The Best Camera money CAN’T buy


Last weekend I was curled up reading a fascinating book that was advising me to foster a relationship with spirit that transcends the material, physical world. Essentially it was saying that the best things in life aren’t things.

“Sure, I agree with that.” I thought.

The chapter then finished with this quote from Emerson: “Nothing of the senses can ever satisfy.”


Ralphie, you know I love you. But with all due respect, WHAT A CROCK OF SHIT. 🙂

It is well known that we store a great amount of emotion in our bodies and tissues. It’s common to pour tears during pigeon pose in yoga, or to soak the face cradle crying during a massage as emotions are released from the body through touch.

The body stores trauma and negative emotions for sure, but here’s the thing: let’s not forget that the body and tissues ALSO store goodness, joy, glee, and happiness.

After closing the book that afternoon I headed to the local salon for a blow out in preparation for a photo shoot. My best friend was with me and we were having heaps of fun getting creative about the shoot. It was a perfect summer day, and I felt full, excited and happy.

I wanted to cherish this simple moment of joy for a long time to come, so I captured it with the most hi-definition camera I know of: my senses.

As the stylist worked her fingers through my scalp I felt my hip bones expand and settle into the reclining seat. I inhaled the foamy, fragrant aroma of a coconut shampoo, and with my ears, took in the sacred, ancient music of women chatting while hairdryers hummed.

Thanks to my body and senses, this moment of joy is now sealed into my cells forever, creating a well from which to pull when waters run thin. 

As summer rolls toward the height of its fever pitch, may every bite of watermelon, rush of air conditioning against damp, sweaty skin, and sip of cool water help you to savor more fully what is right here, right now.

Squealing and savoring while running through a sprinkler,



Meditation For Zesty Babes

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We know know that meditation has a myriad of benefits: clearer thinking, lower stress levels, more presence, better sleep…even better sex!

So how come it’s so hard to keep up a meditation practice?

For most of my life I detested the practice of meditation, quite righteously.

The singing bowls, the seriousness, the monotone voices…UGH! Nothing could make me want to throw on a shimmy belt and tap shoes faster. And I don’t even tap dance.

But you know what they say – when you resist something with that much force, it probably means there’s a diamond waiting to be revealed if you just loosen up the squeeze.

When I found my own way with meditation through a practice that honored my need for pleasure, sensuality, embodiment and beauty; I completely changed my tune.

As a result I am more calm, present, and GENUINELY happy than ever before in my life. I am able to hang in there and not run away during tough times, and I am able to notice beauty and grace in places I’ve never noticed it before.

Plain and simple, presence is power. (click to tweet)

Most meditation traditions began as a way to navigate a masculine, monastic life of obedience, poverty and chastity.

As a zesty babe with an active life, sitting for half an hour in total silence may just not be your jam.

It’s time to practice meditation through a more feminine lens, in a way that works for your body and your life.

Every Wednesday in March at 1pm ET, I will be leading a free 20 minute meditation for zesty babes just like you. These calls will leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed, and best of all, more present to all the beauty and pleasure life has to offer.

The calls will be recorded, so at the end you will receive a total of four meditations to practice with again and again.

This experience is 100% free. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.


Meditation For Zesty Babes - A Free Course

P.S. – If you really want to go for it with this series, I strongly suggest you invite a girlfriend or two. Your accountability and impact will DOUBLE when you share this experience with a friend!

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Feel Everything


Dear Ones,

I know that for you, self-love is more than just personal.

It is more than manicures and marshmallows.

Self love is an act of rebellion, and a form of resistance.

That is why I want to share with you one very simple, easy way you can change the world, right now.


The action is: be in your body.

That’s it.

Whatever is happening in this moment, just be there in the body that is yours.

Right now.

Why, and how does this change the world?

Being in the body requires that we feel.

Feeling causes empathy.

Empathy causes us to care for each other.

Can you imagine if all world leaders were given rigorous, relentless training on how to take The Sacred Pause before making any big decisions?

It would be a much kinder, caring world indeed.

I want that world to be our reality.

That is why every one of my programs follows a different path, but each leads right back to the same sacred and holy place: Your Body.

A woman who understands the importance and the power of embodiment is House of Loveness founder, Betsy Blankenbaker.

