Sassy Art & Sexy Cheeses: A Summer’s End Swoon!

Happy Summer’s End Sweeties,

Here in the mountains we are having the first  “I better bring a sweater” nights of the season, cooling us off and calming us down.  As summer burns her final blazes, enjoy this August edition of Swoon!

With sassy art, sexy tips, secret weapons and soothing books, it’s bound to delight you from top to tail. Enjoy!

Beauty and zen meet in these silky, smooshy, stylish meditation pillows.

Boobs, BOOBS, and boobs and more bOObs!  What a perfect petit print!

Wear high heels up to 4x longer with these secret insoles…thank you Vivian Lou!

You guys…secret freakin’ weapon.  Grandma’s spot remover will get ANYTHING out of your clothes.  Literally anything.  I can’t recommend it highly enough!

My FAVORITE collage artist is now selling prints of her amazing work! Run don’t walk to @emilycutspaper!

Lately I am getting such a kick out of @odedeparfum.  If you like a little snark with your scent, as I do, you’ll be in heaven!

Want to learn how to assemble a cheese board like a grown up? Not just any grown up, a French grown up? Sharon Santoni will show you how with grace and elegance!

As I prepare for the 2018 Tuscany Retreat in just a few weeks, I love languorously paging through this full color love letter to Italian women and the art of keeping house, Limoncello and Linen Water.

Would you like a pair of rose gold eyelashes winking at you when you make your bed in the morning? Et Voila! 


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Trust Beauty

Beach Plums,

Do you ever go to the grocery store, and when you get to the check out you think “Dammit! I forgot my reusable bags, AGAIN!”

I do. Every. Time. I Shop.

Recently when I was at the checkout, I noticed a display of beautiful, handwoven baskets that caused me to teem with desire.

“$30 is alot when reusable bags are only $1.99, or free,” I thought.

Then I remembered the LOADS of reusable bags I’ve purchased that just sit in the backseat of my car collecting dust.

“Maybe if I had a thing of beauty hanging off my forearm, and the pleasure of placing my produce in a gorgeous basket, I’d actually remember to bring it in the store.”

Girls, this is where the ego actually really comes in handy.

My desire for beauty, style, and looking/feeling good knows no bounds. I know that STYLE is an ultimate motivator for me. If I had a beautiful basket, I would be a thousand times more likely to use the basket than I would the traditional grocery bags.

Hell, I’d even walk back to the car to get it if I forgot!

So I bought the beautiful basket. And I am SO….HAPPY!

I use my basket for everything – trips to the bookstore, the supermarket, going to yoga, I brought my basket to the spa  and filled it with snacks, a water bottle, my book and my journal. It has become a true companion; my little bundle of wonder.

This $30 purchase has saved many a plastic bag, AND brought so much joy and luxury into my life.

May this be a reminder to always trust beauty…trust beauty…trust beauty.

All my love,





P.S. – the basket on my arm is by African Market Baskets, a fair trade company that imports directly from artisans in Africa. They are so beautiful and durable. Use the store locator to check ’em out!

It’s June, Let’s Swoon!

Happy start of summer darlings! Let’s kick it off with a brand new edition of Swoon! Swoon is a semi-monthly feature of all things currently tickling me pink, that I think will bring a healthy blush to your cheeks too. Enjoy!

Satin Gowns, Sexy Coasters & Siren Intellectuals: March Swoon!



Happy Spring Sweet Ones!

I’m thrilled to bring you the March edition of Swoon! Swoon is a monthly feature of all things currently tickling me pink, that I think will bring a healthy blush to your cheeks too.  Happy Swooning!

Photo Mar 08, 4 52 18 PMWords can hardly articulate how passionately I follow @trans.disney. Medicine for the eyes and the heart.

Oooh la la la LA! Thank you Table Teasers for putting four of my favorite real life burlesque stars on these adorable coasters!

We Ab-Fab fans can now even use Edi and Patsy quotes when referring to our Journals!  (“It’s a Lacroix sweetie, alright? A Lacroix.”)

Photo Mar 08, 4 53 40 PM

Venice to Paris on the Rolls Royce of trains.  Want to go?

J’Adore these gorgeous pastel dressing gowns, perfect for a Sunday morning in Spring!

Do you love the NY Times column Modern Love? Me too.  Check out their top ten articles of 2017 that has sage wisdom for real life loving.

Photo Mar 08, 4 54 17 PMThe wildly successful book “Stories for Rebel Girls” now has its own PODCAST that will read you feminist bedtime stories!

To me, The most fascinating part of any language is the stuff you can’t find in the dictionary.  Check out these 11 Italian Words & Phrases, and take a Meriggiare this afternoon.

Ninon De Lenclos was a legendary intellectual, entertainer, and skillful courtesan. We have much to learn from this zesty babe! Click here to read her story.

2018 Retreats

Bonus: Only a few spots left in my Europe and U.S. retreats – grab them while you can!

