Doin It The Old Fashioned Way

Rose Petals,

Recently on a hike in the woods, I happened upon a magical thing.

A wild turtle sitting right there in the middle of the trail.

I bent down to gaze at it more closely, and felt the profound sense of humility and reverence that occurs when you encounter something wild flood my body.

I noticed the impulse to reach for my phone to take a picture of it to share with you all on social media.

But the mere notion of it just felt so….GROSS.

So violating to this creature, so exploiting to this sacred moment.

So I captured it the old fashioned way: with my senses. I fully took in the bright yellow markings on it’s shell, the dark potency of it’s eyes, the wrinkles in it’s neck, and the length and sharpness of it’s toenails.

As I recall it now, the expansive wings of wonder start to fill my heart all over again.

Do you ever notice that the tighter we try to hold onto these moments, the faster they slip through our fingers?

That by reaching for our cameras to cement in a memory forever, we actually end up actually discarding the memory itself?

I went a wedding this weekend where I didn’t know a single soul other than the bride. I noticed that standing there by myself, I had the strong impulse again, to reach for my phone.

If I didn’t have any friends there, at least I could look make it look like I did by texting with the ones I do have!

But that was not how I wanted to show up.  So I reached out for support and accountability I didn’t fight it from my community in Vérité, and posted this video in our Facebook group:

In sharing my truth and reaching out for support, I cleared the way to bravely face the unknown, feeling my community all around me as I went.

I made so many wonderful new friendships that day.  They all felt so genuine, because I felt so genuine. 

These moments of choosing presence, even when being present includes awkward discomfort, are Vérité in action.

In Vérité we aim to know, speak and live our truth as fully as we can. How we get there is by connecting to what is real and true in the present moment.

The vibrational sound of a friend’s voice, rather than the image of their words in a text.

Being nourished by the simple joy of candlelight, rather than the blue light of a device.

The feeling of the earth under your feet.

The sight of the leaves changing.

The uncomfortable lurch that comes from walking up to a group of strangers and saying “Hi, I’m Kitty.”

Vérité is the bold and beautiful act of being there.

When we are willing to be more present, we automatically become more authentic. 

And isn’t that the whole reason we are here in the first place? To be present, to be there, and to tell the truth?

This is why The Vérité Community is not a program. It is a practice.

We practice so that when we are met with a moment of intimacy we can stay in it, rather than run away.

We practice so that when deep pleasure or great sorrow arrives on our doorstep, wemeet both with open arms.

We are practice so that in moments of conflict, when we are pressed to tell our deepest truths, our voices are clear and hearts are brave.

This is also why I am not a coach, but a companion in this program.  I am practicing and sharing my reports from the field right by your side.

Yes, I am the leader, creator and steward of the Vérité experience.  But the idea is that your truth has the answers.  When we have Q and A calls, the advice I offer is never authoriarian It is always a prompt to spiral you back to your body, and back to your truth, which is where the real answers to your deepest questions dwell.

Vérité is only open for enrollment through September 29th.  The community is intentionally kept small to create a more intimate environment, so there is no scheduled date as to when it will open again.

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