In her book Autobiography of an Orgasm (called “the anti-Fifty Shades of Grey” by the U.K.’s Sunday Times) Betsy’s writes in candid detail about studying sensuality to heal her body and mind from sexual assaults.

Without the journey to back to the body, Betsy would not be the world changing truth teller she is today.

This is why every purchase from the Flash Sale Fundraiser comes with a bonus gift of Betsy’s book, as well as a copy of my own, so that on the journey of coming how to your body, you are supported every step of the way.

Betsy and I would be so proud to be on your team.

There are only a few hours left to save, and 20% of all purchases go straight to House of Loveness.

Here’s to feeling more, settling less, and making this world a more peaceful and pleasurable place for all.

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Be Here Now, Hot Stuff

be here now


This week I jumped back into the dating game.  After a ten month hiatus I decided it was time, and I’ve had three dates so far. I’m approaching dating a bit differently this time.  As my regular readers know, after my divorce two years ago I hit the ground running with my love life, making the movie Trainwreck feel auto-biographical.  I’ve heard that’s normal after getting out of a long term relationship. It was alot of fun, but it was also a huge energy suck.  It was kind of like spending a whole day eating nothing but Cool Whip straight from the tub.  Delicious, refreshing and liberating at first, then becoming a negative form of nutrition that left my nervous system feeling fried.

Looking back on that experience I realize that I was living out the stereotype of the seductress, rather than the archetype. What’s the difference? There are several, but if I had to pick one it would be this: speed.  The archetypal seductress does not rush things.  She goes through each choice, each relationship, each seduction, slowly and with great care.  The stereotype on the other hand, is all about conquest and quantity.  One is not right or wrong, they are just two different experiences to play with and explore in your journey of being a sacred seductress.

But, let’s get back to my dating life. 🙂 Last night I was on a date having a great time, but I felt my energy speed up very quickly.  That happens when you meet someone new, it’s alot of information to take in all at once. When things go fast I lose my ability to stay present, and without the ability to stay present, I lose the power of my presence.

What is presence? It’s the essence of our magnetism. It is what draws people in, what turns heads when we walk into a room.  It is the force that leaves an effect on someone after we have left them, like an energetic hint of perfume left on clothing.  Can presence be cultivated? Abso-f*cking-lutely.  And today I’ve got a special gift to show you how to do just that. 

In my 8-week course The 7 Virtues of The Seductive Woman, Presence is one of the key virtues.  Today I’d like to gift you the entire 35 minute audio lesson on Seductive Presence, with my compliments.  The mission of Sacred Seduction® is to inspire your authenticity, and empower you to gift that authenticity to the world through your presence.  This lesson will give you some incredible tools to foster the power of your presence.  Make sure to leave a comment once you’ve had a listen and let me know what you think.

And if you find this audio useful, please know that it is just one of 24 pieces of powerful, purposeful content that is featured in The Seven Virtues course.  Since it is December, 25% of all purchases of this program go to House Of Loveness, a powerful organization founded by my friend Betsy that helps at risk children in Zimbabwe. In addition, anyone who makes a purchase this month will receive a free group coaching call with me Thursday, January 7th.

There’s alot to love in that offering.

To download your free audio lesson, click here.  And, to take a transformative step towards your seductive becoming, click here to check out The 7 Virtues.

Be Here Now hot stuff,

whole lotta loveness2

Seduction Series #5: Make Me Want It (The Art of Seductive Savoring)

