Body Church Is Now Open!

Question for you darling…

Raise your hand if you’ve had this experience:

Suddenly out of nowhere, you feel an unexpected, unwelcome wave of culturally inherited body shame.

“WTF is this?” you think.

You know that body shame is bullshit. You’re an evolved, self loving person, dammit. But it’s a feeling you can’t quite seem to shake.

Now, not only are you feeling body shame, but you feel shame ABOUT your body shame!!

It’s all.



As a someone who couldn’t take a shower without feeling traumatized by my own nudity ten years ago, to being an international burlesque performer and sensuality teacher today, let me tell you something:

Love for our bodies is not something we can will ourselves to feel.

What we can do, is rewire ourselves treat our bodies with deep reverence and respect.

What we respect, we instinctively love and protect.

That is why I am so proud today to bring you a brand new kind of course called Body Church.

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Body Church is a program that has been six years in the making. I’ve taken the most transformative exercises from my entire body of work, many of which I normally only teach in-person, and distilled them into one powerful program.

When you feel at home in your body, you feel at home in the world.

Click here to give your body the reverence and respect she deserves with Body Church.

P.S. – for a limited time you can get Body Church for $100 off. This is a special introductory savings, click here to claim yours now!

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