It’s June, Let’s Swoon!

Happy start of summer darlings! Let’s kick it off with a brand new edition of Swoon! Swoon is a semi-monthly feature of all things currently tickling me pink, that I think will bring a healthy blush to your cheeks too. Enjoy!

Tea Parties, Love Almanacs, and Faux Fur EVERTYTHANG: December Swoon!


Fox Tails,

Happy December, and welcome to our monthly feature of delectable delights: Swoon! In this month’s issue you will find a fine variety of books, articles, accessories and ideas; all that are currently tickling me pink.  I love writing this feature for you every month – enjoy every morsel!



Are you as hopelessly romanced by tea parties as I am? If so, this gorgeous hardcover guide will set you straight on how to do it RIGHT.  Delicious recipes, dazzling images and cheekiness abound in this beautiful book.

Kate Spade, just stop it already with your faux fox long gloves! Swoon indeed!

“For a woman … ‘to be’ in the fullest sense is ‘to sin’. A rich, rewarding article that provoked me in all the right places.



This jacket from ASOS + wax jeans + a black lace bra underneath = all I want for Christmas is YOU.

The one and only Gala Darling dazzles us again with a positively STUNNING 2017 Radical Self Love Almanac.  (and a feature by yours truly!) Prepare your eyes for a grand feast.

Words cannot describe the charm and romance the that the Chateau de Gudanes blog provides.  They even have their own advent calendar in the shop, which makes my inner 5-year old squeal like a Provencal Piglet.


Balthazar…Cellaring…Degorgement.  I could spend days delving into the rich, complex language of wine.

This vintage leather+suede trench is hard to resist for prowling the streets like an International Spy.

Custom Pin-Up Girl wrapping paper, don’t mind if I DO!


Juicy wisdom from my pal Kate Northrup on the connection between money, sex and power, and why it is spiritual to be rich.  (OM.)

Marvelous muffs to protect your precious ears this winter!

What are YOU doing New Years Eve?


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5 Heroic Books I Can’t Put Down


As the leaves fall and curl up on the ground getting ready for their long winter’s nap, I too find myself curling up inside.  I’ve been spending more time at home, going to bed earlier, and downright living in the bathtub.  Cozy is my middle name these days, and few things make me feel more cozy than a great book.

Today I want to share some favorites with you that have recently crossed my nightstand.

You won’t find any seduction books on this list, but you will find Sacred Seductresses. 

These books are memoirs of The Heroine’s Journey, and each have seduced my sensual soul.

What books can you not keep your hands off of these days? Tell me in the comments….

Savoring every page,





In The Time Of The Butterflies

by Julia Alvarez

This book is historical fiction about the Mirabal sisters, four revolutionary (literally) women who were part of the rebellion against dictator Rafael Trujillo in the Dominican Republic in the 1950’s. It is so full of passion, beauty, grace, heartbreak and feminine truth. You will LOVE it.


Gift From The Sea

by Anne Morrow Lindbergh

This book is pure POETRY. Each chapter takes a different seashell as a metaphor for a woman’s life and map to her heart. I understand my soul so much better any time I read a chapter from this lyrical book.


The Maeve Chronicles

by Elizabeth Cunningham

This series follows the fictional (or is she?) character “Maeve” (known to us as Mary Magdalene), though her entire life journey. Maeve is a relatable, deep, fiery character and her storyline defines the word epic. Pick up this three part-series if you want a mystical, juicy, sacred experience of all sides of the feminine soul.


The Undomestic Goddess

by Sophie Kinsella

This is my most favorite piece of “chick lit” ever written. It is a fictional story about an overworked corporate lawyer who makes a huge mistake in her career, which eventually leads her home to herself. It is funny, sweet, cozy and delicious. A great bedtime read!


Love Warrior

by Glennon Doyle Melton

This book is a memoir of a true heroine’s journey. I listened to it on audiobook and found it so riveting I would actually get in my car with nowhere to go just to hear another chapter! Glennon shares deeply and transparently about her own process of learning to accept pain as a friend and a teacher, and come out on the other side a victorious warrior. I LOVED this book.



Congratulations to all our seductresses on sharing the beauty of their adornment practice in the #SacredSeduction November Instagram Challenge! This week the winner of a “Get Loved” Prize Pack including the You Are Loved Box Set and Daily Love Cards from Olivine Atelier is….@diana0504!

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Lullabies, Lipstick & Erotic Tarot: July Swoon Is here!

swoon july

The July Edition of Swoon is hot off the press my pets!  This monthly feature includes a steamy line up of products, articles, oddities and adventures that currently tickle me pink.

Enjoy, and as always, stay swoonable!



  • I admit it.  I am one of those people who feels like they are accomplishing something when they add things to a Pintrest board, even if that board has no relevance other that collecting images of beauty.  My current three favorite boards are Beauty, Whimsy, and Kitty Style. Enjoy!



  • Secret trick for sleepy time: play the Pandora Lullaby station while getting ready for bed.  Even your yawns will look cuter.
  • If you’ve never watched the Burlesque Hall Of Fame’s Vimeo Channel, you are in for a serious treat! SO many legends at the top of their form.  Prepare to be dazzled!
  • Your party guests will never stop talking about the erotic Tarot Reading they received when you bust out  “Le Tarot des Femmes Erotiques.” Absolutely spellbinding.


*P.S. – Do you have a product or offering you’d like to see featured in Swoon? I love featuring and supporting small businesses and crafters! Email me at and let’s talk.




