A Translation Tool For Your Inner Voice


When a woman begins to listen to her intuition, a very common question that arises is:

How do I know it’s my intuition that’s doing the talking? What if it’s just my impulses, or my fear?”

Today I want to offer you a very simple tool that will help translate the messages of your inner voice. It involves listening for three things:

1. Tone

2. Pitch

3. Speed

When you think of a person who is fear, what does their voice sound like? Very loud, very fast, and very frantic.

A person who is impulsive, again: quite loud, fast, and frantic.

A person who is cynical and un-trusting? Loud, mocking and critical.

But what about a person who is grounded, at ease, and in control?

That voice is usually slow and even. It’s much more quiet that the others, it seems to come from a deeper place. It is the voice that comes from the calm, slow waters deep in the ocean, rather than the frothy chaos on the surface.

Ready to test it out?

For a front row seat to this Broadway show, all you have to do is to close your eyes and meditate. The reason many people don’t meditate is because they feel they can’t seem to “quiet their minds.”

But this time, rather than telling your mind to shut up, I suggest that you listen.

Listen not so much to what your mind has to say, but to the tone, speed and pitch in which it is speaking.

Once you can decipher who is holding the microphone in your mind at any given moment, you will begin to learn which voice to trust.

Close your eyes and do this exercise for one minute right now. What do you notice? I’d love to hear from you in a comment.

Om and Ciao,




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