Do you dream of eating grapes still warm from the Tuscan sun, looking out over the sparkling Mediterranean as you sip a peppery Chianti, and learning the art of sensuality in its native home, Italy?

Or perhaps you want to deep dive into learning your personal astrological Venus blueprint through intellect AND embodiment, high up in the gorgeous, most ancient mountain range in the entire world?

There are three spots left in Tuscany in the Fall (one private room just opened up!) and two spots left for Venus Rising in the Blue Ridge mountains this summer.  I’d love to meet you join us in these adventures of a lifetime!


New Year, New Reasons to SWOON!

Swoon by Kitty Cavalier



I am so pleased to bring you 2018’s first edition of SWOON! If you’re new to Swoon, it is a monthly blog feature where I deliver all the articles, items, and ideas that currently send me to the fainting couch in delight.  Get your feather fan ready, here we go!


Photo Jan 08, 9 07 05 PM

  • I recently re-watched the movie Advanced Style with a friend who had never seen it before.  When she asked  why I love it so much, my answer was: “Often the image of Divine Feminine calls to mind a woman in robes with her hands in prayer.  But when I think of the Divine Feminine, it is these women I see.”  If you haven’t seen this movie, run, don’t walk to watch it now!
  • The creators of the movie also made this COLORING book which I promptly ordered an now proudly own.
  • Calling all Harry Potter Nerds who also happen to be Glamazons!

Photo Jan 08, 9 14 45 PM

Photo Jan 08, 9 16 17 PM

Photo Jan 08, 9 17 43 PM

SWOON OCTOBER: Moonlight & Pillow Fights

Swoon by Kitty Cavalier

Pumpkin Seeds,

It is with great pleasure that I bring you the October edition of Swoon!Swoon is a monthly feature of all things currently tickling my fancy, that I think will tickle you in just the right places too.

This month we have classy dames, pinup pillow fights, things that will make your heart sparkle and swell, and more.  Enjoy your swooning my darlings!



The nighttime is the right time to salute the moon!   I’m really enjoying easing my way through this moon salutation by candlelight to settle into my evening.  (P.S. Current yoga song obsession – Explorers of Infinity.)

I think that lunch is actually our most important meal, as it offers us an oasis of pleasure in the middle of the day. Let’s snazz it up sister with these simple but elegant recipes. 

Check out these cheeky record covers for instant, awesome, apartment glam!  I am eyeing that cover of “A Star Is Born!”


This divine wrap, inspired by Phryne Fisher, is a statement piece indeed. What statement do you think it makes?

A sweet and touching peek into the tender beauty of new motherhood, Caroline Hardin writes 100 letters to her baby girl and shares them candidly on Instagram. Pass the hand-embroidered hanky please!

What’s more fun than a pin-up pillow fight? A pin-up pillow fight in the SHOWER, that’s what!

IMG_9814Because we can never have enough Ageless Grace in this world, now can we?

This gives me a tremendous amount of inspiration and hope for changing our relationship to work/life balance and encouraging more holidays!

 Interesting ponderings on the impact that internet use has on not just our minds but on our bellies.


I’m in the process of  turning a corner of my home into a dedicated Qoya space.  I have a plush fuchsia carpet on the way and plan to hang this lovely addition above my altar.  Color explosion!

I recently saw a wall covered in several sets of these delightful paper fans and it made my heart SING!   Inexpensive and inventive – my favorite combo!

Your index finger feels like it’s missing something too? Well, good news! I found what we’ve been looking for! 


Sharing is sexy.

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5 Books To Ignite Your Senses This Summer

dangerous women. kitty photo

Summer Lovers!

Is there be a more satisfying, simple luxury than curling up with a wonderful book on a summer afternoon?

If there is, I dare you to prove it to me.

Each of the books on this list teases and tantalizes in their own unique way. They make me want to grab you by the collar, pull you close and whisper: YOU. MUST. READ. THIS. (a.k.a. – The Kitty Cavalier Stamp Of Approval.)



Animal, Vegetable, Miracle

By Barbara Kingsolver

Who can make homesteading a romantic, whimsical and deeply moving affair? B. K., that’s who.  In this beautiful memoir she writes about the year long experiment of growing 100% of her family’s food, right down to the big, buoyant balls of mozzarella cheese.  A sweet and savory read for sure.


Why I Wake Early

By Mary Oliver

Let me tell you something: there is a VERY GOOD REASON for owning a fainting couch, and her name is Mary Oliver.  I read a poem from this book upon waking, when my consciousness is still as fuzzy and innocent as a baby chick.  Just listen to this line: “Why worry about the loaves and fishes? If you say the right words, the wine expands.” Keep your smelling salts handy.

The Soul of Sex

By Thomas Moore

Love Sex? Love Theology? I think we have a winner!!! The Soul of Sex  is a deep, soulful, tender exploration of the holiness of the erotic. If rapturous nude angels in stained glass windows could talk, they would write  this book.


