Whatever your flaws are, Flaunt Them


Angel Wings,

I just got back from a magical week in Tulum, Mexico teaching Sacred Seduction® and Qoya at the Astrotwins Astrology retreat.  When I got there, the very first thing I did was rip off what I was wearing and run toward those crystal blue Caribbean waters like my hair was on fire.

Swimming and frolicking naked on the beach makes me feel like a wee bebe at an amniotic pool party!  But, it was not always this way. 

There was a time I would rather have SET my hair on fire rather than show my bare skin on the beach.

In fact, it was not long ago that I couldn’t even wear short sleeves in the summer time, I felt so much anxiety about my body. Like the scene in the movie Bridesmaids where she is sick and dripping buckets of sweat but trying to pretend she’s fine, that was me on a 90 degree day in my summer cardigan!

I’m very grateful to Jo Weldon who at my first burlesque lesson shared these words: “Whatever your flaws are, flaunt them.”

That day I made a promise to follow the trail of glittered bread crumbs towards loving and flaunting my feminine form, wherever it may lead. It led to some seriously wild and uncomfortable places! But it was always leaping (or sometimes hobbling) beyond my comfort zone that truly made the medicine.

As Naomi Wolf once said “A culture fixated on female thinness is not an obsession about female beauty, but an obsession about female obedience.”

Here’s to honoring Eve, opening wide to that shiny apple, and taking a big fat bite. 





P.S. – next year’s retreat is already open and filling up fast! I will be there teaching Qoya and Sacred Seduction for my fourth year in a row, it is that irresistible.  I’d love to see you there, April 28-May 4th 2018!






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