Class)


Recently I was speaking with a friend about the topic of being in the present moment.  We were both aware of the immense power that this ability brings.

Not only does being present allow us to enjoy simple pleasures and profound beauty in life, it is also the key to speaking your truth in difficult situations. It helps you be a good listener and a great lover.  When you are in the present moment, you manage your time well, you make eye contact with the people you care about — you even become a better cook! (An area where I need all the help I can get.)

My friend told me about the first time she ever saw the Eiffel Tower in person.  “I was standing there with my fiancé and I said to him: ‘I can’t wait to travel even more.  I’d really like to see the Taj Mahal!”

This moment was a wake up  call for her. 

There she was, a desire she longed for her whole life coming true before her very eyes. But rather than letting the moment in, all she could do was push it away with greater desires for the next best thing.

Can you relate?

Do the words “this isn’t it” run through your head like a mantra? Whether it’s your partner, your job, your home, your life path — what  seemed like your dream come true at first, once met with reality, all of a sudden, “isn’t it?”

You’ve done meditations. You’ve written scores of morning pages. Maybe you’ve even walked on hot coals. You’ve done so much to learn to “be” with who you are and what you have, and yet, nothing seems to actually PENETRATE you.

If this feels true, I invite you to join me for a fun, sassy, new approach at my free class: Get Penetrated by the Present Moment, happening Thursday May 17th at 7pm ET.

Meditation, breath work and other forms of building present moment awareness are great and all, but they can sometimes feel so disenchanting.  If you’ve had a hard time being consistent with them,  it’s not that you’re undisciplined, it’s just that you haven’t found what really works for you.

In this class I will be sharing how build your present moment awareness in fresh, snazzy, new ways.  We will also be raising our glasses to toast the debut of my new book and program “Club Macaron: Charm School for Femme Vitales.”

The tools I will be sharing with you at this class have massively changed my life, and the lives of my clients. I can’t wait to share them with you — see you Thursday night! 






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