Seeking total mastery of Sacred Seduction?

This bundle is for you.

Included in the Total Mastery Package:

  • The 7 Virtues of the Seductive Woman (Sacred Seduction 101 – $197 value)
  • Deep Dive (Sacred Seduction Masters Program – $697 value) 
  • An Intimate, Live Group Coaching Call ($199 value)
  • The Art of Anointing  -Meditation Album and Workbook ($59 value)


Investment: $495






Kitty’s program has been a life changer. No longer am I rushing through things, half-assing my life. Through her program and constant support, I am living a life full of empowerment. The tools she gives you in these programs support a life full of beauty, passion, and power. I would do any program of hers again and again!!!”

–Liv Reiners

Sacred Seduction awakened my inner enchantress, and I am amazed at what a Wild Rose I am! Kitty’s work helped me truly listen to myself and feel how life seduces me. The luxurious rituals and practices she teaches are deeply restorative. Sacred Seduction is beautiful alchemy, and highly recommended.”


“Kitty Cavalier sees the queen in every woman, and the practice of sacred seduction will place a glorious crown on your head. You will rule over a life of pleasure, magic and intrigue and learn to draw the world into your own secret, unique seduction, crafted to bring about the greatest possible beauty and pleasure for yourself and everyone your light touches.”

– Sara Longwell

Kitty Cavalier | Deep Dive
“Sacred Seduction has taught me how to feel good in my own skin. I now live with the unshakeable truth that I am the bee’s knees – with all my flaws, mistakes, goofiness and awkward stumbles. I finally trust myself. I have put down the heavy bag of self-loathing and walk with a swagger that tells me that I love myself.”

–Jill Lacina

“Sacred Seduction taught me that I no longer need to shrink down if my authenticity makes others uncomfortable. Instead I present myself to the world vibrantly, and let the world shape itself around me.”

–Nikki Garrett