Announcing A Brand New Retreat!

venus rising retreat

Bon Bons,

When I say the word Venus or Aphrodite, what usually comes to mind?

Dark chocolates and hot make-outs? Wild romance and lacy lingerie?

Like most things when it comes to womanhood, this narrow definition barely scratches the surface of the role Venus energy plays in our lives.

The planet Venus influences:

  • Your personal style and what you wear
  • How and why you spend your money
  • Every relationship in your life: friendships, parents, children, co-workers and intimate partners
  • What parts of the world you feel drawn to
  • How you like to be courted and cared for
  • Your personal love language

We all have a specific astrological blueprint when it comes to the planet Venus, where our needs and desires in life are literally pre-written in the stars.

Your Venus (your innate, pleasure driven, erotic nature) is ever flowing throughout your life. The problem is, usually the only place Venus gets a voice is in bed with a lover, on a first date with a new love interest, or in relationship with a life long partner.

This is like having a full deck of cards but only getting to play with ONE of them.

The result is that you feel deprived of the succulence, joy and pleasure of being alive.

If you want to see healthy Venus energy in action, just look at any little girl.

She has an insatiable drive for play. She is naturally drawn to beauty. She loves to dress up in her personal style, no matter how eccentric it may seem. She is clear about what she wants, and asks for it without shame.

We all have this innocent, playful Venus energy at our core.

But in a world that seeks to dominate and control a woman’s pure, innocent, playful erotic power, these round curves get constricted and penned in by all the straight lines that are expected of her.

If your Venus energy has been buried, ignored, or misguided in the direction of only serving others for far too long, allow us to welcome you to…


June 6-10th 2018 in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina

venus is more than a concept

Imagine Qoya movement every morning, three delicious, gourmet meals every day, a special chocolate tasting ritual, hundreds of rose petals, luxurious gifts, evening candlelight Pleasure Yoga, extravagant Goddess rituals like you have never experienced…and so much more!

There are only 15 spots available, and for a limited time you can enjoy $200 off the tuition.

Click here to learn more and join us at this gorgeous feast for the senses!

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