This is the final post in my Seduction Series, a series designed to inform my readers about living a life of Sacred Seduction.  It has been so much fun to write, and oh, do I have so much more to tell.
This past weeks assignment was to practice savoring. I will explain a bit more about what savoring really is in a moment, but first let’s look at an example of what savoring can do in the life of a seductress.
I have a student who has completely revolutionized her relationship to dating by adopting the mantra “come to me with diamonds or do not come at all”.  Previously she would accept dinner invitations to places she didn’t want to go, from people she didn’t want to see. By learning how to savor and expect only the things she really, really wants, she is able to weed out people and experiences that would previously waste her time. 
Simplicity can be so seductive
Another student is experiencing major shifts in the way she keeps her home.  She used to buy anything and everything that was on sale in an effort to fill her closets, shelves, and home full of stuff.  To her, seeing a visual of emptiness signified not having enough – it would be better to have a closet full of stuff she half-liked than just a few items she really enjoyed.  Since learning how to savor, she has done a major purge of her cluttered home, and now enjoys opening the closet to see one set of fine white cotton sheets, rather than 5 sets of (her words) ‘heinous florals’.  As a result of de-cluttering her home, the rest of her life has begun to de-clutter too. 
The measure of a true seductress is not how many people or objects she has seduced into her life. The lifestyle of a seductress is actually quite slim and simplified. She strictly surrounds herself with the objects, people, relationships, behaviors and experiences she truly treasures, rather than cluttering her life with what she does not really want just to please her ego. She achieves this by learning how to savor each experience, one moment at a time, gleaning maximum satisfaction before moving on to something new.
Others might call this “being in the present moment”.  But savoring is actually more than that, because savoring involves not just enjoying the experience itself, but a sensation we often ignore or even discard:  the sensation of wanting. 
An example:
Aww yeah grape!
Photo by Liz Linder
Let’s say you receive a text from the person you went out with last night whom you really like.  “Oh My God!” you think as you retrieve the phone from your back pocket where you have been making sure it is on and working all day.  You grab the phone, see the person’s name, and instantly open it to see what’s inside.
Now, imagine this playing out a little differently.  The phone buzzes.  You feel the anticipation of who it could possibly be.  You slowly pull your phone out of your pocket, feeling the anticipation the whole time.  You see that the person in question is the one who sent you a text.  Rather than tearing into the message, you force yourself to hold off on opening it for a whole ten seconds, savoring all the possibilities of what the message might say. Really, it could say anything, good or bad.  As a seductress, through savoring the anticipation, it doesn’t even matter what the message says.  You have already gotten what you wanted from the experience: the thrill and excitement of this person’s attention.  Those 10 seconds of savoring are yours.  No matter what the message says, no one can take that away from you.
Savoring can be the most challenging practices of living a life of Sacred Seduction. It is a practice that is often sabotaged by the instant gratification culture we live in.  Have you noticed that high is the new normal? If we are not constantly doing something, consuming, being entertained, etc. we get instantly frustrated and bored.  Savoring requires a seduction skill that is near-endangered species: patience.
Practicing savoring my pre-show jitters
backstage at Cherrybomb
Burlesque.  Being best friends
 with Vivi Le Voix helps.  
Patience is something that can be practiced, cultivated, and REALLY enjoyed, in addition to making you a much more pleasurable person to be around.  You know how it is when a person doesn’t get what they want, and they go from being a mature, grounded person into an insecure child.  “The skirt I ordered for my date on Saturday won’t be here until Monday???!! WHAT??!!!”  Or, they completely give up on themselves: “Oh, the soufflé takes an extra 15 minutes to make? I’ll just have a hamburger I guess”.  Or, they turn into a sweaty, wide-eyed, desperate werewolf:  “When am I going to hear about this job? They should have called me by today right? Call my phone and make sure it is working.  Send me an  email too, just in case.”
Oi!  Now I say they, but we all know who I am really talking about here, right?
ME! Savoring has been one of the hardest things to practice in seduction.  It has also been the most rewarding.  It has taught me that there is a whole valley of pleasure to be experienced between wanting and getting.  It has taught me to go for quality over quantity.  It has taught me to value and treasure the wholeness of an experience, not just the end result.  And this, like all sacred seduction techniques, so comes in handy when things go differently than expected. A seductress understands that there are things she can control, and things she cannot.  Through savoring we are given the freedom to surrender and give up control, opening us up to adventures we could have never even dreamed on our own.

Tell me in your comments: did you enjoy the practice of savoring the anticipation this week? If you haven’t tried it, do so today and report back. I’m VERY interested to hear how it goes. 
This last lesson brings the seduction series to a close. Thank you for reading, commenting and doing the exercises. I learn so much from you. If you’ve enjoyed these posts and you’d like to hear all my Sacred Seduction Secrets (almost all), this coming weekend (February 1stand 2nd) is the last time I will be teaching Seduction Is A Spiritual Practice until the Fall.  Recently I had an amazing adventure in seduction as I sent my husband on a scavenger hunt to find me in NYC. If you’d like to hear that and other stories of mystery, intrigue and wanting, do join us in class Friday night. 
Blonde wigs are essential to Seduction Scavenger Hunts. Come hear the whole story this Friday night.