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The way you feel about your body affects every area of your life. 

Your relationships, your confidence, your libido, your creativity…when you feel disconnected from your body, everything suffers. 

Have you ever found that trying to force yourself to love your body, only makes it more difficult? 

Have you ever been caught in an experience of not only having body shame, but shame that you even have body shame in the first place?  

This cycle is draining, exhausting, and is a TOTAL DISTRACTION from your power.

When You Feel At Home In Your Body….

  • You feel confident and secure in yourself
  • You are more assertive in your relationships
  • Your libido comes ALIVE
  • You trust your intuition irrevocably
  • You know your power and value in the world
  • Your “flaws” become the hottest thing about you
  • You become a masterful receiver
  • You feel deserving of all the pleasure life has to offer
  • You feel confident saying an enthusiastic yes to what you want, and a firm no to what you don’t
  • You curate your life with a discerning eye

All of this is true..but! 

I’d be willing to bet the farm that no one has ever sat you down and taught you:

  • How to view your body as a church in its own right
  • How to experience every curve of your body’s landscape as sacred
  • How use your senses as a form of prayer
  • How to worship at the shrine of your own reflection in the mirror

As someone who couldn’t take a shower without feeling traumatized by my own nudity ten years ago, to being an international burlesque performer and sensuality teacher today, let me tell you something:

Love for our bodies is not something we can will ourselves to feel. 

What we can do, is treat our bodies with deep reverence and respect.  

What we respect, we instinctively protect.

Let’s give your body the reverence it deserves.   


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16 mini-classes

Delivered over eight weeks, this course is broken down into 16 mini-lessons, each ranging between 5-15 minutes.  These lessons will not only change your beliefs, but will give you tangible practices of love, worship and reverence that can be repeated over and over.  This curriculum has been six years in the making, and will absolutely leave you feeling connected and at home in the skin you are in.

In both video and audio format, these lessons will: 

  • Change the way you perceive beauty in yourself and others
  • Make pleasure feel like a prayer
  • Show you how to treat your body with total adoration and respect 
  • Teach you simple changes that will rewire your thoughts and actions to naturally be more loving and respectful of your body
  • See your body through the eyes of unconditional beauty 
  • Use your senses as the ultimate, secret weapon for staying focused and increasing energy 

A Glimpse Into The Body Church Curriculum:

  • Embodied meditation techniques that you can do anytime, anywhere to feel present and at home in your body 
  • Guided, instructive, moving meditations for walking into any room with power and grace
  • Sensual Sun and Moon Salutations
  • A Sensory Salon exercise that will teach you to know your body the way a sommelier knows a wine cellar
  • A full video lesson of Body Worship, our core ritual, that will teach you how to regard every part of your body with reverence and delight
  • 3 Exclusive Body Church Playlists: (bring on the hymns!)  a total of 50 new songs in three different playlists titled: Confidence, Sensuality and Reverence.  
  • Written In The Stars: Venus & The Art of Love // Astrologer Juli Everett will teach you how to locate where Venus is on your own astrology chart, then share her secrets on how it’s placement affects your own personal path to loving yourself and others. What’s the perfect date night for you? What’s the most fulfilling way to for you to express and receive love? Juli will answer all these questions and more.
  • Erotic Authority: A Tantric Path To Power // Guest speaker and certified Tantra Teacher Karen Fitzgerald shares her most potent secrets for using your body as a tool to decode your truth, use your voice, and become a more confident, powerful woman in all areas of your life.

The Interactive Body Church Worship Diary

A full color, 40-page, printable workbook with:

  • Journaling exercises
  • Beautiful photographs
  • Inspiring quotes
  • Exclusive resources
  • Reading lists
  • Playlists
  • And more!

This workbook is a beautiful gem that will enrich every aspect of your Body Church experience.


Kitty Cavalier | Deep Dive
“Every time I interact with Kitty, I am reminded to bring my sexiest, most fabulous self to the table. This is the gift she gives the world: reminding us of our feminine essence and inviting us to ramp it up.”

– Kate Northrup

Best-selling author of Money: A Love Story

Kitty Cavalier | Deep Dive
“Simply being in the presence of Kitty Cavalier you are reminded of your sensual divinity, she gives women permission to admire the goddess within.”

– Gala Darling

Best-selling author of Radical Self Love

Kitty Cavalier | Deep Dive
“Kitty Cavalier is the real deal. Her ability to initiate women into surrender to the divine is un-paralleled.  Take my word for it. You’ll thank me later.”

– Rochelle Schieck, founder of Qoya


When you feel at home in your body, feel at home in the world.


body church enroll nowEnroll today and you will receive:

  • The full Body Church curriculum with 16 comprehensive lessons
  • The 40-page Body Church Worship Diary
  • 3 Body Church Exclusive Playlists 
  • 2 Dynamic Guest Teachers


What is the refund policy?

85baf964316fb24d40c15c7157f64d60_big-image-png-satisfaction-guaranteed-clipart_2400-2229I stand behind this product 1000%.

Once you’ve purchased this course and given it your all, if you find that it has not changed your life and your relationship to your body for the better, I will refund your payment. Satisfaction is guaranteed!  *Must be requested within 14 days of purchase and must provide all completed written assignments.


How is the course delivered? 

The minute you sign up you will receive your first lesson, full worship diary, and invitation to join the online community.  After that new lessons will arrive two times per week, over a total of 8 weeks.  No logins or url’s to remember, everything is delivered right to your inbox!

Are there payment plans available? 

Yes! You save more when you do the single payment, but the payment plan allows you to split the tuition into two payments, which will be automatically charged 30 days apart.  Just choose the payment plan option at checkout.

Have more questions? We are happy to help.  Click here to send us an email at 


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