A New Year’s Seduction Ritual

Bath-Time Bliss

It’s midnight on New Year’s Eve-Eve, and right now I am lying in bed, writing by the light of two tapered candlesticks.  Every inch of my body has been soaked, scrubbed and balmed.  My feet are slippery with lotion in my little winter socks.  I am leaving the scent of lavender oil (handmade by my Mother) all over my sheets by laying on them with my bare skin.

One of my core rituals as a Seductress is my bath.  I have been known to take as many as three, sometimes four baths in one day.  I do not have an elegant claw foot tub or a lavish bathroom with heated floors. But I have discovered a way to turn my tiny NYC apartment bathroom into a sacred Goddess temple through the art of ritual.

On this New Year’s Eve, I wanted to share a sweet, sacred ritual that I do to make your New Year sing with sensuality.

Items you will need:

  • 3 things you can add to enhance your bath.  Examples would be: Epsom salts, flower petals, essential oils, bubble bath/body wash, a water-safe object that has meaning to you like a pebble or a shell
  • A few candles
  • A book or magazine that relaxes you (erotica is really good to read in the bath!)
  • Your favorite music (some of my favorite bath-time Pandora stations are India Arie, Brahms, Jami Sieber and The Indigo girls)
  • A towel and lotion for after the bath

1. Prepare
Begin by cleaning the tub, making it fit for a Queen.  As you scrub, do so with the intention of buffing away anything that doesn’t serve you in your body and life.  You don’t have to think about these things as you scrub, just holding the intention will do the trick.

When the tub is clean, fill it with as much water as it will hold!
While the tub is filling, grab a clean towel and fold it nicely. Press play on your music.

2. Create Sacred Space
Light the candles.  As you light each candle envision each of them representing angels of sensuality, there to protect you and hold a sacred space for you to complete your ritual.

3. Dress your bath
Take a moment with each item you have chosen to add to the water. Infuse each item with your intention.  You can turn any ordinary object into a powerful piece of magic just with your thoughts and intentions.  For example, when I sprinkle Epsom salts into my bath, I first hold the salts and say “these salts will draw everything from my body that keeps me from love.  These salts are of the Earth, I am of the Earth. These salts make this water feel like a hug from the Earth itself.”

I then add pure essential oils.  As I add lavender, I say “this oil will bring soothing energy to my bath, easing any stress or tension in my feminine soul”.  As I add the rose oil: “this oil will infuse me with all the beauty, radiance and perfection of a summer rose in full bloom”.  As I add the jasmine oil: “this oil infuses me with the exoticism of the Goddess, her mystery, her intrigue, and her irresistibility”.  

Whatever items you choose, they are perfect.  You can even use table sugar to add more sweetness to your life. It is your intention that gives them their power.  Get creative and don’t hold back!

4. Step In
Step in slowly and savor every moment of sitting back into the water, letting it swirl around you.  Feel as much as you can.  Caress your skin under the water.  Let the music soothe you. Close your eyes and breathe in the steam, the scents, the moment.

If it feels right, pick up your book or magazine. If you like meditation, do that instead. Maybe journaling is your jam. Choose whatever puts a stop to the racing thought patterns in your mind and allows your body to fully relax.

Float on in the bath for as long as you like, a minimum of 20 minutes. Get out when it feels right.  Not when you need to baste the chicken, not when you are bored and want to check your email, when it feels right to your body, then you may step out of the bath.

5. Step Out
When you feel complete, close your eyes and envision Aphrodite, a Goddess born of the sea.  As you stand up, feel yourself as Goddess: renewed, regenerated and reborn, a different woman now than the woman that stepped into that water.

Envelop yourself in your freshly folded towel.  While your skin is still slightly damp, slather yourself with twice the lotion/cream you would normally use. Get your whole body nice and slick.  Then, let your hands run wild all over your skin. Massage, caress and bless yourself with your own hands until the cream starts to absorb. Play with vigorous touch and slow touch. Make sure not to leave a single inch of your body unloved.

When you are finished in the space, thank the Earth, thank the water, thank yourself for taking this time, and thank the Goddess for making you exactly who you are on this day.

Yours in Sacred Seduction,

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  1. Love this! Starting Friday I am house sitting at a home with a tub that holds my 6′ tall goddess body! I plan to take a bath all 7 nights I am there. I’ll have access to lots of essential oils. Food grade hydrogen peroxide is my favorite bath additive-it is so detoxifying-and my skin feels so soft. Such divine timing! This ritual rocks! Oh so grateful to you for sharing this Kitty! MUAH!!! Pepper Monteray (SG Lovely Rapturous Rita)

  2. Oh Seductresses, it feels so relaxing and mesmerizing just reading this post. I also have some food grade hydrogen peroxide. And it was my Dad’s. He passed four years ago. I just found it when going through some boxes last week. I will use it in my bath and it will infuse me with my Dad’s love. Thank you Kitty, for the nudge to put some magic in my baths! xxxo Lady V

  3. Hey beautiful Sacred Seductress Kitty – my Sacred Space creatrixing magnified in power through 2012, owing to focused intentions during daily batheing.. Thank you for encapsulating the ritualistic majesty of The Bath. Your blog is a lovely boost to my boudoir empleasurement collections xxx Wildcherry

  4. ohh how I love this post. This is all I’ve been craving for several months, a bath tub (and on claws) and time everyday to just soak and center. Thank you for sharing this Kitty.
    Currently I just have a bathroom with a shower, and so I light candles and put out soft bath mats all over to comfort my feet from the cold floor, put little flowers in vases next to candles around the mirror… candke holders I bought at ABC for my (alter) home:) Now I have so many new ideas. I really feel like bathing is the temple of a seductress and a goddess. It has been my temple, so much that I sometimes dream about opening a modern aphotheke where you can buy all the stuff worthy of a seductress bathing…. blah blah, ahhhh I could go on about bathing! see:)
    xxxxxxx Coco Chachnil

  5. I took an hour long soak last night-in a tub with hydrogen peroxide and air jets. Candles and bath salts tonight. I slathered on lavendar shea lotion-oh how blissful! I found three flavors of bath salts to use in the week I am house sitting. A glass of wine and my Kindle were great company. Tonight I will set up music too. Love love love this post. Thank you Kitty for reminding me how powerful water is, and intentions are! Pepper Monteray (aka SG Lovely Rapturous Rita

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