When Positive Thinking Starts To Drive You Insane

Lemon Drops,

I remember when I first learned about the power of positive thinking.  For about a week, I felt amazing and empowered.

But then I found, I had never felt more insane.

While I do believe we can use the mind to choose our thoughts more carefully, changing how they are created is not the mind’s job. Not at all. That job my darling, goes to what I call your R.F.N.S. – Your Resplendent Feminine Nervous System.

Allow me to elaborate with a page from my new book, Club Macaron, which makes its grand debut Thursday night:

Our nervous system is The Great Communicator. Its sole function is to relay messages between our body and our brain. Therefore, every thought you have is a consequence of the state your nervous system is in at that time.

Have you ever noticed that you could go to bed feeling hopeless about a situation, but after a really good night’s sleep, you wake up with a totally different outlook? Or have you ever been pissed off by your partner’s annoying habits one day, but after a great workout, the same habit appears almost cute?

The difference is not the situation, but the state your nervous system is in when it experiences the situation.

You may have been taught to care for your circulatory system through exercise, or your digestive system through diet, but the extent of our education about the nervous system is usually limited to: take a deep breath and relax. Our overall need for relaxation is great indeed, but relaxation is actually only one pebble on the shore of what your nervous system needs to find its sweet spot.

The Sweet Spot is the feeling you get when your feel-good hormones of serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin are flowing free. Your body feels well tended, and your emotions are at ease.

When you are in the sweet spot, it doesn’t matter if you are strolling along the Seine River or pumping gas at a rest stop, your body feels ALIVE and ENGAGED with life, and your mood and emotions follow suit.

When a woman’s nervous system is well tended, she is naturally seduced by life. (click to tweet)

So you see my love, trying to use your mind to change your thoughts is kind of like using the same consciousness that created a problem to solve it.

It’s time to let your body do the talking.

This Thursday May 17th at 7pm, I’ll be raising a glass to my new book and teaching a free class on how to keep your nervous system hummin’ like a little red corvette. Join us!

At this launch party & free class  I’ll be sharing:

  • Why I created a club named after a cookie
  • The moment that inspired me to write a brand new book (read: crusty yoga pants)
  • The one tool that changed everything for me around pleasure, sensuality, and femininity (It’s free, and it’s available to everyone.)

One of the needs of your RFNS (Resplendent Feminnine Nervous System) is beauty and music.  To start tending to that need right now ANd heighten the pleasure of anticipating Thursday night, enjoy this exclusive Club Macaron playlist. (Big shout out to Club Macaron member Xandra who inspired it!)


click here or press play below

Enjoy the affect this music has on your body chemistry while doing the dishes, driving to work, dressing for your day or undressing for your evening….

Until we see each other Thursday!

Avec L’Amour,