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Truth is power, plain and simple.

One day several years ago, someone I deeply trusted sat me down and said these words to me:

“Kitty, I haven’t been completely honest with you.”

That day, my entire world turned upside down.

Those words changed my life. They cut like knives into my gut, but they also cut through the bullshit faster than all the therapy, mantras and self-help courses I had ever done COMBINED! 

The consequences of holding back our truth are dire; dire to ourselves personally, and dire to the planet collectively.

That is why I am hosting a free event that will empower you to tell your truth more often, with more grace. 

Rather than offering you a ‘5 step system’, I invite you to curl up in front of my fireplace, and connect with a part of your brain that runs deeper than intellect through the power storytelling.

You will hear my personal stories of: 

  • The day truth both wrecked and saved my life
  • The most brutally (I mean beautifully!) honest assignment a mentor has ever given me, and how it transformed my whole life
  • The time I almost quit my business for good, why I didn’t, and the one surprising thing that shifted everything

You will also leave with these powerful skills:

  • One simple action you can take anytime, anywhere to connect to your truth
  • Tools to move beyond the cycle of fight/flight/freeze and speak your truth with confidence and grace
  • A body based technique that will deepen your ability to be intimate with others and create real connections
  • A Goddess myth (one you’ve probably never heard before) that will inspire you and empower you to be bold! 

I’ll say it one more time: truth is power.

Fill in your details below. I can’t wait to see you in front of my fireplace!