Birthday Plot Twist

Beautiful Birthday Batter

Beautiful Birthday Batter

Clove Buds, 

Yesterday marked my 37th spin around the sun. 

Normally I like to celebrate my birthday in pretty grand, old-Hollywoood style: glamorous outfits, glamorous cocktails, glamorous atmosphere, glamorous everything! 

When I turned 30 I had a big, blowout bash with 100 guests, burlesque performers, signature cocktails and all the rest. 

But this year, I wanted things to be a bit different. 

I think this was the first birthday since I turned 18 that I didn’t have a drop of alcohol, nor did I crave one.  Rather than inviting a big group friends and acquaintances to go out dancing, I invited a core group of about seven women to dance around the fireplace in my home.  

These days more than ever, I crave what’s real. 

Things like intimacy over intoxication,  presence over popularity, baking my own cupcakes rather than buying them. 

Technology has worked wonders to connect us, but what is it actually connecting us to?

The night before my birthday I took my birthdate off of my Facebook profile.  Without a deluge of messages streaming in (p.s. thank you if you sent one or would have liked to!) I found I could actually be present, not have my nose in my phone, and imprint the memory of this birthday through my body and my senses. 

I spent the day with eyes and heart wide open, and it felt freaking great. 

If I had heard myself lay out this plan ten years ago, I probably would have probably been horrified at it’s simplicity. 

But life is full of plot twists. 

And on Wednesday September 13th at 3pm ET I’m so excited to share these plot twists and more with you at my free class & story hour called “I’m going to be completely honest with you.” 


In this class I will be sharing about the big changes that have been going on behind the scenes in my own life, and how the simple act of connecting to what’s real can be more satisfying than a funfetti cupcake. 

I’d be honored to have you as my guest, click here to join us! 

All my love and gratitude, 


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