Coming To My Senses: A Story of Perfume, Pleasure and an Unlikely Bride

By Alyssa Harad

This memoir begins as a woman’s embarrassing fetish with fragrance, and flourishes into a deeply intimate, personal story.  Ms. Harad leaves behind the straight lines of the life she expected, and leapt towards the curves of passion, which in this case just happen to take on the voluptuous shape of bottle of perfume.


The Spy

by Paul Coelho

Ever wish the author of The Alchemist would write a book about, I don’t know, legendary seductress Mata Hari? Wish granted my sweet! This book is like a solid square of chocolate made with 100% cacao. Potent, dark, deep, vulnerable, and poetic.  Sigh.



Sharing is sexy.

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Happy June, It’s Time to SWOON!

Happy Summer Darlings!
Welcome to the June edition of Swoon – a monthly feature where I share all things succulent, savory and swoonable.


This month we’ve got everything from a french honey to fresh makeovers; from sex magic to Shalimar. There’s a dark horse, a bright cocktail, and more treasures than you can shake your beach parasol at.

Swoon on sister!


  • An inspiring and enlightening article “This is What Naked Power Looks Like”, featuring one of my favorite performers of ALL TIME, Miss Perle Noire.
  • Summer + Pineapple + Elegance + Raspberry + Ease + Beauty + Yum = This cocktail.
  • “The exploration of a mother’s midlife sexuality might not seem groundbreaking, until you think about how few people are doing it.” The Emancipation Of The MILF is an article that will provoke you in all the right places.


    • Friends, listen to me very carefully. If you want to understand power, relationships, communication, intimacy and personal agency in a way it’s never been articulated before, do not take your eyes or ears off of this woman. Kasia Urbaniak has been a dear friend for over 15 years,  and I can say with total confidence that she is the real deal. Listen to this podcast, and feel how every word she says is like a sapphire dropped right into your hand.
    • Glennon. Effing. Doyle. This woman shakes me awake – wake to love, awake to beauty, awake to kindness, awake to truth. I cannot get enough of her, especially this post about anger which states: “We assume that if we are angry, there is something wrong with us instead of considering that maybe we are angry because there is something wrong with the world.”
    • Want to learn how orgasm can make you a published author or help you travel the world? Listen to every word Veronica Varlow says in this podcast on her signature: Sex Magic.


Sharing is sexy. 

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Mermaids, Lovers & Gypsy Caravans: The May Edition of Swoon!

swoon july

Welcome to a new month of Swoonables! Swoon is a monthly feature where I share all things that are currently tickling me PINK.  This month’s list is particularly luscious and robust, if I do say. Enjoy!


Mermaids, Lovers & Gypsy Caravans 2

Get a feather to fan yourself after visiting the Bellocq website.  The descriptions of their tea blends are so romantic, sensual and lush I swear I would buy an audiobook just of the descriptions alone.  Charleston is one of my personal favorites.

Is Mercury in Retrograde? Find out instantly here.

When someone tells you to “feel your feelings”, it’s easy to understand the “why”,  but more challenging is the “how”.  Check out this sweet guide on “Ways To Feel Your Feelings” by Sarah Starrs.

Mermaids, Lovers & Gypsy Caravans 1

A meditation pillow that is plush, lush, and sexy? Yes please!

A heroine and true femme fatale in every sense of the word, I know you’ll enjoy  this rich article about legendary Sacred Seductress Charlotte Gray.

Finally, after a year of living in Asheville, North Carolina, I’ve decided to do two live workshops here in my new hometown.  Sacred Seduction 101  and Qoya: Dancing the Love of The Great Mother are both coming up in May.  If you’re in Asheville or close by, I’d love to see you!

Mermaids, Lovers & Gypsy Caravans

I. am. in. LOVE with these modern, elegant goddess statues. Perfectly sized for an altar, understated and glamorous, these are gorgeous pieces of goddess art to call your own.

“How to cook like the French when you’re allergic to bread and butter.” A wonderful article and list of recipes by darling friend and blogger Elle Griffin.

Lacey Hanes is shaking up the world of childbirth with her unabashed, hilarious, vulnerable Instagram posts and stories.  Lacey chose to free birth with her daughter Fox, and the world has lots to say about it! What I love about Lacey is that she shares her truth in the most hilarious way (i.e. coining the phrase “Fanny Fart Fridays”).  I love her light, follow her!

Mermaids, Lovers & Gypsy Caravans 3

Stay dry AND study the stars with this cheeky constellation umbrella!

If you feel you were a mermaid in a past life, do not miss out on Olivine’s new body spray and gift set “Once A Mermaid.” It comes with Palo Santo and a gorgeous crystal to connect to your intuition.  What a gorgeous gift for your loved ones or yourself!

An unending source of inspiration, The Red List has complied their list of great lovers.  With passion and whimsy it details a beautiful history of great seductions.   Pour a cup of Gypsy Caravan tea and snuggle up!





Swoonable January!

swoon july

Hello Fresh Coconuts!  New Year, new reasons to Swoon! Swoon is a monthly feature of hand-picked items and articles that are currently tickling my fancy.  Enjoy!