A Refreshing Way To Open Your Heart


Have you even noticed that when you are in the hair stylist’s chair, your lips tend to loosen and secrets tend to spill? Ever wonder what’s up with that?
Well I can tell you. Quite scientifically in fact.
First of all, it’s an act of intimacy just to allow someone to touch your head. You have put your trust in them by allowing them re-style the way you look. You are surrounded by glorious smells, sweet scalp massage, and the spotlight of one person’s complete attention for at least 45 minutes.
In this setting, your nervous system relaxes. Therefore, your heart opens. And when your heart opens, you can’t help but speak from a place of authenticity.
The number one need that must be met for your nervous system to thrive is a feeling of safety, but here’s the thing: what creates a feeling of safety is different for every person in every experience.
For example, one of my core spiritual practices is Body Worship – a ritual of looking at your naked body in the mirror through the eyes of appreciation. I had done this exercise several times and my attempts were earnest, but they were usually done in the reflection of a bathroom mirror under overhead lighting with no seduction of the senses whatsoever.
When I really came around to it was when I lit multiple candles, set out a soft, fuzzy blanket, warmed coconut oil on the stove, set up a gorgeous antique mirror to gaze into, and played Cleopatra inspired music.
Because I had tended to my body’s need for beauty, music, luxury and pleasure, my nervous system felt safe enough to soften. I let down my guard, and it was a rapturous, life-changing experience.
Do you tense up every time someone tells you to “just relax”?
Are you sick of people telling you to “just open your heart”, like it’s a latch you can unhook at any given moment?
Do you yearn for someone who understands the needs of your mind AND your body when it comes to your healing and growth?
Well my dear, your chariot awaits. Club Macaron was created exactly for YOU.

You who wants a way to bring more softness and relaxation into her life, but prefers the sound of a New Orleans jazz trumpet to that of a singing bowl.
You who finds holiness in a gorgeous vintage cocktail ring.
You who suspects that the art of everyday pleasure can be equally if not more healing than analyzing your pain.

Right now you can join Club Macaron for only $47/month.

When you enroll you receive:

  • Weekly charm school lessons that explore healing through the arts of sensuality, spirituality and style
  • Live, playful meditations to soothe your feminine nervous system every week

  • A print copy of Club Macaron book (filled with inspiring journaling prompts, powerful stories and choose-your-own-adventure style assignments, all in full, glorious color) delivered right to your doorstep

  • A live monthly “Date Night” with Kitty and the Club Macaron community

  • Content that speaks to the needs of your nervous system with themes like: simplifying luxury, beauty as prayer, how to tell the truth with confidence, the art of savoring, flirtation mastery, style as a spiritual practice, and more.

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Birthday Plot Twist

Beautiful Birthday Batter

Beautiful Birthday Batter

Clove Buds, 

Yesterday marked my 37th spin around the sun. 

Normally I like to celebrate my birthday in pretty grand, old-Hollywoood style: glamorous outfits, glamorous cocktails, glamorous atmosphere, glamorous everything! 

When I turned 30 I had a big, blowout bash with 100 guests, burlesque performers, signature cocktails and all the rest. 

But this year, I wanted things to be a bit different. 

I think this was the first birthday since I turned 18 that I didn’t have a drop of alcohol, nor did I crave one.  Rather than inviting a big group friends and acquaintances to go out dancing, I invited a core group of about seven women to dance around the fireplace in my home.  

These days more than ever, I crave what’s real. 

Things like intimacy over intoxication,  presence over popularity, baking my own cupcakes rather than buying them. 

Technology has worked wonders to connect us, but what is it actually connecting us to?

The night before my birthday I took my birthdate off of my Facebook profile.  Without a deluge of messages streaming in (p.s. thank you if you sent one or would have liked to!) I found I could actually be present, not have my nose in my phone, and imprint the memory of this birthday through my body and my senses. 

I spent the day with eyes and heart wide open, and it felt freaking great. 

If I had heard myself lay out this plan ten years ago, I probably would have probably been horrified at it’s simplicity. 

But life is full of plot twists. 

And on Wednesday September 13th at 3pm ET I’m so excited to share these plot twists and more with you at my free class & story hour called “I’m going to be completely honest with you.” 


In this class I will be sharing about the big changes that have been going on behind the scenes in my own life, and how the simple act of connecting to what’s real can be more satisfying than a funfetti cupcake. 

I’d be honored to have you as my guest, click here to join us! 

All my love and gratitude,