Mother Mary, Summer Hats, Tassels & Tea. In other words, swoon with me!

swoon july


Love buttons,

I just returned from an amazing week in Mexico at the Astrotwins’ Become Your Own Astrologer Retreat (dates for 2017 now open, check them out!).  What a week! I’m feeling rosy from the sun, delirious from the giggles, and full to the brim with goodness to share – cue the April edition of Swoon! Swoon is a semi-monthly feature where I spill the beans on all my most recent favorite things.  I hope you enjoy!

Photo Apr 13, 5 19 39 PM 1. “Out of the ash I rise with my red hair and I eat men like air”, is just one of 40 completely bad-ass sentiments by Sylvia Plath, curated here.

2. Tea and tassels – a winning combo.

3. I just ordered a fresh deck of these epic Mother Mary Oracle Cards for the upcoming Eve’s Redemption Seduction Retreat.  Every reading with them is like sitting down with the Goddess herself.  HIGHLY recommended!

Photo Apr 13, 5 21 09 PM

4. Brain is the new ass. Like if you agree!

5. Stop the F*cking PRESS! There is now a Miss Fisher Coloring Book! Miss Phryne Fisher is my ICON.  No one exemplifies Sacred Seduction in action like this woman! I’ve watched every episode twice and I advise you to do the same!

6. As a devoted wearer of the hollywood red lipstick shade Ruby Woo by Mac, I’ve found a new hot-pink lover that I can’t keep off my lips.  “All Fired Up”, is a muted, matte fuchsia perfect for spring!

Photo Apr 13, 5 23 08 PM7. Really interesting piece on monogamy, hooking up, fulfillment and satisfaction.  Charlotte Shane writes: “It doesn’t take long to realize that having lots of sex is not synonymous with sexual satisfaction, and even sexual satiation is not synonymous with joy or larger fulfillment.” What do you think?

8. HELLO Spring Statement Shoe!

Photo Apr 13, 5 22 22 PM9. This white quartz mobile  will add a seductive, earthy, bohemian vibe to your space.

10. Ever scramble for topics to talk about on a date? Not anymore!

11. “The only romantic thing left in life is a hat.” Mimi Weddell. This straw cloche is my summer go to.

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Angel Wings, Enchanted Candles & Messy Sex = Swoon With Me Sister!

Swoon by Kitty Cavalier

Hello Sexy Sister!

Happy Solstice Week, and welcome to the December edition of Swoon – a monthly curated collection of seriously seductive delights.

I’ll be spending the holidays with my darling Mama, resting and dreaming up the year to come. 2015 has been a big year of change for this little Cavalier (but isn’t it always, for everyone?) I am so grateful for my new home, my new town and my new chosen family and friends.  I am so grateful for everyone who has made a purchase this month towards the House of Loveness campaign.  I’m so grateful for our Sacred Seduction community. I’m so grateful for tropical seduction retreats to look forward to in the Spring! I’m so grateful for angel wing kimonos, enchanted candles, Phryne Fisher, games of truth or dare, messy sex, and more, all of which can be found below.

I’m so grateful, period.

In Love and Seduction,





1. Lifestyle Of Reverence is a brand new web store by Qoya founder Rochelle Schieck.  Each item is ethically, artfully produced, and packaged with love.  Angel wing kimonos, ritual kits, pendulums, and the Qoya book itself are just the beginning.

2. One of my favorite ways to celebrate the new year is with a custom carved candle from Enchantments NYC.  You can order one of their established best sellers or just tell them what’s up for you and they will apothecary your ass! I have experienced profound magic with these candles, they are wondrous.

3. It’s party season! Throwing parties is one of my favorite things in the world. Enjoy these hot tips for making the most of entertaining in small spaces.


4. Now I ask you, what could be a sexier stocking stuffer than a Dita Striptease Flip Book?

5. Speaking of Ms. Von Teese, she has a gorgeous new book out called The Ultimate Guide to Eccentric Glamour.  Sign me up!

6. Make the most of the dark days of winter with this game of Sexy Truth Or Dare. Make a blanket tent with someone you love and start drawing straws – I dare you!


7. The more you know.

8.  New Year, new $4.99 Christian LaCroix journal.

9. I love, love LOVE products that honor the wonderfully messy times in life.  I just want to smooch the people who create them.  One of these genius creators is Jules Cazedessus, founder of Venus Matters. She makes these beautiful, washable, absorbent mats for sleeping on and having hot sex during that time of the month, or for any time there is a “wonderfully messy” moment in bed.  Thank you Jules!


10. I don’t know why these make me so happy, but they do.

11. Ever gone on an international trip and come home with an entire suitcase full of beautiful, romantic tins of cookies and jars of marmalade? Well now those things will come to you!

12. And, saving the best for last, Phryne Fisher’s costume designer opens the doors of Phryne’s wardrobe and spills her secrets! Add this to your seduction bible babes!


New Monthly Feature: Swoon!

Introducing a new monthly feature: Swoon! 
Videos, products, poems, articles, events, and all sorts of things that have seduced me recently, and I that consider to be swoon-worthy.  Enjoy!

  • This article by Veronica Varlow on how to make magic in 2014 using all 5 senses.  She seduces and inspires in the way that only the original Danger Dame can!
  • High Heel Bunny Slippers. Shut. Up.
  • Nutcracker Rouge, the sexiest, most scandalous baroque burlesque production in NYC. Only a few performances left! Even if you are not in NYC, click here to be teased by the stunning video.
  • I’m not a big Quinoa person but this video makes me want to become one. 
  • Paris Perfect lists gorgeous Paris apartment rentals for a dream vacation.  Like a a really stylish Air B and B! C’est Magnifique!
  • Winnie’s latest sleep position: